The magician 11 &12

Episodes of lifestyle

(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

☀Episode 11 & 12☀

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Note: The word “Tristan” has been changed to the word “Talisman”

Raymond’s pov:
The question sent cold shivered down my spine as i starred at her in disbelief.

“Mum, is it because of the dirt on my face, ok, i’ll clean it” i muttered as i used my hands to clean my face.

“Who are you??

How may i help you??

Why are you calling me Mum??” she asked in a confused look as i starred at her in desbelief.

“Mum, i’m your son, i got lost in the Redwood forest five days ago but now i’m back, let me go in” i insisted as i tried to go inside but she blocked me.

“I’m sorry but you have to go

I Don’t know y….” she couldn’t complete her statement when the door burst open revealing a man of the same hieght with me.

He was the same replica as me, he wore the same shoes i wore, the same clothes, infact, he is the second of me.

“Mum, what’s wrong?” he cooed as i felt tears trying to fall from my eyes.

“This young man here is telling me that i’m his mother” she said pointing to me.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Young man, How come you are like me, your face, your hair, everything is the same as yours” he chipped in starring coldly at me.

“I Suppose to be asking you that question, what are you doing with my Mum?” i fumed angrily.

“I think he is a Lunatic” she said in between laughter making the anger in me grew.

“I Think it’s high time you leave?” he fumed.

“Never” i half yelled.

“Oh, you want it the hard way, huh?” he smacked and walked outside the building, heading towards where the Essential Dog was located.

“Next time, you’ll never ever in your life come close to this compound” he chipped in and released the dog.

“Attack!!!” he commanded the dog as the dog ran fastly to me.

I Stretched out my hands pointing to the running dog as wind from nowhere came as it swift up the dog and the dog landed roughly on the wall.

I Starred at the dog and discovered that it was dead while blood rushed from the dog’s head.

“Air bender, Air bender” the boy yelled and ran into the house.

“I’m sorry boy, i don’t know you, but you can spend the night at my house because it’s dark already” she insisted as bunch of happiness ran through me.

“Thank you ma” i thanked as we entered into the house.


“Where’s your husband?” i managed to ask her as she gave me some spaghetti to eat.

“He has been dead since 5 years ago” she mumbled.

“That was the same time my dad die” i thought in my head.

“Oh so sorry”

“Yeah it’s nothing” she said as i continued to eat my food.

Shortly, after eating, i went to the bathroom to take my bath.

When i came out of the bathroom with towel, the boy handed me some clothes as i quickly wore them.


“You are welcome, my mum told me that you’ll be passing the night at my room” he beamed.

“Oh, no problem” i shrugged.

“Please can you do me a favour?” she asked making me confused.

“What’s that?” i asked.

“Can you tell me more about magic, my friends will be coming her tommorow and i want to tell them more about magic, please??” he pleaded.

“Sure,” i beamed.

“Awwn, thanks.


“Okay are you ready to listen to how i got my magic??” i asked as i sat down on the bed.

“Yeah sure, i’m listining” he shuttered.

“Ok, in our city of California, in a School named CRYSTAL HIGH SCHOOL,
” as i was narrating the story. I felt dizzy and i didn’t know when i slept off.


Alex’s pov:
The sound of the alarm bell ranged loudly, jotting me off my sleep as i quickly pressed the stop button.

“Hmmm, for over five days now, today was the days i enjoyed my sleep most” I thought in my head.

“Geez, i can’t believe we are no longer in the bush.

I Rushed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth thoroughly because it might be smelling baldly.

I took my sponghe and began to scrub my body hard becuase it’s belong i had a bath.

I Wore my uniform, my bag and took the Talisman and hanged it on my neck, then rushed to the dinning table.

“Morning mum” i greeted her as she brought my food.

“Morning, how was your night?” she beamed.

“Splended, where’s dad?” i asked.

“He left early because of a big contract a company assigned to him” she scrutinized.

“Oh” i said as i devoured my meal.

Shortly, i finished my food.

“Mum, i’m off to school” i baded and grabbed my school bag.

“Bye” she yelled from inside as i jumped into the school bus.

Five minutes later, i was already in school.

☀Episode 12☀

Sylvester’s pov:
I Walked hastily to the school premises as i spotted Alex and Taylor.

“Hey, wait for me” i called as i ran to them while they waited for me to come.

“Hey guys” i beamed.

“Hey, was it food that caused your latness today?” Taylor muttered as i found myself laughing.

“See, i don’t have anytime for your child’s play this morning, we need to get to the class fastly, lesson will so take off” i mumbled as i hasten my footsteps.

We entered into the Building as some students started running away from us while some stopped to ask us question,

“Hey man, where have you been to?”

“Did you see any witch at the forest?”

“Where is Raymond?” Students kept asking as we ignored them completey.

We were closed to the school compound, when i mistakenly bumped into someone.

“Geez!!” i shrieked as i looked up and saw that the person was Bruno the bully.

“Holly Molly!!!!” i exclaimed in my mind as i starred at his angry face.

“I’m sorry bruno, i’m really really sorry” i muttered as i was about leaving when a hot resounding slap drove me back making me placed my hands at my cheeks as a drop of tears fell from my eyes.

“You think you can just bump into me and go scott free?” he fumed angrily.

“But i said i’m sorry” i retalited with a smirk.

“Do you think because you got lost in the forest and came back now gives you the Authority to talk back at me.

Who are you?” he yelled at me.

“I’m Sylvester, and i don’t give a fu*k to what you’re saying” i fumed angrily.

“What are you doing?” Alex whispered in my ear.

“Alex, just leave me alone, i told him sorry and he still have the guts to slap me, i’ll have to teach him a lesson” i yelled angrily as bunch of tears fell from my eyes.

“Oh, i suppose to teach you a lesson, before listening to all the trash you’re saying” Bruno said as he raised up his and and was about slapping him when i held his hand and gave him a dirty slap✋.

Raymond’s pov:

“Wake up sleeping head, it’s morning already” i heard someone called as he tapped me.

I Opened my eyes immediately as i spotted him.

“It’s 10pm already and my friends are already waiting for you.” he beamed.

“Gosh!!! I slept much” i rasped in my head.

“Common buddy, they’re waiting for you” he scrutinized as he held by hands and dragged me to the sitting room.

“Hey, easy, easy” i cooed as he suddenly let go off me.

I Looked at the place where the Sofa’s was located as i saw the three of them as my eyes popped out from my socket.

“Wow” he looks exactly like you” Sylvester muttered.

“Alex, Sylvester, Taylor” i yelled in happiness.

“Where have you guys been? I’ve been looking for you!! You guys disappeared and left me all alone in the forest” i muttered Excitedly as the they starred at me in disbelief.

“How are you?” Alex asked.

“How did you know our name?” Sylvester asked.

“And what are you talking about?” Taylor asked as those questions shared cold shivers run down my spine.

“I’m i sure that i’m not in another dimension?” i asked myself as tears began to flow from my eyes.
Please guys reason that question: “I’m i sure i’m not in another dimension?”✂️

I Need answers


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