A New Creation – Chapter 12A

Episode of action story

It was already 6:15 pm and the weather had started to become relatively quiet, only few people were seen walking around the residential area. Gentle waited for some minutes more to see if the movement will reduce further, after waiting for several more minutes he got a message on his phone with Slimmy as the sender.

**We strike by 7pm at Fabio’s house**

“Late Fabio you mean” Gentle said softly and that moment he saw some movement adjacent to where he parked his car and immediately he stretched his green head warmer to further cover his face, even though it was dark he still doesn’t want to leave any loosed ends, he stuck his head forward and saw Fabio’s mum receiving a phone call right outside her compound. This triggered him to remember the days when Fabio used to bring him and Slimmy to his house for weekends, how his nice mum will feed them joyfully, how she always told them of how peaceful the university was during her days, how she would always advice them not to join bad gangs, how she always gives them money out of the little she had. Couple of tears escaped Gentle’s eyes as he thought about those things, he watched as the woman moved further away from where his car was parked. “It’s now or never” he said to himself as he dropped from the car and rushed towards the trunk of the car, he opened the trunk and brought out Fabio’s body, for a moment he thought Fabio had grown ten times weightier than his normal kilos but that’s what they say about dead bodies. He gently placed the body right outside the ground and went back into the car, when he made sure the woman was closer to where he parked, he ignited the car and drove off recklessly making the dust on the untaared ground cover the atmosphere, Fabio’s mum alongside some other neighbours rushed out to see why someone would be driving recklessly in such a residential area, Fabio’s mum was the first to see the body left on the ground, she immediately recognised the clothes as Fabio’s clothes which she bought for him on his last birthday. She moved closer to the body but still prayed in her mind that it should just be another person that’s lying dead, some other neighbours had also seen the body and the bold ones also approached it, as Fabio’s mum got a closer view of the body, her worst fears came crashing down at her face, she screamed……


Slimmy, Nazaretha and Kong entered into Fabio’s apartment with the keys they got from his pocket after he was being murdered. They all sat down in the house that was relatively very rough but that wasn’t their problem, all they want now is to ambush whoever the white tigers were sending down to the place, Slimmy had hopes that it would be their senior members owing to the facts that it was Oj that spoke with Fabio the other time, they were beginning to get restless when it was past 7pm and there was still no sign of any of them. At exactly 7:25pm they heard a creep at the gate and they all went into formation as they had planned. Kong went behind the refrigerator, Nazaretha to the door that led to the kitchen while Slimmy just stood right behind the entrance door. They waited for anyone coming to come straight to the door but the gates outside wouldn’t stop moving, it was like more and more people kept on coming inside the house, Slimmy decided to sneak to the large window side and he saw the white tigers in their large numbers surrounding the whole compound.

“sh*t we are under attack” he announced, Nazaretha and Kong also came to the window and saw over ten members of the white tigers surrounding the compound, there’s no escaping for them here.

Swiftly Slimmy brought out his phone and dialled Gentle’s number, he picked up at the first ring.


Gentle intentionally screeched the tires of his car before driving away recklessly in order to alert the whole neighbourhood to come outside,  he watched through the rear mirrors as the people including Fabio’s mum moved closer to the body he dropped, as soon as he was sure they had found the body he increased his speed to meet up with the rest at Fabio’s house, after driving for several minutes he was back in the school area and he rode straight to Fabio’s house, as he was about getting to Fabio’s house, some instincts in him told him to park far away from the targeted house as he was some strange movement right in front of the house, he parked his car and observed for some minutes and realised it was the white tiger’s bus.

“It’s a trap” he said and immediately made a u-turn and went back to the mansion.

He was almost at the mansion when his phone started ringing, he picked it up after seeing the caller ID.

“Gentle, it’s a trap” Slimmy shouted on the other end of the line.

“I know bro, I just saw them also. I am going back to call for back up” Gentle replied in almost the same tone in which Slimmy spoke.


< “Okay bro, let’s all hope we won’t be dead before you guys get here” “Just hold on bro, we will be there soon” ______ Few minutes later after the house was surrounded by the white tigers, they began shooting randomly into the house, Slimmy, Nazaretha and Kong made sure to take cover then started shooting back, even if they were gonna die, they will have to die fight as strong men. They shot more white tigers down due to vigorous gun shooting training session they have passed through and also because the guys shooting outside had no cover but it was more like the more they killed, the higher the white tigers grow in attack, the exchange of fire went on and on, The arch angels were running out of bullets as they didn’t prepare for this kind of encounter, they kept on exchanging fires until Kong ran out of bullets, he immediately rushed to Fabio’s cabinet knowing fully well that he must have at least a gun hanging around the house, he was still searching for the gun when a bullet pierced into his right arm. Kong screamed in pain as the bullet hit him. “Kong” Slimmy and Nazaretha screamed and rushed to where he was and then dragged him into cover. M

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