A New Creation – Chapter 13A

Episode of action story


Screw walked into the lounge through another entrance looking disgruntled, a  slim lady putting on a skimpy gown followed behind him holding with her a nurse kits bag.
“Wetin una talk say happen” Screw asked as Kemi began treating Small’s gunshot wound. Nobody replied his question because at that moment they felt Screw was just using them as pawns in the game of chess, they were all fascinated at how swiftly the Arch Angel’s number one man came crashing on the scene just to save three of his men but whilst many of their own men were dying, their own leader was having sex.
“Una no hear me nii” Screw screamed as he was infuriated for not getting a reply.

“We were counter attacked” Oj replied nonchalantly.
“How man of our men are down”
“I didn’t count, I couldn’t count but they are plenty, very plenty” Oj still using the nonchalant tone.
“If they know that most of our men are down then they will attack this place any moment from now” Screw announced softly and everyone in the room including Kemi stopped and fixed their eyes on Screw.
“What do we do then because as it is we don’t have enough manpower to face them” Coded asked from behind.

“Leave this place, all of you. Go to our hidden base and stay there till you hear from me. Take every member along” Screw ordered.

They all left immediately while Screw stayed back and planned how he could go about it. After thinking for some minutes, he picked up his phone and dialled a number.
“Screw” a deep voice came through.
“An enemy of my enemy is my friend they say” Screw spoke out softly.
“That’s only if they want to achieve the same goal” the deep voice replied.
“I need your help” Screw………
“It’s now or never” Host started addressing his boys “Now is the time we should bring them down completely before they run away like they always do, let’s take over the solo leadership of this campus once and for all” He said and the whole compound went wild with cheers.  They were all ready to take out every last member of the White Tigers, three 18 passenger buses were filled with armed Arch Angels with Host, Gentle and Slimmy leading them in the Mercedes Benz sprinter Van , they rode to the White Tigers residence.
Few minutes after, they were already in the Tiger’s residence, they all dropped from the buses and proceeded on foot with Host leading them. They kept on walking deeper and met no obstruction, there was no sight of anyone in the whole house, Host ordered them to stop, thinking it was a trap. He then ordered Gentle, Slimmy and Nazaretha to follow him inside while the rest stayed outside. They got inside without having to break any door because the door was left opened, they ransacked the whole building but found nothing.
“Cowards, they have took to their heels again” Host spoke out smiling, they were about to leave when Gentle saw a piece of paper lying on the floor.
“Host” Gentle called out.
“I think this is for you” He said pointing towards the paper, Host came closer to get a better view of the paper which has his name written on it. He bent down and picked it up, turned the paper to the other side and began to read it’s content.
“Host, let us end it between ourselves, we don’t need to involve our boys. This is strictly between You, I, Slimmy and Gentle. Meet me where it all started” he paused after reading to see if he knew what Screw meant by where it all started. “What does this fool mean by where it all started” Host asked.
“I guess he is referring to where we dropped his cousin” Slimmy replied.
“Ohh this guy is a fool, so he wants to die where his cousin died” Host laughing hysterically while Gentle, Slimmy and Nazaretha just kept a straight face. “Tell the boys to leave with the buses, we meet with the coward right now”
“Eeeermm Host, I don’t think we should do that” Slimmy stammered as he grabbed host on the shoulder, but then Host hit his hand away violently and stared at him with a kind of vicious eye
“Did I ask for your opinion? I just gave a simple order and if you think you are bigger than me in this fraternity then you can object my orders” Host replied angrily raising his voice.

Slimmy walked out immediately and ordered the rest to go back to the mansion, he knew there was no talking Host out of his stupid actions. After the three buses left, Host, Slimmy and Gentle entered into the Mercedes and rode to where Screw told them to come to. Host decided to drive this time around as he couldn’t wait to kill off Screw once and for all, not killing Screw  the day he killed Screw’s cousin has always been his greatest mistake and regret, he couldn’t wait to fix his mistakes. In few seconds, they got to the spot, they dropped from the car and walked carefully into the uncompleted building. It didn’t take long before they spotted Screw sitting in the middle of the uncompleted building. Host wasted no time in bringing out his revolver and pointing it to Screw’s head.
“Host of the arch angels, we meet again” Screw said as he turned around slowly “Do you still rap”
“Nah, I lost my vibes and rhymes the day I made the mistake of not killing you” Host replied.
“And I guess you are here to fix that mistake yeah”
“Yeah, I am”
Host cocked his gun and hardened his grip on the trigger, he was about to take the shot when a gunshot to his arm took away the gun from his grasp. Slimmy and Gentle brought out their guns and started searching around to see where the gunshot came from. Screw started laughing as he moved closer to Host who was now lying on the ground.
“That could have been a shot to your head but the person wanted you to see his face before he finishes you off”   Screw said to Host.
Gentle and Slimmy were still searching round to see who took the shot when they started hearing footsteps all around, within split seconds, they were surrounded by armed and fierce looking men.

“Drop your weapons” the deep voice that was speaking with Screw on the phone the other time announced from behind the guys surrounding them.
“There’s no way we are doing that, if we gon die, we gon die fighting” Slimmy replied.
“You won’t have to die fighting because am not here for you” the voice said as he walked closer to where Slimmy and Gentle were. “Am here for Host”
“Terror” Slimmy and Gentle Shouted when they saw his face.

“My rugged brothers, how una dey” Terror spoke out softly and then went closer to where Host was lying in pain. “Hello Host”

“Another great mistake of mine” Host replied as he groaned in pain.
“You can say that again” Terror replied.
“I should have done better than taking one of your hands”
“You took my hand but you didn’t take my brain and now that I have taken your hand also, I won’t do the mistake of not blowing off your brain” Terror said and aimed the gun at Host who was still on the floor.