A New Creation – Chapter 17B

Episode of action story


Rofiat just stood there speechless, there was nothing more to say as the heads of the two fraternities had sorry looks on their faces, supporting the cards. What made Rofiat dumbstruck was the fact that Slimmy who she had never seen or heard of apologizing to a lady was right in front of her. If it was for OJ alone, she would have sent him away immediately but she accorded the same respect which she had for late Host to the new Arch Angels’ Boss and wouldn’t do anything that would get herself into trouble with the Boss.

For a moment, she felt touched about the two guys showing of remorse. For leaders of groups like them to bring themselves so low to the extent of coming to plead with girls in her house was something unusual. It could only mean something, that the men had fallen in love.

She also thought about the danger that this love could bring. The girlfriends of cultists heads were always targeted by their opponents in a bid to get to them. But then, these were the two leaders of the greatest cults, coming like best of friends to apologize to their lovers.

Halimat was the first to push Rough away and run into OJ’s arm. Hadijat still stood motionless, staring into Slimmy’s teary eyes as if to verify his honesty. Then she walked slowly to him and placed her hands around his neck. Their lips met.


Gentle could no longer hold himself again after trying to reach both Slimmy and Hadijat for several minutes without either of them answering their phone calls. He got up and made way to the door, heading for nowhere specifically. He turned once again as he got to the door and glanced around the room. Then he saw it. His eyes widened in shock and fear. His heartbeat increased thrice it’s speed. He began to walk slowly towards the hanger of clothes, the sounds of his heartbeats were now loud enough to wake an unconscious man. He squatted slowly and picked up the nylon of Golden circle condoms. He raised it up and stared at it as if it was something he had never seen before. Slimmy was definitely planning to use the condom with a lady, the only person that came to his mind was Hadijat but he chose to argue with himself.

“It could be one of Slimmy’s numerous sex machines,” he said to himself as he dropped the condom on Slimmy’s bed and headed for the door again.

In no time he was in the lounge, he met with some juniors cleaning the place.

“Hey you,” he barked at one.

“Sir,” the guy responded swiftly and stood at attention.

“Have you been at home for a long time?”

“Not really sir,” the guy replied.

“What’s not really?” Slimmy face showed his irritation at the answer given. “For how long did you go out today?”

“I went out in the morning.”

“Did you meet Capon when your returned?”

“Yes,” the guy replied, nodding his head in positive. “Capon just went out after you arrived, it’s not up to two hours yet.” The guy added, thinking that Gentle had not met with Slimmy before Slimmy went out.

“When you returned, where did you meet him?”

“Ermm… He was in the living room with a visi…”

“With a girl right? Can you tell me how she looks?” Gentle questioned, adding more pressure in his voice.

“No, I didn’t see her face.”

“What about what she was putting on?”

“Ermm…” The guy began try scratch his head.

“Get out blockhead!” Slimmy cursed and walked away in an angry manner.


Rofiat didn’t bother to interfere with the matters of her younger ones anymore. She excused herself and walked away to her room. Halimat and OJ were the first to enter into the house and they even began to stare at Slimmy and Hadijat who were lost in deep passion.

*Coughs. Halimat finally broke the kiss between them by announcing to them that they were still outside the house.

Hadijat stared into Slimmy’s eyes once again, he rubbed his palm on her cheeks, wiping off the drops of tears. She let go of herself and licked her lips, it was full of alcohol. She gave Slimmy a questioning look. He apologized with his eyes. Then she smiled and held him by the hand, she wanted to pull him inside but he resisted.

“I think we should go somewhere else,” Slimmy said.

Hadijat stared at his face for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Can you come in while I change my clothes?”

“Ermm… I think I should wait outside,” Slimmy said, looking over her shoulders at Halimat and OJ who were wrapped in each others arms.

Hadijat also glanced back to see the two smooching. She smiled and turned back to Slimmy, “okay”. Slimmy released her hands and stepped back. Hadijat closed the door and hurried up to have a change of clothing.


Gentle for sometime kept on driving straight down the road without making up his mind on where he was headed to. Then he thought of Slimmy’s possible destination, if Hadijat was really his visitor and a fight had happened between them, it was possible that Slimmy had gone to Hadijat’s house. But for what? He asked himself. To apologize? The Slimmy he knew would never apologize to anyone easily especially girls when he had enough of them. Even if Slimmy had now enlisted her into his new list of sex machines, he would never apologize to her for anything. But for some reasons, he still felt the urge to drive to Hadijat’s house. He took the next U-turn and faced the direction.


Slimmy climbed down the balcony slowly, rolling his car keys in his hand. He cleaned his eyes with his bare palm and sniffed in. He took a deep breath as he stepped on the interlocked bricked floor. He then turned around to observe the whole building for the first time. It was a building of two flats, the girls had their main entrance at the front while the other flat’s entrance was by the side.

He proceeded out of the gate and went to sit in his car, he wind down the window glasses and released the driver’s seat to relax his back.

In ten minutes time, Hadijat arrived and entered into the front seat with him. He noticed her new look in the blue long gown. He smiled to himself on thinking that she has purposely worn something less revealing this time to prevent him from lusting after her body. He started the car engine and drove off in silence. The silence was somewhat awkward. They also avoided meeting each other’s gaze.


Gentle began to notice something familiar as he approached the girl’s house. Then he became sure of what he saw, their second car which Slimmy had taken out of the house. The taillights of the car came on and off, then the car moved before Gentle came closer.

His head began to pound heavily as he saw Slimmy drive off with the girl seated at the front with him.

… To be continued