A New Creation – Chapter 12B

Episode of action story

OJ ran as fast as he could away from Fabio’s house leaving the car they brought and the other guys to find their own way. He didn’t anticipate what they had encountered. From the expertise of the Arch Angels shooting to Host appearance, it all took him by surprise.
OJ had begun to suspect something fishy when he called Fabio and the response he got was in a shaky voice. But the message which was sent through Fabio’s phone was what finally gave the Arch Angels away, if not the Tigers wouldn’t have been sure that Fabio had been caught.
Oj knew that Fabio would never send for them to meet him in his house, especially because he was a top member of the Angels and he was always being watched closely. Their former meetings had been in the SUG offices and buildings. There they could discuss properly and he’ll reveal the Angels’ secrets to them without any suspicion, anybody who sees them would think they were discussing about the upcoming elections. So when the message entered for them to meet him in his house, Small and OJ knew at once that Fabio had been caught.
They relayed the information to Screw who quickly began to plot with them, how they would turn the Arch Angels trap against them. The Tigers planned well, their only mistake was to underrate the gun proficiency of the Angels. That was why it took OJ by surprise when less than five men in the house were taking down more of his men.
OJ finally got to the Tigers quarters and scaled over the fence from the back of the house. He scurried through the flowers and got to the back door, he opened it with his spare key and entered into the house. He paused for almost a minute to regain his breath and began to proceed to the lounge.
Two guns from different directions were pointed to him as he opened the separating curtains and entered the lounge.
In less ten minutes of Host’s arrival, the place was already quiet and not less than twenty of the Tigers were laying lifeless on the floor, the ones who escaped death had fled the area.
Host had arrived unannounced with Gentle and Rough, starting the bullet spray right from outside the gate before crashing the gate forward with their Mercedes Benz sprinter Van, crushing over three tigers in process. Gentle was driving the vehicle. Host stepped out as soon as they got into the compound, his eyes were quick to spot the Tigers in their uniforms wherever they were and it took him only a shot toch to take out most of them.
Now, Host surveyed the area with his eyes for some seconds, still shooting at the dark places where an enemy could possibly be hiding. Rough and Gentle had their positions with their guns at the left and right side of Host.
After a minute of noticing no movement, Host made a signal to Gentle with a nod and Gentle stepped away to the vehicle. Gentle then entered into the driver’s side and sat down. Host and Rough too began to recede towards the vehicle.
“Slimmy, where are you? Are there still obstructions on the way?” Gentle shouted into the phone.
“I’m still in the house and I can’t see any obstruction.” The reply came.
“You guys should come and join the vehicle now, we’re moving out already.”
“Okay,” Slimmy answered and the call ended.
“They’re coming to join us now Boss, they’re still in the house. ” Gentle said to Host as Host placed his feet into the car through the passenger’s side. He cocked his gun and pointed it directly towards the entrance of the house, in readiness to clear anyone that tries to attack his boys when they come out through the door. Gentle took the same position as Host while Rough journeyed to the back of the Van.
Soon, Slimmy and Nazaretha came out through the entrance with Kong trudging behind, with his right palm firmly grabbing the left arm where the bullet had entered, close to his shoulder. Slimmy slowed down to assist Kong while Nazaretha continued to proceed forward, still reciting some Psalms from the Bible, this time, Thanksgiving Psalms.
They got to the Van safely and Slimmy entered into the back with Kong, Rough helping them climb. Host dropped his gun and entered into the passengers side of the car.
“Where the hell are you going to?” Gentle shouted at Nazaretha who was on his way outside the compound.
“Someone’s gotta grab the car we came with,” Nazaretha shouted back, with a kind of complacent attitude.
“It has been destroyed already, get into the Van or we drop your a*s here.” Gentle shouted once more before entering into the car. He turned on the engine immediately.
As soon as they drove off, they began to hear sounds of the police sirens approaching from the other side.
“Small,” OJ shouted in surprise. “You don reach here?”
Small and Coded put down their guns and tucked it back into their pockets. Small ignored OJ’s question and proceed to take his seat somewhere on the bare floor close to the main entrance into the lounge. He tore off part of his trousers and rolled up the other side. A bullet had gotten into his left leg.
“Oops!” OJ exclaimed as he saw Small’s agony in trying to tighten the bullet wound with the pieces of cloth. “Shey Baba don call Kemi?” OJ asked, approaching Small slowly.
“Kemi is around, Baba was banging her before we came in.” The answer came, not from Small but Coded who was behind.
OJ heaved a sigh, feeling pains heavily in his heart. They had gone to face fire while their leader was having a nice time with a girl. But no one had thought that it would be fire for them, they had gone to set the Arch Angels on fire, with the hope of taking out some of their top executives not knowing that it would turn around and become fire against themselves. In short, they had only gone to sacrifice a large number of their members.
Screw walked into the lounge through another entrance looking disgruntled, a  slim lady putting on a skimpy gown followed behind him holding with her a nurse kits bag.
…to be continued

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