Episodes of love stories


“What could be the meaning of the dream, could he be a prince or what?
What if he is a prince then why is he running mad?

No! He can’t possibly be a prince”

I need to find to see him and find out the meaning of that dream.
How can I see him when am locked up in my room like a prisoner.

I thought on how to escape but no ideas were coming to my mind.

I walked around to check if I can see something to use and break the door handle but I find nothing.

I don’t even know what to do, am just tired and helpless.

I went back to my bed and collected my precious flower.
“My love I have missed you so much, I have been locked up in my room as why I have not come to see you, I really want to know how you are doing, what they did to you was so terrible and unimaginable for me, I never thought my father will be so wicked and heartless but don’t worry I will find a way to escape from this room and come and see you, we will elope from this community and go far away where nobody will be against our love”
I cried as I kisses the flower.

Few minutes later, mother came to the window side.

“My daughter how are you doing?
She asked.

I went closed to her.
“You what to know how am doing?
This is how am doing”
I shouted scattering the room, throwing my clothes and whatsoever that is in the room upside down.

“This is how am doing, it pains me do much that my own parents will have the mind to locked me up in my room like a prisoner and you mother you feels so happy to see me like this”
I shouted.

“Don’t say that my child”

“Don’t you ever call me your child, I stopped being your child the day you supported your husband and dealt with that poor man mercilessly”

“Why won’t you understand we are only protecting you from the hands of that evil man”
She sounded.

“Protection my foot!
I shouted matching my feet on the ground.

“Bia Angela! Watch your tounge, mind how you talk to your mother”
That man called himself my father over heard us and came, he raised up his hand to slap me but stopped.

“What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and slap me beside have you not done the worst thing to me”
I shouted.
They have really made me to be insultive to them.

“This insults is getting out of hands, you will be in that room to further notice since you have grown wings to talk back at your father any how”
He shouted.
“I don’t care, if you like you can lock me up for your entire life what I know is that no matter what will do to me nor him the love we share together will surely stoops and conquer”
I shouted.

“Then we shall see who is who”
He shouted and walked out.

“You shouldn’t have talked back to your father with such tune, he even came to free you but your bad mouth ruined it, you know how your father is he can never go back to his words”
She said.

“I don’t care beside why should I care? If he like he can keep me in here for ages I don’t care”
I sounded.

“I brought you food, you have not eating for some days now”

“I don’t need your food, you can take it to your so call husband”
I shouted as I went back to my bed.

“Angela you have to eat oooooo, see how slim you are”
She shouted.

She pleaded and petted me for me to take my food, I didnt even pay attention to her talk more of uttering any word.
After standing and waisting her time, she gave up and went out.

I was just sitting at the bed mopping at nothing and something flashed into my mind, I stood up immediately and walked to the window.
I starred at it and smiled, I went back and brought out a spanner 🛠 from my cupboard and gently loose out the nuts off of the window which took me a lot of time.
I smiled as soon as I done,
“Why didn’t this idea came to my mind early?

I jumped down from the window slowly, I walked out slowly like a tortoise with making any foot sound.

I came through the backyard thinking on the next step to follow.
My eyes sighted at the lather, I carried it and placed at the wall.
I climbed on it and jumped, the fence was not that high.

That’s how I made myself out of that house.

I rushed down to Rose’s house so that she can show me where my love this.

“Good day Mama!
I greeted.

“Have I not warned you to stay away from my daughter, what are you doing here?
She shouted and I didn’t say anything to her.
I was looking inside the room to see if can I see her and give her a sign to come.

“So it is true you are now messing around with a mad man after rejecting all your suitors, is a mad man you are chasing after, Angela you don’t have shame you are pursing onye ara(mad person)like flies, what your father did to that mad man is even morning if I were him I will skin that man alive and bury him, please stay away from my Rose before you will charm her with your madness of loving a mad person”
She shouted.

Thank God, Rose came out immediately she heard her shouting, looking so surprise to see me, I gave her a sign that I will be waiting for her and walked out.

“I hope this plan I have in mind will help me to cure his insanity”
I thought waiting for her.

Within some minutes, she came.

She hugged me and said, “Am so happy that your father has finally realized you”

I sighed,”what makes you think that wicked and heartless man that called himself my father will realize me?

“If he didn’t then how did you came here?
She asked curiously.

“I did what that is needed to be done”

“Like how?
Being curious.

“Rose let forget how I escaped because it is not the reason why am I here, i need you to show me where my love is”
I said.

“I knew that’s the reason you escaped, lets go”
She said.

“I had a dream last night”
I said as we walked down to meet him.

“Yes what is the dream all about?
She asked.

“In my dream I saw myself being dressed like a queen looking so gorgeous and beautiful, the maidens were honoring and showering me with love and right beside me was this handsome good looking prince charming sitted on the throne, he held my hand and showed me around the beautiful palace saying it is my palace, can you guess who the prince is?
I said.

“You know am not good in guessing, so who the person is”

“You can not even try and guess, who else did you think that will be the handsome charming prince if not my love”
I sounded.

She laughed and laughed uncontrollably.

“What is funny?

“Wait am I not done laughing, you mean the mad man a prince?
She asked and laughed, her laughing makes me to looks so stupid.
“Rose will you stop the laughing!

“Wait oooo! I think you are having fever”
She checked my neck to feel my temperature.

“No is not fever, I think you have missed your mad man so much that’s why you had that dream”
She sounded.

“Rose joke apart, you know fully well that my dreams always turns to reality”

“I know but this dream of a mad man being a prince is just a mere dream which will not come to reality”
She said.

“Something in me keeps on telling me that his insanity is not ordinary and i must unveil the mystery of that madness today”
I said.

“How did you achieve to do that?
She asked.

“I have this plan in mind and I hope the plan will give me the answers to my dream and also unveiling the mystery behind his madness”

“What is the plan?

“I can’t tell you once we get there, you will find it by yourself”

“Okay oooo! As you say nah”

We came to uncompleted building, he came out looking so cleaned, his head and beard were shaved, his cloth also changed, if you see him you will not know that he is the mad man.
I was shocked when I saw him, Rose really did a great job on him, it was actually what I was planing to do to make him look so cleaned for my parents, hard it been I was able to do it on time things couldn’t have gotten this far.

Immediately he saw me, he rushed and hugged me so tight, we don’t want to resist each other from the hug.

“My love I have missed you so much, I thought I will not see you again”
He said smelling so nice.

“I missed you too, how are you doing?
I asked as we later resisted from the hug.

“Am fine just that I have missed you”

“Look at what my wicked father done to you, am sorry it all my fault”
I said checking all his wounds.

“It is not your fault my love”

“Am deeply sorry”
I said and hugged him again.

“It is okay my love am getting better”
He said.

“Rose am so happy, you really did a wonderful work on him”
I hugged her.

“What are friends for? it was not really easy for me but I tried”
She said.

“You make him looks so perfect and you will get a reward for that”

She smiled and said,”I can’t wait to receive it oooo!

I went back to him, I held his two hands stares into his beautiful eyes.
“I love you so much and I don’t think if I can breath without you in my life”

“I love you too and you have stollen my heart, my heart beats for you each day”

“See love ooooo!
Rose shouted.

We starred at each other romantically.
I drew my lips closer to his and kissed him passionately.

Immediately we stopped the kissing, he fell down and I saw this strange smoke that formed a shape of lizard came out from this body.

“My love what happen to you, What is going on Rose”
I shouted shaking him.

“My love please wake up, am sorry I did not mean to kissed you, please wake up”
I cried shaking him.

“Stop crying nothing is wrong with him, he just fainted let me see if I can get water”
She said.

She ran inside and came out with water, she splashed the water on him, he sneezed and opened his eyes.

“What happen to me?
He asked starring at us.

“You just fainted”
I replied and helped him to stand up.

“Is this you my love?

I looked at Rose confused, why did he asked could it be he did not remember me or what.

“Yes it is me my love”

“You kissed me?

I nodded my head.
“Am heal, you kissed me and am healed”
He jumped happily and rejoicing.

We were confused of what he was saying.

“Angela what is he saying?

“I have no idea”

“What is it my love?

“Can’t you see that am no more mad, your kiss has healed me”
He hugged and raised me up.

“Thank you so much for restoring me back, is only true love that can heal me and you came to my life and restored me back”
He shouted with tears of joy.

I was so happy, the happiness I was feeling inside of me was too much and rushed to Rose held her hands and turning her around.

“Rose it work, my magic works, I knew it that his madness was not ordinary and I have proof it”
I shouted.

“This is just a miracle and am so happy for you”
She said.

I went back to him, “Am so happy that you have finally recovered”
All thanks to you for healing me”

“I did not heal you but the love we have for each other restored you back”

“Thank you so much for loving and accepting mad man like me in your life”

“It supposed to be was because you are no more mad but how did you became mad?

“My love it is a long story and it will be share another day for now I need to go and show my people that am healed”
He said.

“Your people! Who are you people, where are you from?

“Don’t worry your question will be answer later, I need to go now”

“When are you coming back to see me?

“I will be coming next tomorrow and I will give you the answers to your question”
He said and rushed out.

“What happen, why did he rushed out like that?
Rose asked.

“He said he is going to meet his people”

“His people! Who are this people?

“He didn’t tell me, he said when he will visit he will tell me everything I need to know”

“Okay ooo! Angela you just performed a miracle here, there’s magic in his lips, you kissed him and he is okay”
She said.

“That was the plan that can into my mind, I know the madness was not ordinary I just needed a something to proof it and the kiss idea jumped into my mind”

“This is so great, I still find it difficult to believe”

“Am so happy for you Angela, I need to start going before my mother will start looking for me”
She said and hugged me.

“Okay bye”
We departed from each other.

I can’t believe that my kiss restored him back, hard it been I noticed it early I could have kissed him and his insanity would have gone by now.

What could be the thing that got him mad?
Who are his people, where is he from?
I can’t wait for this questions to be answered to me.

I made a mistake I did not even ask him his name, well when he come to see me I will get to know his name.