Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Julia stare at Daniel, his words were like salt been added to an injury, if only she could turn back the hands of time
“Do you now hate me that much” she asked and he stopped to stare at her. He knows he was going too far but hadn’t expect her to be broken, he stood up and face her
“I don’t hate you, Julia, I just need space”
“Space, does that inquired you rejecting my food or ignoring me, huhn?”
“You started it Julia, but now I need space to think, so allow me” he snapped
“Ok, fine, I guess three months is not so far” she said and went back upstairs, he sigh and continue on his laptop
Julia sat on the bed angrily, Daniel was so stubborn and selfish, she thought, she lie on the bed in thought, if only she told Martha about the contract, she would have run to her for advice, but now she has to deal with her problems
* * *
“Girl you’re so hot” Gina told her friend Kate, it was already 8pm and they were going to club to have fun
“You can say that again” Kate replied applying makeup on her face
“Kate, you know you don’t need all this makeup, it night already” Gina said
“Yes I know, I might be lucky tonight” she smirked showing off her hips
“You prostitute, stupid girl, please be fast let’s go” she said and they laughed
Daniel sat with his friend Jeffrey, Daniel had told him how he felt about Julia and he had kept on laughing at him
“I thought you are a love casanova, I never knew you could fall in love” he said
“Maybe it lust, I still can’t believe it, anytime I saw her, my heart skips, and all I do is pretend, what should I do” he said sipping his drink and watching the dance step of the girls that were dancing on stage
“Why not asked her, maybe she would change her mind” Jeffrey suggested
“She won’t accept, she told me before that she can’t fall in love with someone like me, that I will end up hurting her, is that my fault too” he asked drinking more
“Guy, you go kill yourself oh, why drinking this much” Jeffrey asked
“Let me drink, maybe I will forget about her”
“No you can’t, the more you try, the more you fall, so stop it, you should go home or she’ll be worried” he said
“You have no idea how I feel, just let me be” he said pouring more drink for himself
Kate was charting and laughing with her friend Gina at the club when she noticed her boss seating with his friend, she stare closely to make sure she was right and almost freaked out to find out her eyes weren’t deceaving her
“Well girl, I said earlier that I might be lucky tonight, and it seems I am” she said
“What do you mean” Gina asked
“My so-called boss is here and I think he’s getting a hangover” she bite her lower lip
“No no, please Kate, let him be”
“Really, are you been serious now”
“Am damn serious, why would you want to do this to your boss..Kate this is pure madness, pure…she was still talking when Kate noticed Jeffrey as he stood up
“This is my chance” she said and rushed off not minding Gina who was calling her to come back “prostitute” she cursed
“Hello Mr Daniel” Kate said as she sat closed to him and place his hand on his shoulder smiling devilishly
“What are you doing here” he asked
“Seriously, this is a club, not the office, well, I was seating with my friend when I saw you, I think you need help” she said
“I don’t think so, why are women so hard” he said to the surprise of Kate
“What do you mean” she asked
“Why would she treat me like this, I fell in love with her but why can’t she just love me back, is that so hard” he asked facing her
Kate stare at her boss and couldn’t fathom what he was talking about
“Can you please tell me who she is” she asked, she was going to get to every length and find out what he was talking about
“My wife, am in love with her”
“Wow, and why would you fall in love with your wife didn’t you love her before” she asked and he stare at her
“Contract marriage”
“Oh my God” she excaim in shock but also happy, she smiled to herself “ so sorry about that, this place is noisy, can we go somewhere else” she asked
“Women” he smiled and pour the last drop into his mouth and staggered up, Kate quickly held him and guide him out..

We would continue tomorrow, hope am been fair enough?