♻️THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 3 & 4

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Written By: Author Kelvin

Raymond’s pov:
“Wow, how come were you able to practise magic” Alex asked still smiling.

“I don’t know how it happened but something gave me a feeling that i can destroy that lion” Syvester said and chuckled.

“How can someone become a magician without knowing?” i asked with keen interest facing Alex.

“According to what i’ve read, magic can be transferred either by the Magic Goddess or by an apple called Tarcasus.

The apple is very deadly that once you eat it, you get a particular elements to control and when you are in danger, it will always give you signal that you can destroy the enimies” Alex explained.

“Guys, who is thinking what i’m thinking” Taylor shuttered.

“What’s that?” i chipped in.

“That everyone of us has magic” Taylor scrutinized.

“Like seriously?? How are you sure about that??” i asked.

“Do you remember that apple we ate yesterday before going to sleep?” Taylor asked.

“Yes of course, what’s wrong with the apple?” i asked with a confused look.

“Alex, try to remember that apple then likened it to what you’ve read about magic” Taylor instructed.

“Oh oh, now i understand you, it’s true bro” Alex chipped in making me more confused.

“What’s that??” Syvester asked sounding confused.

“The apple we ate yesterday was the same apple called Tarcacus which provides magic one eaten” Alex dropped the bombshell.

“What!!!!” the three of us chorused together.

Eunice’s pov:
I Was enjoying some cookies along with a cold juice followed by a cool music by Beyonce when the Magic Goddess appeared.

“Eunice…my favourite, i’ve always loved you” she said as i found myself blushing out of excitement.

“Anything for you ma’am” i muttered with excitment ravaging around my face.

“I Don’t know what i could have done without you” she complimented.

“Thanks ma”

“I Need you to go for me another important mission corcerning the S.T.A.R” she instructed.

“Okay ma, tell me more about the mission” i shuttered.

“Your mission is to appear to the S.T.A.R and give them food that will sustain them for today, Make sure you go now” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am” i replied as she disappeared.

Shortly, after finishing my food, i disappeared into a big shoprite as i turned to invisible so that no one will see me.

I Collected enough food that i’m sure it will sustain them before disappearing home.

I Wore my top and a trouser as i placed my palms together, close my eyes then my mind went to where the S.T.A.R is as i disappeared and appear in a place close to where they were, they couldn’t see me but i can see them.

After dropping the food sucesfully, i placed my hands together, close my eyes and disappear.

Alex’s pov:
“What??” the three of them chorused.

“Yeah, i’m saying the truth and there is nothing we can do to deny it because it’s already part of us” i muttered looking for a better place to stay.

“So, how do we pratice this magic” Raymond asked looking confused.

“I’m already looking for a better place where we can pratice the magic, follow me” i ordered and started walking while the rest followed me.

“You see, my prophesy are already coming true, Syvester can control Earth” Taylor said with excitement.

“Whatever” Raymond said and rolled his eyes.

“What the fu*k!!!” Syvester exclaimed.

“What again?? Have you seen any food again?? You know you always use that statement when you see any food” Taylor chipped in with a scoff making me burst out laughing.

“I Think you have started reading my mind, Taylor, i’m seeing bunch of food that’s gonna sustain us through out today” Syvester muttered already smiling.

“Are you kidding me? Where’s it?” Taylor muttered.

“Guys, look” Syvester said pointing to where a bunch of food was located.

Everyone of us went there as we began to pick different food to eat.
“Gosh, i’m filled with food inside my stomach, i can’t walk anymore, i’m tired” Syvester said and sat down tiredly on the floor.

“Guys, what’s that sound i’m hearing?” Taylor asked as we payed attention to where the sound was coming from.

The grass was shaking slowly as it dawned on me that it was a slow animal.

“What animal is that?” Raymond asked looking confused.

A Looked at the direction carefully as i discovered That it was a big and long snake.

“Snake!!! It’s a Snake!!! Everyone back off” i commanded as everyone began to adjust back.

“Syvester help us!!! It’s a dangerous snake!!” Taylor pleaded.

“Help us” Raymond added.

☀Episode 4☀

Syvester’s pov:
“I Can’t, my inspiration is not there to kill it” i repriminded.

“Please, the snake is closer” Alex bothered.

“Ok, fine fine” i chided and stretched hand to the snake, then close my eyes trying to concentrate.

I Opened my eyes as a rock nearby, roolled and crushed the snake right there in the snake’s head.

The snake strangled with the rock and after sometime, the snake gave up.

“Oops, man you scared me” Alex said and patted my back.

“Thanks bro” Taylor thanked.

“You are welcome” I replied.

“I Think we should stop relying on Syvester for our safety, we need to learn how to use and also know the kind of element we posses, so that we can learn how to use it when we are in danger” Alex instructed.

“Yeah, we need to learn, but where and how do we do it??

Alex, you know you’re the only one here that knows and have read about magic, so you’re the only one that can help us in descovering our power” Raymond chipped in.

“Yeah, please teach us” Taylor added while Alex sighed.

Alex’s pov:
“Ok, i don’t know whether it’s gonna work for me but just watch me as i tried to perform it” i muttered while they nodded.

I Stretched out my hands to a nearby wood, closed my eyes as began to think about how i’m gonna be controlling it.

“Wow, wow” I heard Syvester exclaimed as i quickly opened my eyes.

And to my suprise, the wood i pointed my hands to started burning.

“Wow, a fire bender” Taylor exclaimed.

“Oh my God!!!” i rasped in my mind as i quickly withrew my hands and the fire stopped burning.

“A fire bender” i yelled as we did a group hug.

“Oh my god, i’m so happy right now”
Taylor’s pov:
My heart lift for joy as we jubilated knowing fully well that Syvester and Alex has discovered their powers remaining me and Raymond.

“Taylor, it’s your turn, go and try it” Alex scrutinized.

“Are you sure i’ll be able to do this?” i asked almost shivering from fear.

“You can do this, i assure you” Alex assured.

I Breathe in and out as i stretched my hand to the burnt wood and closed my eyes trying to focus.

I Opened my eyes wide and to my suprise, a drop of water was hanging on the air.

With a smile on my face, i moved my hands to the right where Alex stood and released my hands, to my amazement, the water followed and splashed on Alex’s body making everyone to laugh.

“What the fu*k!!!” Alex half yelled and began to clean the water on his body.

“Wow, we’ve gotten, Earth, Fire and water remaining air, this so good, i can’t believe that we could become magicians one day” Syvester chipped in.

“Raymond, Mr. Air bender, now it’s your turn, try your luck” Alex chided.

Raymond’s pov:
I Sighed in relif as i walked up to the spot.

“You can do this, you can do this” i assured.

My mind is not here – i don’t know why.

I Breathe in and out as i stretched my hands in the same wood, closed my eyes and tried to focus.

I Tried to concentrate but my mind wasen’t there.

Five minutes later, i opened my eyes but to my suprise nothing worked.

“What the fu*k is this!!!” i fumed angrily.

“Bro, i think you need to calm down and concentrate ” Alex shrieked.
After, stretching his hand and his eyes closed for five (5) minutes, nothing worked✖️

Chai, problem nor dey finish✌



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