A New Creation – Chapter 13B

Episode of action story


“Sister, ” Halimat called Rofiat who was seated on the bed absent-mindedly. “Sister,” she called again, touching Rofiat by the shoulder and jerking her off to reality.
“Yes,” Rofiat turned to answer.
“What’s the matter? Since you returned, you’ve been looking so disturbed.” Halimat said.
“Nothing dear,” Rofiat turned back. Hadijat was now standing in front of her, in support of Halimat’s question.
“But you’ve not been contributing to anything we’ve been saying since,” Hadijat joined in the conversation.
“Nothing,” Rofiat tried to fake a smile.
“That’s a lie, it’s all over your face that something is wrong” Hadijat insisted. “Did something happen where you guys went to?”
“Nothing happened,” she answered sharply. “We didn’t even get to meet those we went for.”
“Then what’s the matter?” Halimat sat beside her and placed her hands around her shoulder. “By the way, I didn’t see Host, Gentle or Slimmy return with you people. Did anything happen to them?”
“Nothing, they went to sort out a private issue.”
“Then why are you looking so disturbed?”
Rofiat sighed and stood up, she knew they were not going to stop disturbing her until she gives an answer.
“I just have this feeling that something is about to change,” Rofiat finally opened up. “You know since I came, I’ve dashed my legs twice against chairs unnecessarily. That’s a bad omen.”
“Come on, is that it?” Halimat widened her eyes in unbelief at her sister’s words. “How come your believe such?”
Hadijat chuckled at the back and turned to switch on the television set.
“I don’t know but I just feel that something bad is about to happen.” Rofiat insisted.
“Haha,” Halimat laughed, shaking her head mockingly at her sister. “I know what is happening. You’re missing Mum so much that you’re beginning to talk like her.”
Rofiat hissed unfunnily and sat back on the bed. Halimat got up and walked towards Hadijat, they began to speak to themselves in low tones and laugh loudly. Rofiat ignored their rants and laid in the bed, covering her ear with the pillow.
“Coded,” OJ called, entering into the dark room where Coded was seated silently.
“OJ,” Coded called back and switched on his torchlight.
“Have you heard anything from Baba?”
“Nothing yet,” Coded answered.
“I just feel there’s something wrong with all these,” OJ said.
“Terror and all, I don’t just feel good about it.”
“Terror is an enemy of Host and he’s surely going to use the opportunity to take out Host. Thank God Host has foolishly taken up the challenge to go and meet Baba.”
“But do you know that Terror was once Host assistant?”
“Yes, of course. I know all that story. And I also know of how Host angrily shot Terror and his friend in one of their meetings and left them to die. Terror’s friend died that day and that’s why Terror has been looking for a way to have his revenge on Host.”
“But Terror did not die that day,” OJ said in a stern voice. “Don’t you know how he survived it?”
Coded paused for a moment to ponder on OJ’s words. He got up and began to pace around.
“Gentle and Slimmy saved Terror from death and the same Gentle and Slimmy have gone with Host to meet Baba, do you think that Terror would want to harm Gentle and Slimmy?”
“Shi*t! That’s true, I didn’t think of that before.” Coded exclaimed after pondering for a few seconds. “Why didn’t I think there was something fishy when we saw Host drive his car to Baba without delay.”
“We need to show up there,” OJ said. “Baba would need our support if things go wrong”
“Yeah, get your metal”
“Terror, No.” Slimmy voiced out in fear.
“Slimmy, Yes.” Terror said in a mocking tone, taking a quick glance at Slimmy.
Sounds of gun cocking could be heard from different directions as Slimmy took a step towards Terror. Slimmy halted and warned himself against taking any further step as it was obvious that his brain would be blown out even before he got halfway. He took a glance at Gentle who was also looking helpless, the look on Gentle’s face was one pleading for Slimmy not to waste his life. Slimmy lowered his head and heaved a sigh of grief. His eyes met Host’s.
Host now had a remorseful look on his face, he now realized that he should have listened to Slimmy’s caution not to agree to Screw’s place of meeting. Now, he has put the three of them in danger of death. There was no escaping here, they were outnumbered and even the rest of the Arch Angels knew nothing about their whereabouts.
A tear dropped from his eyes as he remembered his love once again, Adesuwa. The day that she died was the day he lost his brain and sense of reasoning, all he wanted to do was to spill the blood of her killers. That controlled his movement, actions and even words. How he wished he had listened to Slimmy.
More tears rolled down his face as his eyes met with the gun pointed to his head. He remembered his mother’s words years ago when he was given admission into the university. How she warned him against keeping bad company, against joining bad gangs because of lust for power, money, fame or even girls. She advised him to focus on his studies and come out as one of the best, ready for the future, ready to shake his world and cause a positive change in his nation. But here he was, the only child of his parents, his father’s only hope of continuing his lineage, about to receive a metal that would throw his parents into eternal grief and sorrow. He couldn’t imagine how they would take the news, especially when they heard how he died, he was sure that his mother would die at the point of receiving the news except of course if the breaker of the news hid the details of his death.
He closed his eyes as he saw Terror tightening his grip on the trigger. His mother’s words now began to make sense to him, “those who live by the sword would die by the sword”.
Screw chuckled loudly on seeing Host tremble, he was enjoying the moment and having great fun. ” So the invincible Host of Angels could be this scared?”  he mocked loudly and laughed hysterically. In few seconds, he was going to finally see the death of his arch enemy, it was a moment he had been waiting for all his life. His joy knew no bounds as he saw the determined look on Terror’s face.
The bullet was released and it pierced into Host’s forehead, in the middle, the same place where the bullet had entered into Adesuwa’s brain. Host was gone. Forever.
…to be continued