A New Creation – Chapter 15B

Episode of action story


Slimmy came out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had just taken his bath after the usual workout sessions he always had on Saturdays. His phone beeped on the bed as he got closer, he took a glance at the pop-up window, it was a WhatsApp message. He removed the towel and used it to wipe off his face, he now had only his black boxers on. He cleaned the rest of his body before jumping into the bed, he let out a very deep breath as he rested his head on the pillow and began to think of what he could do to keep himself busy. It was possible that the day was going to be a boring one for him as he was home alone, the rest of the boys had gone into town for one thing or the other. Even Gentle had travelled to their hometown to see their parents. Slimmy could not follow him as it was a taboo for all the members of the Angels to leave the mansion at the same time, someone had to be in the building.
His phone beeped again, he sat up and picked it up, another WhatsApp message. He clicked on view and the application opened. There were messages from close to ten people there but the one from Hadijat was the most recent one. He opened the message and rested back his head on the pillow.
“Hello cutie,” he sent in reply to the message from Hadijat. He took another deep breath, maybe this was one way that the day wasn’t going to be boring for him.
“How was your night?” Her reply came within seconds, even before he thought of exiting her chat.
“Great, yours?” He replied without exiting anymore.
“Great too. And how is everybody in the mansion?”
“They’re all good but I’m home alone now, they all went out.”
“Oh! Why didn’t you go with them?”
“Cos I had nowhere to go to.”
“And you’re staying home all day?”
“It seems so for now, but plans may change before the end of the day.”
“I’m less busy, should I come and keep you company?”
Slimmy thought for a while before replying the message. He sat up and took a brief glance round his room, it wash untidy. He quickly calculated in his brain how many minutes it would take him to fix the place. He was sure that the living room and other places would be neat as the younger boys would have care of it before they went out.
“Please do come,” he finally replied. “I’ll be expecting you in thirty minutes time.”
“Sure, I’ll see you” he read her reply before getting up to his feet to clean the room.
It wasn’t that dirty, he just needed to change the bedsheet and arrange some of his clothes properly. He began working.
Hadijat arrived fifty minutes later and Slimmy was ready for her. Apart from cleaning the bedroom, he had prepared light refreshments for her and also kept a pack of Gold circle condom somewhere in his room.
She was dressed in short loose pink gown. Her hot thighs and legs were clearly on display, even her cleavage was not left out.
It had been hard for her to leave her house, she had previously told her sisters that she was free for the whole day only to fake a call later and say that her class governor had called her for a meeting concerning the social week. Rofiat was less suspicious and believed Hadijat’s lie but Halimat didn’t swallow the lie, she was aware that the social week had been cancelled due to the disrupted school calendar. Her suspicions were confirmed when Hadijat finished dressing up and stepped out to the lounge, Rofiat had already returned to her own room.
“Where are you going?” Halimat had asked.
“I thought I told you already,” Hadijat retorted.
“I don’t believe you,” Halimat stated, carefully observing with her eyes all parts of Hadijat’s body.
“You don’t?” Hadijat asked, feigning a surprise tone as she adjusted the makeup on her face with the kit she had taken out from her bag.
“If you really have a meeting with the class rep, it means you’re going there to seduce him” Halimat accused.
Hadijat was shocked at the accusation but couldn’t respond immediately as she was still using the lipstick on her lips and holding a small mirror in front of her. She did not complete her dressing in the room because she wanted Halimat to make comments and suggestions, but Halimat was spoiling it all now. But Halimat was not too far from the truth though, she was going to make someone fall for her, but sex? She wasn’t expecting.
“What do you mean by that?” Hadijat stood up and stared at Halimat fiercely after two minutes.
Halimat paused for a while and kept staring at her sister’s angry face, then she gave a mocking smile. “You see, you’re guilty as charged.” She said. “I only repeated the same thing you said to me when I was going out last week and you’re flaring up.”
Hadijat heaved a sigh. She knew the conversation wasn’t going to yield any positive result so she returned her make up kits back into her bag and left without saying any other thing.
Slimmy licked his lips gently as he served her cold wine from the bar. Her thighs were attracting him and he couldn’t wait to get her to his bedroom.
Hadijat took the first sip and smiled, she stared at Slimmy who was still standing in front of her. That was when he remembered that he ought to be seated. He quickly took his seat in the sofa directly opposite hers.
She crossed her legs and relaxed back into the seat, still staring at Slimmy’s face. “Why are you not saying anything?” She broke the silence. “Are you shy?”
“Ermm… Nothing.” Slimmy stammered and smiled back at her. “I’m not shy,” he added. He couldn’t be shy, he thought and smiled to himself. He was only carried away by his thoughts on the best positions to bang her effectively.
She took another sip from the cup and kept staring at him.
“Ermm… What department are you in?” Slimmy tried to begin a conversation.
“I thought I’ve told you that before on WhatsApp,” she said with a frown.
“Oh yes, that’s true!” Slimmy exclaimed, scratching his head. He couldn’t remember when they had talked about it or any other thing that had even talked about during their chats.
“You don’t bear the same surname with Rough but you call yourselves sisters, how do you guys relate?” Slimmy tried another question.
She didn’t reply but the frown on her face deepened. Slimmy knew at once that he had asked another wrong question. They must have talked about that on WhatsApp too.
“Oh! Don’t mind me,” Slimmy quickly cut in to save himself from embarrassment. “I always like hearing words and not just reading them alone, that’s why I’m repeating the questions.” He said with a smile.
Three juniors walked into the house at that moment. Slimmy heaved a sigh of relief as he would finally get the excuse to take her into his room.
“Boss,” the guys saluted their leader.
“Whatta guan? You guys want to use the living room right?” He proposed and did not wait for their response as he knew they would reply in negative. “Don’t worry, you can use it. I’ll go into my room with my friend.”
He said and stood up from his seat to stand at Hadijat’s front. “Can we go inside my room? Here and the other living rooms would be noisy now that these boys have returned.” He proposed, stretching out his hand to take hers.
She agreed without argument and gave him her left hand, using the right hand to pick up her bag. Slimmy placed a kiss on the back of her palm and collected her bag from her as he ushered her towards his room, his manhood dancing under the trouser in excitement.