A New Creation – Chapter 11A

Episode of action story

The phone began to ring again while they all just stared at Fabio, all eyes were on him after Slimmy announced the caller as ‘Small Tiger’, some with alternate disgust, some stared at him with pity even after being betrayed by him they still felt a little pity for him because they all knew there was no escaping what he got himself into. As soon as the phone began to ring again, Host brought his revolver and was about shooting Fabio but was stopped by Slimmy.

“And what’s the meaning of this, why are you holding down my hand” Host asked as he was shaking with rage.

“I need him to perform one last thing for me” Slimmy replied as calm as always and with that Host went inside in anger after making sure he told Slimmy that he doesn’t want to meet the traitor alive when next he comes out. Slimmy walked towards Fabio and began to whisper somethings in his ears but the phone had already stopped ringing before he could finish, they all waited patiently for the phone to ring again though it took some extra long minutes but then the phone started ringing again and then Fabio clicked on the green button.

“Fab wetin be all these na, why you go give us fake information na, you don dey sly us shey” Oj barked on the other side of the line.
“Baba no be so, na classified information be the attack, none of us know about am” Fabio replied with a pinch of fear in his tone.

“Wey you dey, come make we see abeg, I no dey like all these developments” Oj ordered.

“Yes boss, I go text you when and where we go see” Fabio replied and the call was dropped, after that Fabio looked up at Slimmy that was standing right beside where he was sitting, he bestowed upon  him the p-l-e-a-s-e-h-e-l-p me look while Slimmy made sure he didn’t look straight into his eyes. For him it’s not always easy to kill a member of his fraternity, they were all like a family to him moreover he was best of friends with Fabio during their first year as jambites, they all lived together including Gentle, they all lead a normal life up until the moment he first joined the fraternity and Gentle joined afterwards, he joined because he loved the way of the fraternity, Gentle joined because he wanted to be with his brother in anything and everything while Fabio joined just to make sure he still remained on the same level with the both of them so for some reasons Slimmy felt he was the cause of the misfortune about to fall on Fabio.

After trying hard not to get an eye contact with Fabio, he eventually did and he saw that innocent face he had been avoiding, he saw the face of the guy they (him and Gentle) met for the first time at the hostel, the excitement in his face when he realised he was going to be sharing a room with twins, the love they all had for each other but then again he thought about how Fabio’s ambition has drifted him away from them, his zeal for becoming the student union president overshadowed their friendship.

Rofiat couldn’t say anything, she knew there was no declining for her, she just had to carry out the order, without hesitating she brought out her 9mm from the back of her trousers, pointed it to Fabio and took two clean shots and then walked back to where she was standing before being summoned by Slimmy.

“Weldone Rough” Slimmy said as he shook his head.

On hearing the shots Gentle knew the deed had been done, the only help he could do now is to make sure that Fabio’s poor mother get to at least bury her son, he entered into his car, switched on the ignition and drove slowly away. Slimmy saw him driving away and wondered where he was going to alone, I will call him and asked he concluded in his mind.

“Kong, mobilise some juniors to get rid of his body and to the rest of you all, if you leave this place without my permission or knowledge then you are on your own, for now we all have to stick together” Slimmy announced and then walked inside while Kong did as he was told, he alongside three other junior members carried Fabio’s body into the trunk of one of their cars parked outside and drove away. As soon as they passed a bush where Gentle hid his car, he started following their trail.


Halimat and Hadijat who had heard the gunshots were already shaking with fear, they thought they were under attack and so they made sure to bolt the door behind but how then is a piece of wood called door supposed to hold back angry armed men, they were still fidgeting at the sounds of the gunshots when they heard a knock on the door, Hadijat in her usual way already ran into the closet while Halimat went ahead to open the door, Hadijat ran out of the closet when he saw Rofiat walked in, she ran towards her and hugged her, Halimat also clinging onto her, they all held each other intimately, for Halimat and Hadijat, their saviour is back and For Rofiat she gets to see and hold her cherished ones again.

Slimmy got to his room and brought out his phone, punch some keywords and then dialled a number.

“How far bro” Gentle’s voice came through.

“I dey, where you dey”

“I dey carry Fabio body go hin mama side”

“I was going to do that but it’s okay, just be careful out there”

“Okay bro, I go dey update you but wait wetin you whisper to Fabio wey make am pick that call”

“I promised to get his body to his mum and to also make sure that no one hurts his mum” Slimmy go

“And is killing all his family not part of his punishment for betraying the Arch Angels”

“Don’t worry bro, I got this, I will keep my word”

“Okay bro, later”

“Later” .

Slimmy dropped the call and immediately picked up Fabio’s phone and typed somethings into the message column.

*** 7pm, my place*****

He then scrolled to Small’s number and clicked send.