New creation episode 21a

Episode of action story


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“Roy?” Gentle called from inside the house. He proceeded to open the door immediately, wanting to quarrel with Roy for setting him up with Slimmy. “Guy you mess up today, big time!” He said as he got to the door and began to unlock it with the key.

Something striked his mind the moment he was about to completely unlock the door, he remembered Roy using the bunch of keys in his hands to open the door to the room for him and Slimmy, he must still have the bunch of keys with him and moreover, Roy doesn’t go out without his spare key. He then decided to remove the key to peep through the the key hole, he didn’t get to see much because the keyhole was very tiny but he saw 3 figures wearing black trousers.
“Roy, I got the wrong keys” He said as calm as he could in order not to arouse any suspicion from the intruders “Am coming, let me get the key in the room”.

He tiptoed to the room and brought out his phone and dialled Roy’s number.
After much persuasion, Roy had no choice but to follow Angela to church and moreover Malia said she was always going to be in the church, it will be a better opportunity to get close to her . They held each other’s hands as they walked on the road that leads to the church, they held each others hands with different motives. Angela held his hand thinking they were like brothers and sisters in the Lord, Roy held her hand to get sensation and also to tickle her palms at interval.
They were just a pole away from the church when Roy’s phone started ringing, he quickly brought out the phone and clicked on the receive button.
“Hello Gentle, I know you must be angry with me right now”
“Roy where are you”
“I am, errmmm, I am going to church” Roy stuttered thinking Gentle was going to mockery of him.
“Get a hold of my brother right now, I am under attack”
“What, how, where” Roy started shivering.

“They are at your door right now, I can’t keep them out for so long, please act fast” Gentle replied.
“Okay Okay” Roy ended the call and started calling Slimmy’s number.
“What’s wrong, why are you fidgeting?” Angela asked but got no reply from Roy who was visibly shaking.
“Hello Slimmy” Roy said with a trembling voice.
“Fear fear boy, how far na” Slimmy asked teasingly.
“Slimmy, Gentle just called me ooh, he said he is under an attack”
“Attack” Slimmy screamed “Who are they, how many of them, where are they”
“At my house, I don’t know how many of them there is” Roy replied now trembling more and more.

“Where are you Roy”
“Am at church”
“Alright” Slimmy could hear the noise of loudspeaker in the background so he had no reason to doubt him “Just stay where you, don’t go to your place” Slimmy Ordered and terminated the call.
“What’s all these things you are saying” Angela asked on top of her voice.
“You won’t understand Angela”
“Then make me understand, Brother Roy are you a cultist”
“Of course not” Roy snapped back.

“Who then is attacking who”
“It’s my friend that is been attacked, he is a cultist”
“You have a cultist under your roof Brother Roy” Angela still screamed  on top of her voice.

“I hope you brought that gun we smuggled from the tigers” One of the guys standing in front of door asked.
“Yes boss, I got it here” the second one replied.
“Good” the first one nodded his head.
“Boss, is this guy not talking too long” the third guy whispered.

They knocked the door a couple more times and when they got no reply, they decided to bring down the door.
Gentle could hear them banging the door heavily from inside the kitchen, now he began to regret not bringing his gun along to Roy’s house just because he thought Roy might not like the idea of him having a gun under his roof and also because he believed that peace had taken over between them and their major rivals The white tigers. He started searching round the kitchen and eventually he found a table knife and a wooden turning stick, he hid the knife behind his trousers and the turning stick under his shirt at the front. Then be began to proceed back to the living room.
He carried the centre table gently and went to place it in front of the door, then he returned and hid himself behind the three seater sofa where he could take the attackers by surprise.
He had faced worse odds and had managed to escape but he didn’t escape all by himself, he had his brother’s support then. At that moment he started reminiscing the countless attacks he had done with his Brother, countless lives they have both taken, he remembered a whole lot of things they have done together, how they have boasted right from childhood that nothing will ever come in between them. Now here they are, just a little misunderstanding with a girl and they couldn’t even stick together anymore. He started regretting a lot of his actions, he shouldn’t have moved out of the mansion, he should have reconciled with Slimmy when he came earlier in the day. He should have done a lot of things in a much better way, he was still deep in reminiscing when he saw the door cracked, with one more kick to the door, the door will give way, he stayed on his knees with the knife in his hand well held and the turning stick on the floor, he was ready to attack.
Slimmy  who was about having sex with Hadijat when Roy called him, he didn’t bother putting on a shirt before rushing to get his car keys and driving out leaving Hadijat in bewilderment because Slimmy didn’t tell her what was happening, all he knew was that there is a problem.

Slimmy rode as fast as he could, cladded in only a camouflage three quarter short. He brought out his phone and dialled Nazaretha’s number.
“Hello Nazaretha”
“Gather everyone you can and every weapon you can, meet me at Roy’s house immediately” He ordered and terminated the call without waiting for a reply from Nazaretha. Slimmy drove like a mad man that he was at that very moment, at that moment he was mad with rage because merely thinking of his brother dying was making him go mad, if his brother should go down then he will never forgive himself.