A New Creation – Chapter 14B

Episode of action story


“Are you in the house?” Hadijat said into her phone. Her car right in front of the Arch Angels mansion. Now that rest had return to the school and everyone was back, Hadijat, Rofiat and Halimat had also returned to their house but the Arch Angels mansion was no longer a place out of bounds for Hadijat and Halimat, like it was for other students, they could now visit the place without being stopped by anyone.
“Yes,” Gentle replied from the other end of the line.
“Okay, I’m outside now. Please come and meet me.” Hadijat said.
“Why don’t you come inside?” Gentle asked. “You know you’re very free here.”
“Yes, I know.” Hadijat said in a stressed tone. “But I don’t want to spend too much time.”
“Okay, give me a minute.”
“Okay,” Hadijat cut the call. Gentle had been disturbing her with calls and texts since he first week after the war, always asking her to come spend time with him in the Arch Angels mansion but she always had an excuse to give. One of the best excuses that always worked was that lecturers were speeding up lectures as so much time had been wasted already, so all students had to sit up if they want to follow the pace.
She wondered why it wasn’t Slimmy disturbing her so much, she would have gladly missed classes for him. But that was the irony of life, Slimmy sometimes seem not to notice her no matter what she did to draw his attention. He wouldn’t even reply her messages immediately on WhatsApp and sometimes when she sent him pictures of herself, he would only make boring comments no matter how seductive the pose was. At a time she had even tried to get his attention by making a collage of his photos with hers but he didn’t even notice the display picture until after three days when she brought his attention to it and his response was still not encouraging. All he said replied was ,”nice 8)” .
Her thoughts drifted off as she saw Gentle walk out of the gate. He turned to her direction and began to proceed towards the car. Hadijat put on her sunshades and stepped out of the car to wait for him.
“Hadijat,” he called softly as he stood in front of her.
“Good afternoon,” Hadijat greeted, adjusting her shades.
“Good afternoon, why didn’t you come in?” Gentle queried.
“I told you I didn’t want to stay long,” Hadijat reiterated.
“Why is it that you’re always busy when I ask you out and always rushing to somewhere when we meet?” Gentle frowned his face as he questioned.
“It’s not like that,” Hadijat sighed, “you should understand that now that we just resumed , we have a lot of work to do. The lecturers are running things so fast because the school calendar has been disrupted twice this semester alone…”
“Come on, stop that.” Gentle interrupted her with a wave of his hand, he was tired of listening to the same excuse over and over again. “Aren’t we all in the same school, we are all facing the same challenge.”
“Yes, I know but you are a guy and you know how to work out yourself but as a lady, if I don’t want to sleep with a lecturer, I must pass his exams.” Hadijat said.
“Shi*t!” Gentle cursed loudly. “Which damn lecturer would demand that you sleep with him?” Gentle barked. “Or has anyone asked you already.”
“No,” Hadijat lied, knowing that if she had affirmed it , something bad was definitely going to happen to the lecturer.
“Are you sure?” Gentle asked. “Tell me now so I can put the motherf***er where he belongs,” Gentle slammed in anger.
“Gentle, there’s none.” Hadijat said sternly.
“Then why do we have a problem?”
“I still have to study to avoid such a case. You know I told you that I had some problems last year, I don’t want it to repeat itself.” Hadijat voiced, this time in a pleading tone.
“Why don’t you just tell me what problem it is? Then your don’t have to work your brains off to solve them. I can get them sorted out with a tap of my fingers.” Gentle pleaded back.
Hadijat was tired of going in circles, this particular matter of him offering to help have been death with several times, both online and physically but she had always insisted on sorting out her problems the natural way, Gentle would not just stop proffering his own way of dealing with it.
She let out a deep breath as her phone rang, she really needed something to take her away from Gentle. She turned into the car and took the phone. She heaved a huge sigh of relief, it was her class governor calling. She displayed the caller’s ID to Gentle. “Please, excuse me.” She said before answering the call.
“Hello, Class Rep.” She said into the phone and paused to listen. “Okay…now? I’ll come right away.” She ended the call and lowered her phone. Gentle was already staring into her face.
“You have to go again?” Gentle asked, with a contorted look on his face.
“I’m sorry, Yes.” She replied.
“Just go,” he said angrily and turned to walk away.
“I’m sorry Gentle, I’ll make it up to you soon.” Hadijat proposed, a promise she was never planning to keep. But Gentle was not listening, he opened the gate and entered into the compound, making a loud bang as it closed.
Hadijat stared at the phone one more time before entering into the car. She had to call the class Governor back later, he sure would be wondering what warranted the kind of responses she had given to him. He only called to inform her of the cancellation of the social week and she had replied like he was calling her to come and meet him.
She reversed the car into the road properly and turned to the right direction and then zoomed off. Just few metres away, she recognized another car coming through the opposite Lane. Her heart throbbed as she recognized the person behind the wheels, Slimmy. He was making a call with his left hand while his right hand was on the steering.
“Slimmy!” She shouted as their car came closer.
“Hey!” He called back and waved at her as they both drove off.
The smile he gave her was enough to make her day, she forgot at once her bad time with Gentle. She only wished that Slimmy would reply her attention the same way she gave him.
Slimmy cut the call and focused on the wheels, he was famished and tired. He couldn’t wait to get home and have a good meal and a cold bath.
He smiled as he thought of Hadijat who he just waved her. She had been really making advances towards him, the only reason he had not conceded was because he thought his twin brother was interested in her. At the same time, he wondered why Gentle had never confirmed or spoke of his interest to him. Maybe he was just the one assuming things, Gentle never hid his intentions from him.
Using her for his sex pleasure wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, he thought. Maybe banging out her brains would her a lesson not to ever mess with a bad boy like him again. He smiled to himself.
…to be continued