A New Creation – Chapter 17A

Episode of action story


“Here’s it sir,” the barman finally returned with a beer bottle and a glass.
Slimmy nodded at the barman as he placed the bottle of beer and the glass cup on the table, the barman opened the bottle of beer and went back to his position. Slimmy filled the glass cup with beer and then gulped it all at once, he did the same thing the second time and the bottle was empty, he beckoned the barman to bring another bottle of beer. He finished the beer in no time and ordered for another bottle again, the process continued until he began to feel tipsy.
“Now is the time” Slimmy said to himself and called on the barman, settled his bill and then proceeded outside after replying some guys hailing him in the bar. He got inside his car still feeling tipsy, he switched on the engine and waited for few minutes without moving the car, he killed the engine and still stayed fixed in the car, after thinking for a while he kick started the car again and then drove off.
“Don’t tell me Hadijat still hasn’t opened the door since she locked herself up” Rofiat asked Halimat who was busy preparing something in the kitchen.
“Open keh? Noo, she isn’t even replying me anymore” Halimat replied. Rofiat didn’t bother replying before she walked out of the kitchen and proceeded to Hadijat’s room.
“Hadijat open this door right now” Rofiat ordered as she kept on banging the door to Hadijat’s room, she waited still at the door as she got no response from Hadijat.
“If you don’t open this door right this minute, I will break down this f**king door” Rofiat barked. Hadijat opened the door immediately and then ran back to her bed sinking her face in a pillow, Rofiat followed after her.
“Now what’s wrong with my favourite cousin?” Rofiat asked in a much calmer tone as she forced the pillow from beneath Hadijat’s face “Talk to me dear”
“I fell in love with the wrong person” Hadijat sobbing.
“Awwwn, that’s really bad my dear but how can you be so sure that the person you are in love with is the wrong person”
“I don’t think he loves me back, I don’t think he is even capable of loving a lady the right way”
“Wait,  who is this person you are talking about” Rofiat asked.
“Promise me you won’t get angry if I tell you”
“I cross my heart” Rofiat made the crucifix sign.
“It’s Slimmy”
“Slimmy? ” Rofiat and Halimat who had been eavesdropping at the door exclaimed.
Oj stayed put in his car after parking his car right beside Da Royalz Supermarket, he decided to stay inside the car in order to drink more from the bottle of whiskey he was holding onto, after taking some few more gulps he exited the car and walked into the supermarket half staggering. He surveyed the supermarket and spotted the Gifts and Cards section, he then walked towards the gifts and card section, just as he was about searching for the card to buy he sighted someone that looked familiar. He was a bit shocked when turned around and saw the person’s face
“Slimmy… How far” Oj hailed.
“I dey, how far na” Slimmy extended his hands and they exchanged handshake.
“I dey okay”
“Correct, stay safe”
“Safe” Oj walked away and picked a flower and a card while Slimmy walked towards the cashier and paid for the card and flower he bought.
“Thanks” the cashier greeted Slimmy for the tip he gave her “Next person please” she announced after Slimmy walked out of the supermarket.
“Woow, what a coincidence” The cashier expressed her surprise as Oj placed the items he purchased on the table.
“Excuse me,” said Oj.
“Ohh am sorry, it’s just that the guy that just left bought the same card” the cashier explained.
“You mean he bought an ‘I’m sorry’ card also?”
“Yes he did” The cashier stretched the receipt and balance to Oj.
“I see” Oj said as he received the receipt from the cashier “Keep the change”.
“Ohh thanks” the cashier said as Oj walked out of the supermarket.
“How on earth will you fall in love with Slimmy?” Rofiat asked as she jerked on to her feet.
“You promised not to be mad remember” Hadijat spoke calmly.
“I did but this is just not right my dear, Slimmy is not the right one for you”
“I know right and that’s why I told you am in love with the wrong person,” Hadijat now crying again.
“Halimat don’t just stand there, come and talk your cousin out of this crazy love she is having for the leader of a fraternity.”
“How can I do that when am in love with Oj who is also the leader of a fraternity?” Halimat replied as she ran to the living room and started crying.
“Ohhh Jeez, just what I needed” Rofiat followed Halimat to the living room, Hadijat also followed suit.
Just as Slimmy was about to get down from his car, he saw through the rear mirrors that another car just pulled over right behind him, he recognised the car to be one of White Tiger’s. He exited his car and approached OJ’s car.
“Oj are you following me around or what?” Slimmy asked.
“Hello again Slimmy” Oj replied after gulping down his whiskey “Am here to see someone I love menh” Oj offered Slimmy the bottle of whiskey.
“Ohh woow, that makes the two of us then”. Slimmy gulped down the whiskey too. “Wait, I hope we are not here for the same lady”
“I don’t know about that menh, I am here for Halimat”
“Ohh I am here for Hadijat”
“Ohh great, very great. Let’s go in together then” Oj suggested.
“Cool, let me just get the stuffs I bought and then we go inside” Slimmy rushed to his car, fetched the flower and card he bought and then walked back to Oj who was already standing outside his car.
“Let’s roll then” Slimmy.
“Rofiat, I am sure you won’t understand what we are going through right now, you won’t know how it feels to love the wrong man.” Halimat still sobbing.
“And how can you be so sure of that, it happened to me before?” Rofiat replied.
“And you never told us about it” Hadijat questioned but couldn’t get a reply before someone started knocking at the door.
“You guys expecting anyone?” Rofiat asked.
“Nooo” Halimat and Hadijat chorused.
Rofiat stood up and walked to the door, she opened the door while Halimat and Hadijat stared at the entrance to see who was knocking. Rofiat opened the door and was faced with two guys covering their faces with a greeting card that has “I’m sorry” inscribed on them. Halimat and Hadijat both walked to the door to see what was happening only to see the ‘i’m sorry’ card too, Gradually the cards were lowered revealing the faces of the holders.
“Slimmy” “Oj” Hadijat and Halimat screamed simultaneously.
… To be continued