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A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


“I can’t believe Carl would do this to me!” Scarlett yelled in tears.

“Honey, it’s okay. He doesn’t know what he’s missing by not being with you. You’re the daughter of the ambassador and you shouldn’t cry over any man. They are tons of guys waiting for you to accept their marriage proposal. Just marry one of them and forget about Carl,”

“I can’t mom. Carl is mine and I don’t mind destroying anyone who gets in my way of having him,”

“You’re just obsessed with this guy. You can’t force a guy to love you,”

“I don’t care!”

“I hope you don’t end up destroying yourself in the process. Why don’t you listen to your mother?” she cried.

“Mom, I want to be left alone.”


“Anna, are you alright?” Mirabel asked walking into her room.

“Yes, of course,”

“You know, it’s surprising you accepted those flowers,”

“What? I just liked them,” she rolled her eyes.

“You like them or you like the guy who sent the flowers?

“Wait, what? What gave you that impression?”

“It’s obvious. I’ve seen flowers more beautiful than that go in the trash bin,”

“Stop saying nonsense. I don’t like him and I will love to go to bed now,”

“You know, I think you really do like him, but you’re just scared. Think about what I said,”

“There is nothing to think about,”

She sighed. “Goodnight,”


“So, how do I look sis?”

“Wow, you look handsome. Seriously? If you weren’t my brother and I didn’t have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind stealing you from Anna,”

He chuckled. “You’re crazy,”

“I just said my mind, no wonder that Scarlett bitch want you. The sight of that girl makes me mad. Each time I see her, I feel like tearing her into pieces. I haven’t had sex with my boyfriend since, he needs to get an HIV test done first,”😂

“Tricia, you’re bad,”

“I’m still mad at him though, even though, I know it’s not really his fault,”

“You just have to forgive him. You were the one who said it wasn’t his fault,”

“I have forgiven him. What I’m mad about is that he stuck what was supposed to be mine inside her stinky hole,”😂

“That was kinda harsh. Anyways, I’m leaving,”

“OK. Bye brother,”

“Bye,” he pecked her cheeks.


Anna, Fiona and Mirabel were in the dinning room eating when they heard the bell chime.

Anna groaned. “Who could that be?”

“Why don’t you find out. Just go get the door,” Mirabel rolled her eyes.

Anna stood up and headed to the door. She opened the door and saw Carl looking all handsome in his black puffer jacket, gray T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

Why the hell did he have to this handsome? She didn’t realize she was drooling until…

“Done eye raping me?” he smirked.

She quickly came back to her senses as she tried to hide her blush.

“She likes him,” she heard Fiona giggle.

“W-what are you doing here?” she stuttered.

“I came to see you and it’s not really nice to entertain visitors outside your house,”

“He’s right Anna,”

“Shut up Fiona!”

“So, I was wondering if we could go out…”

“Go out with you? No way,”

“Yes way. Not after accepting the flowers he sent yesterday.”

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A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


“Mirabel!” Anna yelled running into the house. Fuck! Why the hell did she have to spill that out?

Carl used this opportunity and walked in.

“What? I said the truth,”

“I didn’t send any flowers,” he lied and Anna turned to him.

“If you didn’t send those flowers, then who did?”

“I don’t know,”

“Oh, I guess I will go throw them into the trashbin then,”

“So, you accepted them because you thought I was the one who sent them?”


“Liar!” Mirabel retorted while Fiona giggled.

“You like me,” he smirked walking closer to her. Damn, he was so tall about 6’1 and she was 5’8 tall.

“What I-I don’t know what you’re talking about? ” she stuttered.

He immediately lifted her and carried her on his arms in a bridal carry.

“Carl, put me down now!” She tried to wriggle out of his grip but, he was stronger.

“Where are you taking me to?” she asked as he carried her out.

“You will find out soon,” he smirked.

“This is kidnap,”😂

“At least, let me wear something,” she muttered.

“You’re Okay like this,”

“Awnnn, they look so cute together,” Fiona giggled.

“Have fun both of you.”

“I hate you two,”

“And we love you.”


“Anna, come on put on the skate shoe,”

“There is no way. I’m going on that icy monster. What if it breaks or something?’

“It won’t, trust me,”

“OK,” she muttered and put on the shoes. She got on the ice carefully, her heart beating at a fast.

“I’m scared. I can’t do this,”

“Take my hands and follow my lead,” he held her hands and they slowly began skate dancing. It was so much fun for Anna and Carl.

They both fell on the snow laughing.

“That was great. I’ve never been on the ice for more than twenty years,”

“Wait, what? Skating is fun. Why were you so scared of the ice?” he asked staring at her.

“It’s kind of a sad story,”

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me…”

“I do wanna tell you about it. Well, it all happened when I was five. It was still winter, but, summer was already fast appealing. The ice were starting to melt. Mom warned me never to go on the ice and that it was very dangerous, especially during that period…”

“I didn’t listen. My best friend Stacy and I went skating. She didn’t want to go, her mom warned her too, but I convinced her. It was fun at first,” she sobbed and Carl placed her head on his shoulders.

“The ice started breaking. We ran as fast as our tiny legs could carry. She was unfortunate, she fell into the water. To be added to WhatsApp group Msg me on zero eight one thirty-nine seventy seven seventy eight eighty seven. I tried to save her, but what could I do. I called for help and they managed to pull her body out of the water, but she was dead. I killed her. Her parents blamed me and I blamed myself. I couldn’t forgive myself, it hunted me for years and I hated myself for that. If only I could have listened to mom…” she broke into tears.

“I’m sorry Anna. It’s in the past now, you should forgive yourself if you wanna be free,” he wiped her tears away.

“I’m sorry. I should have…”

“It’s okay to let it out sometimes,”


“Can I at least hug you?”

“Maybe,” she muttered and he pulled her into a hug.

“I didn’t say yes,”

“That sounded like yes to me,”

“Hmm. Okay, that’s enough,” he chuckled and pulled out of the hug.

“Anna, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you?”

“Why do you hate men?”

“Who told you I hate men? I just hate guys like you,”

“And, here you see going out with me. I think you meant the opposite of what you said,”

“Excuse me Mister. You kidnapped me and no way am I falling in love with you. I don’t want another heartbreak,”

“You know not all men are the same,”

“The other guys I dated said the same thing,”

“But, I’m different!”

“Prove it.”


“Ahhhh, Jeff,” Mirabel hugged her fiancé.

“I missed you babe,”

“I missed you too,” he kissed her slowly at first, and then, he picked up the pace as he kissed her so desperately.

“Gross, can you two get a room please.” They pulled out of the kiss and laughed.

“Hey, Fiona. I got you a Christmas present,”

“Please don’t tell me you got me a teddy bear again?”

“Kids like teddies,” he rolled his eyes.

“I’m not a kid…”

“But, a young adult,” he completed.

“And, that’s why I got you something,”


“Yeah,” he gave her a big gift box with red wrappers on it.

She excitedly tore the wrappings and opened she the gift box.

“Menstrual pads,”😂

“What? You were the one who said you were a young adult, so I figured you might have…”

Mirabel laughed. “That’s a really nice gift. It’s definitely gonna last you a whole year,”😂


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A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


“Not funny. I can’t believe I get menstrual pads as a gift,”

“You were the one who said you were a young adult,” he rolled his eyes.

She huffed. “Whatever,”

“Well, I got you something else,”

“Let me guess, pant liners,”😂

“No, come on, your gift outside.”

They all went outside, and Jeff brought out a pink bicycle from the car boot.

“OMG! This the best gift ever. Thanks Jeff,”

“You’re welcome honey,”

“Now, I’m jealous,” Mirabel muttered.

“Oh, come on baby, don’t be. I got you the best gift,” he wrapped his hands around her shoulders.


“Yeah. Close your eyes,” she placed her hands on her eyes.

“OK, they are closed,”

“No peeking,”


She felt something go round her neck, and click.

“OK, you can open them,”

She opened her eyes slowly, and looked at her neck. Fuck! It was diamond necklace she had been wanting to buy for a long time, but it was too expensive.

“OMG! This beautiful. Thanks baby,” she wrapped her hands around his neck and pecked his lips.

“I’m glad you love it,”

“I think someone is missing, where’s Angry bird?”😂

“Shut up, don’t call her that!”

“Well, she’s always frowning, especially when I’m around,”

“You can’t blame her, your kind hurt her,”

“I’m not the one who did, she’s always acting like we are beefing or something. I still don’t know why she doesn’t like me,” he muttered.

“Just give her time, she will come around. Anyways, she went on a date,”

“Whoa, that’s new,”

“She kinda likes the guy, or maybe love, she’s just pretending,”

“Let’s just hope this one won’t break her heart again,”

“I believe be won’t,”

“Hey, Fiona! Don’t go too far,” she yelled referring to Fiona who was riding her bicycle down the street.

“OK, mom,”

Mirabel rolled her eyes. “Crazy girl.”


“You want me to prove my love for you?”


He held her hands, and dragged her up.

“Come on, I wanna take you somewhere,”

“Where are you taking me to?” she asked as she trailed slowly behind him.

“When we get there, you will know,”


“Whoa, this place is beautiful,” she muttered as they walked into the special backyard restaurant reservation for two.

The lightings were perfect, and some guys were playing a song with a violin.

“You love it?”

“Yes,” she giggled.

“I glad, you do,” he bit his lips, and stared at her.

“Come on, let’s eat.”

He drew the chair for her to sit, and she muttered a, “thank you.”

They opened the iron coverings on the food which contained different types of sea food, like: Periwinkle, Crabs, lobster, and fishes.

“Oh my God!”

“What? You don’t like them?”

“Of course, I do. I love sea foods, especially crabs. They are my favorite!” She said picking up a crab.

He heaved a sigh of relief as he had thought she didn’t like them.

“I’m glad you love it,”

“Oh, I do. Taste nice,” she said mouthful.😂

He literally did a mental jump in his head.

“I’m getting there💃,” he thought and smiled.

“What’s that smile on your face?”

“I was just admiring your beauty,” she blushed at his words.

“You really are good with words,” she muttered.

“I guess I’m best at what I do,”

“So, you’re a playboy or something?”

“What? No, that’s not what I meant,”

“So, do you like have any girlfriends?”


“What about ex’s?”

“Well, I kinda had a lot of ex’s,”

“Oh, that means you are a playboy,”


“Once a playboy, always a playboy,”.

“I’m not that person anymore,”

“It still doesn’t change that you hurt a lot of girls, girls like me!” she half yelled standing up.

“It’s in the past now, Anna. We shouldn’t let our past define our future,” he held her arms and pulled her to himself.

“Let me go, Carl!” she wanted to yell, but it came out in a really soft tone.

“I love you, Anna. I really do,” he raised her chin up and lowered his lips to hers.

“Carl…” he claimed her lips in his, as he kissed her, slowly, and passionately.

Their breathing became raged, and Anna flung her arms around his shoulders, and kissed him back.

Fuck! She was kissing back!!!

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A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


He pulled out of the kiss, and Anna gasped realizing what had just happened.

“You bastard! Why did you kiss me?” She proceeded to slap him, but he held her hand.

“Like you didn’t kiss me back. Obviously, you liked it, and I bet you want more,” he smirked.

“In your dreams, you playboy!”

“Don’t call me that. I am not a playboy,”


“Anna, stop!”

“What are you gonna do Playboy?”
She mocked.

“This,” he claimed her lips in his mouth making her gasp in shock. She had least expected him to kiss, but hell, she liked it, and she hated herself for liking it.

She hated herself more for kissing him back, and she hated herself even more for liking him. Yeah, she does like him, in a crazy way.

She moaned softly as the kiss grew intense, and she felt like the ground should open up, and swallow her. Damn it! Did she just moan? Yes, she did!

He pulled out of the kiss, and stared at her for some seconds. Hell no, she didn’t want that kiss to end.

“You know what I really think, I think you actually do have feelings for me, but you’re just scared to let it out,”

“I-I d-don’t know you’re talking a-about,” she stuttered.

“You can trust me, Anna. I love you, and I would never hurt you,”

“I don’t love you, Carl. Just because we went on a date, and we kissed doesn’t mean I do. Let’s just enjoy the moment while we can, and after today you should stop coming to my house,” she muttered. There was no way she could trust him. It was better this way.

He felt hurt hearing her say those things, but he refused to give up.



“Just so you know, I won’t give up on you, Anna. I won’t,”

“You should,”

“I won’t,”

“Ahh, Carl, what are you doing?” She asked as he lifted her up, and carried her on his arms.

“You said we should enjoy the moment, and that’s what we are doing,” he smirked.

“Yeah, but not this way. Put me down now!”

“No, we are going in for a swim,” he said, and put her down.

“I don’t think it’s advisable to swim during winter,”

“It’s an indoor swimming pool, and the water isn’t that cold. It’s gonna be fun,”

“Are we supposed to swim naked or something? Cause I don’t see any swimsuit,”

“We can also try that,” he smirked.

“You pervert!”

He chuckled. “What? You suggested it, not me,”

“I didn’t suggest anything,”

“Mr. Pabu, come over here,”

Pabu walked to them with a tray containing well folded swimsuit, and swim trunk.

“Whoa, looks like you came prepared,”

“I always come prepared,”

“Pabu, show her to the dressing room,”

“This way, Milady,”


“So, we are here,” he said as he killed the engine in front of her house.

“Finally, home,” she muttered as he opened the door for her.


“I guess this is goodbye,” she completed.

“We both know this isn’t goodbye,”

“It is,” she said and walked away. She sighed, and opened the door of the house. Damn, it was dark in there, was anyone not home?

She turned on the light, and screamed her lungs out at what she saw…


What did she see?
It seems Anna doesn’t want to give her heart to Carl🙄😢




A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


Long chapter ahead!!!

A loud laughter followed, as they took off their Halloween mask.

“Seriously? You guys scared me. I thought it was some ghost or something. It’s not even Halloween,” she said breathing heavily.

Carl rushed in immediately carrying a golf stick.😂

“Anna, are you alright? I heard you scream, and I thought you were in danger,”

“Awwn, that’s so sweet,” Fiona giggled.

“I’m fine, you can leave now!”

“Anna, that’s no way to talk to a guest,” Jeff cautioned.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it. I’m Carl by the way, Carl Norman,”

“I’m Jeffrey Cheng, but you can call me Jeff. I’m Mirabel’s Fiancé,” they exchanged handshakes.

“So, you are Chinese or something?”


“Nice to meet you,”

“You two seem to getting along pretty well,”

“Well, you know you really shouldn’t mind Anna. That’s how she treat me most times even though, I’ve never really done anything to her. And, I heard she likes you,” he whispered the last part.

“I know that, it’s just she doesn’t trust me enough to give me her heart,”

“You can’t blame her you know, she’s been through so many heartbreaks. It’s gonna be hard for her to trust you,”

“You do realize I’m standing right in front of you,” Anna said.

Fiona whispered something to Mirabel, and Mirabel smiled liking the idea.

“Don’t push her too hard,” Fiona whispered, and Mirabel nodded.

“Carl! Catch Anna!” Fiona yelled, and Mirabel pushed Anna before she could say anything.

Anna was almost landing on the ground when Carl caught her. Within seconds, their lips were touching.

“Aww,” Mirabel hi-fived Fiona.😂

The kiss got so intense, as their lips grazed. He held both side of her face, and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth.

“Her room is upstairs, second room by your left, you won’t miss it,” Fiona said.

Anna pulled out of the kiss immediately.

“Wait, what room?”

“Your room, so you two can have sex,” Fiona said.

Anna gasped. “No way am I having sex with him,” she said, and walked away.

“At least, not now, but soon,”

“Fuck you Fiona!” She slammed the door of her room, while Mirabel, and Fiona giggled.

“Don’t worry, she will come around.”


“Whoa, you guys kissed, she even told you a story from her childhood. Bro, that girl is crazy about you,”

“She’s kinda difficult,”

“Don’t give up now. You made more progress in one day, even more than I thought you would. We just need to stick to the plan,”

“The plan is not even complete,”

“Of course it is. Day 5: You go to see her. By then she will realize that she that she missed you. She will definitely change her mind about you, and then you propose. Voilà!”

“You sound so sure,”

“Have a little faith brother, it will work.”


Carl was on a black jean trouser, but he was yet to put to put on a shirt.

Scarlett walked into his room without knocking. Her eyes were on his killer abs, and she wished he could pound her right now.

“Scarlett, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Merry Christmas, Carl,” she licked her lips seductively.

“That didn’t answer my question. What are you doing in my room?”

“Cmon Carl. You know I love you, Am I not not beautiful enough?”

“Love is not all about beauty. I don’t love you,”

“But, I love you,” she said as she she took off her crop top revealing her luscious B-cup breast. He wasn’t even moved, he had seen more even more beautiful than hers, besides, he had eyes for only Anna.

“You should really leave now,”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want this,” she huskily said walking closer to him.

“Scarlett, leave!” he yelled, and she flinched.

“Carl…” Tricia walked into the room, and Scarlett was quick to put on her top.

“What the fuck! Scarlett, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? You should mind your business!”

“You bitch! You are fucking trying to seduce my brother? Bitch, he has a girlfriend. If you don’t like it, you can stand in front of my car, and I will gladly run over you,”😂 Carl chuckled silently

Scarlett smiled mischievously and pushed Tricia out the way, before walking out of the room.

“Did she just push me? She’s lucky today is Christmas, I would have given her the beating of your life,”

“You really do hate her,”

“Yes, she’s a bitch. I knew something was up when she insisted on calling you herself. Anyways, mom, and dad asked me to call you downstairs for breakfast,”

“I will be there shortly.”


“Mom, dad I’m leaving,” he said cleaning his mouth with a tissue serviette.

“Carl, nous sommes censés faire une sortie en famille aujourd’hui. Où pourriez-vous aller?”
(Carl, we are supposed to have a family outing today. Where could you possibly be going?)

“To his girlfriend’s place,”

“That lesbian girl? You know I actually told you to forget about her, Scarlett is here for you,”

“Oh, his girlfriend is a lesbian?” Scarlett scowled.

“Mom, she’s not a lesbian, and I love her so much, you should respect that,”

“Violet, laisse notre fils être, il sait ce qui est le mieux pour lui,” (Violet, let our son be, he knows what is best for him)

“Thanks dad,”

“Just follow your heart, son.”


The door bell rang, and Anna opened the door, and saw Carl. She felt excited seeing him, but she hid her joy.

“Carl, what are you doing here?”

“If that’s how you say Merry Christmas where you come from, then same to you,”😂

“You shouldn’t be here,”

“Well, I’m here already, so let me in,” he muttered standing really close to her. His fingers went for her hair, as he stroked it.

“You don’t listen,”

“You know I don’t,” he took her lips slowly in his mouth, as he kissed her, slowly, but passionately.

“You two get a room,” Mirabel giggled.

“You know we could get a room,” he smirked, and carried her on his arms.

“What? No way,”

“Shh, don’t worry, you will love it!” He winked.


“OMG! You both had sex!”

“We didn’t just have sex, we made love. Today is the best day of my life,” he said dreamily.🤣

“So, you guys are dating or something?”

“That’s the problem, one minute she wants me, the other minute, she’s telling me to get the fuck out!”😂

“She’s really confused. We stick to the plan then,”

” That’s hard, I don’t think I can stay a day without her, especially after what happened today. I’ve never felt that way in my life before,”

“You have to lover boy.”

💝Two days later💝

Anna rolled on the bed continuously. She hated to admit it, but damn, she missed Carl.

Maybe, she was being too hard on him. How dare he abandon her that way after sleeping with her? But she was the one who asked him to get out!

“You miss him, don’t you?” Jeff asked walking into her room

“What? No way I don’t, and you should knock before entering my room.

“Maybe, if you closed the door, I would have,”

“What do you want?”

“Look, I know when a guy is crazy about you, cause I’m a guy. Carl, he really does love you, and I know you don’t want to get heartbroken, but you not giving him a chance, you’re breaking his heart, and yours too,”

“I’m scared,”

“He won’t break your heart, Anna. If he does, I would make sure to punch him on the face,”

Anna chuckled. “I will give him a chance. Thanks Jeff. Even though, I’ve been really mean to you, you still care about me,”

“You’re Mirabel’s bestfriend and that makes you my best friend too. I want you to be happy, and Carl is the right guy for you,”

“Thanks,” she pulled him into a brief hug.

They heard the bell chime.

“That’s him, go get him, Anna,” she giggled, and ran to the sitting room. She opened the door immediately, and her smile faded.

“Expecting someone else?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Scarlett Gay, the daughter of the ambassador to France, and the US. I’m also Carl Norman’s Fiancé,” She showed her a ring on her finger, and Anna’s heart broke into a million pieces.

That can’t be true, Carl, doesn’t have a Fiancée.

“Carl has a Fiancée?”

“Yes, and I want you to stay the hell away from him. He’s mine!!!”

Kasala don burst😭😭 And she already accepted ooo😂
Awwn, I love Jeff😍




A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕

CHAPTER 11🎄(Final Chapter💝)

“Now, if you don’t wanna get hurt, I advice you stay away from him!” With that she left, and Anna fell to the ground in tears.

Fuck that bastard, he is just like the other, she cried.

“Anna, are you alright?” Jeff asked running to where she was.

“No, I’m not fine. He betrayed me Jeff,”

“What happened?”

“He has a Fiancée. She was here just now, and she asked me to stay away from him,”

“You don’t know that, Anna. Why don’t you just call him…”

“Yeah, so he can lie to me. Now way am I giving my heart to any man, I just wanna be single!” She yelled, and ran into her room.


“Just let me be Jeff,” she shut the door off her room. She fell to the ground, and cried her eyes out. How could he do this to me?

Jeff sighed, and put a call across to Carl which he picked at the first ring.

☎ “Hey, Jeff. What’s up?”

“What’s up? What’s up is that you just broke Anna’s heart,”

“What do you mean broke her heart?” he panicked.

“You had a Fiancée, yet you still courted Anna,”

“What Fiancée?”

“A woman was here, and she claimed you were her Fiance,”

“Scarlet, that bitch!” His anger was visible even on phone.

“So, it’s true?”

“What? No. Scarlet is the woman my parents wanted me to marry, but I refused. It’s Anna I want to marry,”

“Oh, that’s good, but you should come right now. She’s really hurt,”

“I’m on my way. Thanks man,”

“You’re welcome,”


“Carl, where are you rushing to like that?” Tricia asked.

“To Anna’s,”

“You’re supposed to see her tomorrow,”

“Scarlett, she went there, and she told Anna she was my Fiancée,”

“What?” I swear I’m gonna kill that bitch!”

“I need to leave,”

“Going somewhere?” Scarlett smirked walking into the sitting room.

“You bitch!” Tricia charged at her like a Lion ready to devour it’s prey. She proceeded to slap her, but Scarlett held her hands.

“You wouldn’t dare slap the daughter of the ambassador,”

“Oh, really. You seem to be forgetting something, my dad made your dad being the recent president of France, and you should Crawl on your knees.” She slapped her with her other hands, again, and again, and then she pushed her to her knees.

“Now, that’s better bitch!”

“You will pay for this!”

“Look, Scarlett. I don’t love you, so stop wasting your time. There are so many men out there who are willing to marry you, choose one of them, and leave me alone,”

“You heard him bitch. He doesn’t want you, and uh, he’s going propose to Anna. If you don’t like that, you can run into a moving truck. Now, get out of my house, before I call security.”

“You can’t do that!”

“Get the fuck out now, before I strangle you with my bare hands!”

She stood up, and ran out in tears.

“That’s right, run bitch, but if I catch you, uh, pray I don’t…”

“I’m leaving,” Carl said.

“Well, I’m coming with you,”


The door bell rang, and Jeff opened the door knowing it was Carl.

“Hey,” Jeff muttered as he paved way for them to enter the house.

“Hi, I’m Tricia. Carl’s sister,”

“Nice to meet you Tricia. I’m Jeff.” They exchanged handshake.

“So, where is she?”

“She locked herself up in her room. The spare keys just in case she doesn’t open the door.” He handed the spare key to Carl.

“And, after this, you owe me a punch to the face,”

“Whoa, what did I do?”

“I promised Anna that if you broke her heart, I was gonna punch you on the face, and you just did that,”

“No one is punching my brother,”

“Just kidding,”

Carl heaved a sigh of relief, and climbed the stairs. He stood in front of Anna’s room his heart racing fast, and he could hear her silent sobs. He felt hurt hearing her cry.

“Anna, please let me explain,”

She stopped sobbing, and her heart skipped a beat as she heard his voice. There was no way she was gonna believe what he wanted to say, but another part of her wanted to. She badly wanted him to tell her it was a lie. She loved him so much, and if she lost him, she was not sure she could take it.

Fuck! She was gonna kill herself if he left her.

She walked to the door, and opened it. She pulled him in, and shut the door, and almost immediately her lips landed on his.

Carl was surprised, but he didn’t fail to kiss her back. The kiss felt so good, so possessive, and she was taking control as if telling him, he was hers.

“I’m sorry Carl. I love you, and I can’t let you go. I feel like maybe I pushed you too hard that was why you fell into her arms, and…”

“Shh,” he placed his fingers on her lips.

“She was never my Fiancée to begin with. Scarlett is the woman my parents wanted me to marry, but I refused. I chose you instead, and she got desperate,”

“You want us to get married?”


“So, where is your ring?”😂

“Here,” he brought out the ring case from his pocket.

“So, what are you waiting for? Go on your knees, and you know what I mean,”

Carl chuckled. “You sound like you want to get married to me right now,” he smirked.

“If it’s possible then yes, at least that way, that Scarlett bitch won’t come near you,”

“So, you’re jealous?”

“Carl, are gonna propose or not?”😂

“Fine, I’m doing that now,” he went on his knees.

“And, make it romantic,”🤣

“Anna, from the first day I set my eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. I wanna wake up, and find you by my side, and I wanna have kids with you. I wanna be your life partner, your soulmate. Anna Scott, will you be my wife?”



“Just kidding, yes!”

He heaved a sigh of relief, and slide the ring into her finger. Damn, she scared shit out of him. He rose to his feet, and she pulled him to herself.

“Did I scare you?”

“Yes, for a moment there I thought you were actually serious,”

She chuckled, and wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you Carl, and thank you for not giving up on me,”

“You were worth it, Anna. I love you,”

“I love you too Carl.” He took her lips slowly in his ass he kissed her passionately. He sucked on her bottom lip causing her moan softly.

He lifted her up, and her legs curled around his waist as she grinded her waist on his bulge causing him to groan.
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“Looks like someone is being a bad girl,” he whispered into her ears making her shiver.

“Make love to me, Carl.”

He smirked and muttered, “Gladly.”

The door flung open revealing Mirabel.

“I’m so sorry, but it’s really urgent,”

“When did you and Fiona get back?”

“Some minutes ago, but that’s why I’m here. You need to see this.”

Carl immediately dropped Anna as they all watched something on Mirabel’s phone. It was the news about Scarlett.



“Oh my God! I admit I didn’t really like her, but I didn’t wish her dead,”

“I’m sorry,” Anna muttered.

“Tricia, she’s in a bad state, she blames herself for her death,”

“Whose Tricia?”

“My sister.”



She hugged her brother. “Carl, I killed her. I was angry at her for sleeping with my boyfriend, but I didn’t mean for her to die. I should never had said those awful things to her. She died because of me!” She cried.

“Tricia, it’s not your fault. Actually, I am the one to blame, she died because of me, because I didn’t love her. I don’t want you to blame yourself Tricia. We can’t change the past, we can only learn from it.”

“Carl is right Tricia. You shouldn’t blame yourself,”

“You must be Anna,” she sniffled.


“You really did give my brother a headache,”😂

Anna frowned. “Go back to crying.”😂





“Wow, mom I’m done with my book. I can finally publish it,”

“Really come let me see that,”

Hi, I’m Fiona Norman. After Anna, and Carl got married, they decided to adopt me, so Anna is like my mom now, and she’s the best. I have a kid brother now, and mom is also pregnant.

Mirabel and Jeff got married, and they have three kids. She’s still my best friend; sometimes, she comes visiting; sometimes, we do the visiting.

Oh, and I have a boyfriend now, and I also had sex. Sex is good. Don’t look at me, I’m eighteen already.🙄

“So, tell me about this story of yours,”

“It’s the story about you and dad,”

“Awn, that’s so sweet of you,” mom cooed, and dad smiled.

“So, what’s the name of your book?” Dad asked



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