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Author Omowumi
“Hi girl, what’s popping” Gina, Kate’s best friend and flatmate said to her as she got home. They both graduated in University of benue state and Gina was a banker
“Am fine jare” she said seating down on the couch and Gina dropped the magazine she was reading
“I know that look” she said pointing at her face and she frown
“What is it” she asked
“Let me guess, he didn’t even look at you”
“Gina, the tin tire me oh, I dress up thousands time before going to his office, yet he won’t even take a second look”
“You know I still can’t believe you are drooling on your boss, nawa oh, maybe he has someone” Gina said as she resumed watching a magazine
“He has no one, if he does, i will know, I haven’t seen him with a lady before”
“Maybe she’s not here, you told me he has been in US all through”
“Maybe, but seriously, I must have him, anytime I walked into his office, I felt like have seen my dream man”
“Enh ehn..ok oh, keep dreaming, boss and secretary” she tissed her laughing
“Idiot” Kate said and went into the room as Gina couldn’t stop laughing
* * *
“Am in a mess” Daniel told his friend, Jeffrey. They had hanged out in club that evening as they sat down drinking together
“What kind of mess, did you impregnate a girl” he asked
“Be serious, my dad has been pestering my life about this wife of a thing, and now that destiny is calling, it became worst”
“Worst?, how”
“It been three weeks since the doctor told me about his health condition, guy, I can’t breath again in that house, just last week, my secretary came to deliver a document since I didn’t go to the office, did you know what my father asked her?”
“Tell me”
“He asked if we were dating and that’s why she came to deliver documents at home”
“Well, your dad might be right, you are not growing any younger, he’s just concerned about you, you are his only son, no good father will be quite like that”
“So what are you saying”
“Give him what he wants” Jeffrey said
“Whatever, girls are only after money, and nothing more, I don’t think I can even love” he said sipping his drink
“Anyway, you own your life, it left to you”
“I’ll be going home now, my dad and big mommy will be worried” he stood up and shake hands with him “see you tomorrow”
“Ok bro, bye” he said as he left
Julia was heading home from the pharmacy, Kenneth wasn’t feeling fine and she had gone to get him drugs, she was about crossing the road when a car almost ran her over, she fell down and hurt her kneel. Daniel stopped and came down and rushed to her hoping she wasn’t hurt
” Please, am so sorry, are you alright”
“How can you asked me that, are you drunk, don’t you have drivers license” she asked trying to stand up and dusting her clothes
“Am sorry, let me take you to a hospital” he offered but Julia just stare at him, she knows he was rich with the expensive car he was driving and expensive clothes
“This is an opportunity” she thought “em…em..I will go myself, just give me money” she said scratching her head. Daniel was so surprised “women and money” he thought “is money your problem”
“Don’t insult me, you almost killed me and all you could say is asked me if money was my problem?” She asked trying to be angry
“Fine, it ok, I’ll give you money” he went to his car and came back with a bundle of money “here, have this and take care of yourself” he said
“Oh my, thank you so much, thank you” she jumped up and Daniel was surprised
“I thought you hurt your leg” he asked and Julia suddenly stopped jumping
“Em..I…I, yes I hurt my leg” she said.
“Obviously, you do” Daniel smirked and turn to leave but stopped, he thought for a while and face her, maybe she might be of help
“You must need money so bad”
“What do you mean by that, you don’t know me and you can’t tell me what I want”
“Stop been paranoid, I know you want it, I mean, who wouldn’t, here’s my card, call me when you want, i have a job for you” he said and she took the card from him and before she could say something he went to his car and drove away
“He must be rich, I should have asked for two hundred thousand” she said and went away

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