A New Creation – Chapter 16A

Episode of action story


Gentle was nodding his head to the beat of Awele by Maestro that was being played on the car stereo, it looked like the song was making the journey less boring. Gentle isn’t really a fan of nigerian music but this particular one got him nodding his head, that his something that hasn’t happened in a long time. He really didn’t feel like going to see his parents anymore because he knew they were gonna nag him to death about different things ranging from coming home without his twin brother, him not coming home for a very long time and where he got a car from. He had all his answers well prepared though, he is going to tell them that his twin brother had to go and write an impromptu test that very morning, and about the issue of him not coming home, he is going to tell them about how tight the schedule has been for a long long time now and finally he will tell them the car belongs to his friend. He knew they wouldn’t buy any of those excuses but he just had to come up with something, for a moment he thought about just postponing the journey till a day when him and Slimmy could go visit them together. He was about shaking the thoughts away when he heard some crampy sounds from the rear side of the vehicle, he parked the car by the road side and came down to check what was causing the sound.
After several fruitless minutes of searching for what was causing the noise he decided to place a call to the mechanic that helps in fixing and servicing their cars.
“Hello Bros how far na………   Na Gentle…….    I dey bros, na this car wey I dey carry travel just begin make some funny sounds…..   Na the Toyota….   Haa but shey I fit carry am travel like that……. Oopz okay bros I go bring am come your side now” Gentle ended the call.

“Maybe God doesn’t want me to go after all” Gentle murmured as he made a u-turn and enroute the mechanic’s workshop. He stayed around as the mechanic worked on the car, he still had it in mind that if the mechanic could fix the problem swiftly then he will still embark on the trip.
“Bros, I don finish ooh” the mechanic announced to Gentle who has already slept off on a piece of bench that the mechanic gave him to sit on.
“Bros” Gentle called out yearning “You don fix am shey?”
“Yeah, I don fix am. You go fit carry am travel now” the mechanic replied.
“Okay na but I no fit travel as I dey like this I don tire” Gentle said as counted some naira notes and handed over some to the mechanic.

“Haa bros this one too much oo, my God go bless you oo” The mechanic replied cheerfully. Gentle entered the car, ignited the engine and waited to see if the sound would still pop up, after being rest assured that the sound was no longer there, he drove away from the mechanic’s workshop and went home.
After Hadijat went out Rofiat also left the house, Halimat was left at home all by herself. She got bored of watching tv and her mind drifted towards Oj, she still didn’t know if she could forgive him for not telling her everything about him. After much deliberation she decided to take a walk round the area to see if it will work in reducing her sadness. She went into her room and tied a scarf to cover her hair and then left the house, as soon as she shut the gate outside, she saw Oj standing beside his car close to their house. It was too late to run back inside so she just decided to pretend like she didn’t see him and continued her road walk. Oj rushed after her calling her name repeatedly but she didn’t even act like someone was calling her, Oj kept up his pace in order to meet up with her and then held her hand back after catching up her pace.
“What is your problem, can’t you just leave me be” Halimat Screamed.

“I can’t, if I could then I would but I can’t ” Oj replied calmly.

“See Oj or whatever they call you, I can never date a cultist, much less one that is a rival to the cult my sister belongs to” Halimat still on top of her voice.
“We are no longer enemies, we are allies now. Please I can’t live without you Girlfriend” Oj now sober.
“I don’t care and I have told you not to call me that again, I ceased to be your girlfriend when I found out the kind of devil that you are” Halimat snapped her hand away from OJ’s and walked away while Oj just stood there watching her walk away.

“I won’t give up, I love you and will always do Girlfriend” Oj screamed loud enough for Halimat to hear him. A tear or two escaped Halimat’s eyes as she kept on walking away.
Slimmy ushered Hadijat into his room and watched as she settled down on the bed. It was the same room that She and Halimat stayed during their stay in the mansion so she felt comfortable in the room. She sat down close to the tip of the bed further revealing her laps, this made Slimmy heart pump blood faster than usual, he couldn’t hold it anymore as he rushed to where she was sitting and squatted placing his hands on her laps. ‘Finally’ Hadijat thought in her mind expecting Slimmy to profess his love to her or at least just ask her out but Slimmy on the other hand just started kissing her laps, she kept her cool to see his next move. Slimmy after noticing that she didn’t budge when he kissed her laps started moving his hands to her pants and was about pulling the pants down when Hadijat stood up angrily.
“What in the hell do you take me for, a cheap prostitute” Hadijat snapped at him. Slimmy just stayed down looking surprised at the sudden outburst.

“It’s not your fault anyway” Hadijat said and stormed out of the room. Slimmy still sat down speechless.

Hadijat rushed to her car and drove off immediately, she had lots of adrenaline flowing through her, she was ashamed at how she had presented herself to Slimmy, she shouldn’t have made herself look so cheap, she shouldn’t have even followed him to the room, she regretted a lot of her actions. She was really angry and disappointed at herself, she drove her car angrily and quite recklessly too.
Gentle still listening to music as he rode home, he was really exhausted and couldn’t wait to get a nap as soon as he got home. He was almost home when he saw Hadijat’s car approaching, his mind jumped for joy with the hope that she was going to pull over and then they will talk their differences out. He was shocked when Hadijat just sped past him, he looked at her through the window and she looked quite angry. Gentle decided not to follow her and went home instead, he got home to meet the mansion totally empty, he went into Slimmy’s room and met him still sitting on the ground the same way Hadijat left him sitting.
“Slimmy, was Hadijat here ?” Gentle asked