A New Creation – Chapter 10A

Episode of action story


Slimmy’s phone ringing tone disrupted his thoughts, he took it out of his pocket and answered it before sinking into the sofa.

“Hello Gentle,” Slimmy said into the phone.

“There’s a problem o,” Gentle’s voice came through.

“What’s the problem bro”

“Seems like the white tigers got here before us, our secret mission was sabotaged even before we got here” Gentle explained.

“Okay, you and Rough should start coming back immediately ” Slimmy said and the call was terminated “Kong and Nazaretha, the two of you should go and mobilise all our members, all of them, we will all be staying together here for now” Slimmy ordered and went into Host’s room.

“What’s the update now” Host asked as he was rolling a rizzler in his hands.

“The mission wey Gentle and Rough go don kast o” Slimmy replied.

“There is a spy among us” Slimmy replied calmly but on the contrary Host got up almost immediately and reached for his gun.

“I am going to blow the bas***d’s head off”

“I’d rather we solve this gently”

“There’s a spy and you want to solve it gently, are you in your right senses at all”

“For starters, we don’t even know if it’s just one spy or many of them among us”

“Hnmmm then we will fish them out” Host barked again after thinking through what Slimmy said.

“Fish them out you say, how do we do that bossman”

“Do you have a plan”

“Yes I do”

“Hnmmm what is your plan then” Host spoke calmly this time around.


A group of ten boys were walking down a narrow path while a group of five boys were also coming in the opposite direction, they were all putting on different types of clothes but they all had a white beret on. After minutes of slow walking they all met and started exchanging greetings.

“Small how far na”

“Oj we stand well oo”

“Wetin be the scores na”

“Baba we dey hala dem for now na 5-2” Small replied smiling with all his teeth out, Oj smiled back. Seems like things are working out as planned.

“Any news from our source” Oj asked.

“He say na sudden attack dem wan dey use now oo, then them go ghost after each attack” Small replied.

Oj kept on laughing for a while before talking again. “Sheybi na that their deck all of them go gather dey abi”

“Yes na the Arch Angels Mansion for sure”

“I have an idea” Oj brought out his cellphone, scrolled it for a while and when he got what he was looking for he clicked on the green button and then waited for the call to be connected, after the third ring there was a response.

“Hello” Oj spoke softly into the phone.

“Yeah who is this” an impatient female voice came through.

“It’s me Ojo Bolarinde”

“Ohh hii”

“Halimat I am sure you have also ran out of school like everyone else”

“Naah I am not a coward joor, I ain’t scared of non” Halimat replied trying to convince Oj of her boldness.

“I pray ooo” Oj laughing.

“See this one oo, you think it’s everyone that will run away like you” Halimat teased.

“Thank you o and you that didn’t run, where are you na”

“I am…. i… I am..” Halimat started stammering.

“Hahaha you see you are lying after all” Oj teased.

“No I am not” Halimat snapped jokingly.

“Then where are you” Oj still laughing.

“Am at the Arch Angels Mansion” Halimat replied, she didn’t really wanted to say that but she believed Oj meant no harm for her.

“For real” Oj asked smiling barely audibly, that was mission accomplished for him, he already knew Halimat and Hadijat were staying in the Arch Angel’s but he just wanted to hear directly from her mouth.

“Yes for real, are you happy now” Halimat asked.

“Errmm let’s just say I still don’t believe you”

“Now that’s your problem” Halimat almost getting angry now.

“Halimat let me call you later, there’s someone at my door”

“Okay then” Halimat replied and dropped the call, she wasn’t hundred percent okay with disclosing her location to Oj but then again, to her Oj was just a very cool dude who cares so much about her, who even loves her to the extent of accepting to wait for her until anytime she’s ready to go into a relationship again. She was actually starting to love him and any moment from now, she’s gonna give in to him.


Few hours later, the house was filled again with members of the Arch angels, they were all waiting for Host to come and address them about the new formation. Most of them were really unhappy about the turn out of events, they were supposed to be leading the white tigers in scores and not the other way round, after several hours of waiting,  Host came out and all the murmuring stopped.

“I want everyone to keep their phones away and give me maximum attention” Host said and waited for all of them to keep their phones away “I know you all are surprised with the recent turn out of events but not to worry, I am sure at this very moment the scores must be levelled up or we might even be leading. We have to show them that we run this campus, we only let them be because they agreed that we were superior to them but now the they think they are bigger than us, we shall cut them down” Host paused as he saw Slimmy’s car arriving. Gentle, Slimmy and Rofiat walked into the compound and Slimmy Went straight to were Host was standing.

“Slimmy, how far, what’s the news”

“We caught them napping bossman” he whispered to Host.

“Don’t whisper it to me, let them hear the good news” Host said pointing to the people standing around.