A New Creation – Chapter 15A

Episode of action story


Halimat arrived just in time to find Oj at their gate, She rushed towards him to stop him from entering the house. Oj stood there looking like he was surprised at the way Halimat rushed to stop him from entering her house.
“Ojo what are you doing here” she asked still panting heavily.
“Can’t a man visit his girlfriend at home again” Oj asked back.

“A man is supposed to call his girlfriend before coming”
“A man doesn’t have call card” Oj joked.
“A man doesn’t deserve a girlfriend then” She joked back and they both laughed.
“Seriously I don’t understand why you are still hiding me from your sisters” Oj with a serious face.
“Bae am sorry, I still haven’t told them and I don’t just want you to barge in on them just like that” Said Halimat as she opened the gate a little to check if Halimat and Rofiat’s cars were parked inside, as soon as she confirmed that the cars were there she held OJ’s hand and drew him away from where anyone from inside could see them.

“If anyone is trying to hide, it should be me, or do you also have something to hide girlfriend” Oj.

“Hide, me, noo. I am not hiding anything from you” she stuttered.
“Hnmmm then you should let me meet your sisters”
“You will, very soon I promise Bae” Halimat planted a kiss on OJ’s lips. “Ojo what are you hiding from me”
“Errmmm, I have been meaning to tell you but I am scared Girlfriend” Oj spoke with a low voice this time around.

“Scared? What are you scared of?” Halimat asked but Oj couldn’t reply before he saw Rofiat approaching where they were.
“I think a man is gotta run now” Oj said looking towards Rofiat’s direction, Halimat also turned and saw her too. ‘Too late to hide’ Halimat said in her mind.
They stayed mute until Rofiat got to where they were.
“Rofiat why didn’t you go out with your car” Halimat asked.
“I was just visiting a friend nearby” Rofiat replied her nonchalantly. “Oj I hail” she said.
“Rough how far na” Oj greeted back.
“I dey” Rough replied and walked inside leaving the gates opened.
They stayed silent until she was completely out of sight.
“You know my sister” Halimat broke the silence.
“Yeah Girlfriend I gotta go, I have somethings to tidy” Oj replied.
“I thought you wanted to tell me something, why the rush now” Halimat objected.
“I guess your sister will tell you that but regardless of whatever she tells you about me. I love you, don’t ever doubt that” Oj said as he planted a kiss on her lips, got inside his car and drove off. Halimat stood transfixed as she watched Oj drove away, after few minutes she went inside and met Hadijat and Rofiat watching a movie together in the living room.
“If it’s not my pretty cousin” Hadijat said as she saw Halimat entered.
“What’s up Hadijat” Halimat replied casually. Hadijat noticed the dryness in her reply and was about to probe why she sounded that way but Halimat just walked straight into her room. She looked towards where Rofiat was sitting, Rofiat also kept a straight face so Hadijat just decided to keep her cool and focus on the movie they were watching. They continued watching the movie in silence until Halimat returned back to the leaving room.
“Rofiat” Halimat called out.
“What” Rofiat replied still fixing her gaze on the tv.
“How’d you get to know Ojo” Halimat asked.
“I should be asking you that question” Rofiat still looking at the Tv.
“He is my boyfriend” Halimat replied.
“Boyfriend? ” Rofiat and Hadijat asked in unison. Hadijat rushed to were Halimat was standing and hugged her to congratulate her on giving love a chance at last.
“You don’t know Oj do you” Rofiat asked.
“I do, I have met him before, he is a nice guy” Hadijat replied thinking Rofiat directed the question to her.
“I wasn’t asking you Halimat” Rofiat snapped.
“Yeah I do know him” Halimat replied.
“How well do you know him” Rofiat
“Very well I guess” Halimat.
“Very well? Then am guessing you know he is the leader of the white tigers” Rofiat asked.
“White what? ” Hadijat and Halimat screamed in unison.
“Baba wetin dey happen na, you just mute since you come back from that your babe side” Small asked Oj who was preoccupied with some stuffs on his phone.
“Omoboy, you no go understand jaare” oj replied.
“Them tell you say me no sabi about love matter abi”
Oj raised his head and stared blankly at Small. “You? Love?” Oj now smiling.

“I dey love too na, mesef na Django oo” Small also smiling.
“Django unchained” Oj now laughing out loud.
“Noo na Small Django oo” Small also raised the pitch of his laughter. They kept on laughing for a while until Oj suddenly stopped laughing and placed his phone on his ear.
“You finally picked up” He said into the phone.
“What do you want Ojo or should I say Oj” Halimat replied.
“Errmm” Oj was taken aback by the question even when he knew fully well that Rofiat was going to tell Halimat. “Halimat I know I should have told you earlier but I was scared”

“Scared of what exactly, me leaving you or me reporting you to the school authority”
“Listen girlfrien..”
“Don’t ever call me that again in your miserable life” Halimat screamed.
“I know you are angry but please remember the last thing I said to you before leaving your place earlier today” Oj replied calmly.
“You know what, I don’t think I have time to listen to all the crazy stuffs you ever said or anyone you have to say right now”
“Halimat, wait, hold on” Oj stuttered but the line went dead.

He dropped the phone and stared blankly into the wall.
“Wetin happen baba” Small asked.
“She knows about me”
“How do you mean”
“She knows everything about about me now, about the fraternity”
“Wooow, now that’s super bad”
“But how she kan take decode that information na”
“Na her sister tell am” Oj replied.
“Who be her sister na” Small inquired more.
“Na Rough”
“Rough Arch Angels?” Small asked again with more curiosity this time around.
“Yeah” Oj replied.
“Now that’s super duper Bad” Small said barely audibly.