A New Creation – Chapter 18A

Episode of action story


Gentle began to notice something familiar as he approached the Hadijat’s house. Then he became sure of what he saw, their second car which Slimmy had taken out of the house. The rear lights of the car came on and off, then the car moved before Gentle came closer.
His head began to pound heavily as he saw Slimmy drive off with Hadijat seated at the front.
He decided to follow them behind, he made sure to keep a reasonable distance because he knows fully well that Slimmy was going to spot him if he doesn’t keep enough distance. He followed them and saw as Slimmy pulled in front of Annie’s Restaurant which happens to be one of the most expensive restaurants in town. He further reduced the speed of his car as he got closer to the restaurant, as he drove by slowly he saw vividly as Slimmy and Hadijat held each other and had their lips intertwined. Just as he was driving pass, Slimmy raised his head and saw Gentle driving pass and staring at them, Hadijat also turned around and saw Gentle staring as he drove away.
“Sh.t” Slimmy cussed.
“That was going to happen sooner or later” Hadijat trying to hold Slimmy’s hands.
“Did my brother ever asked you out or ever told you that he loves you” Slimmy asked.
“Yes he did”
“Sh.t” Slimmy cussed again “Get inside the car right now” Slimmy reversed out of Annie’s Restaurant and followed his brother. After driving for few minutes he got home but didn’t bother parking the car inside, he just left the car outside with Hadijat in it and ran inside the Arch Angel’s mansion.
He ran straight into Gentle’s room only to meet Gentle packing his clothes in a luggage back.
“What do you think you are doing Bro” Slimmy moved closer to Gentle “Why are you packing your bags”.
Gentle didn’t even act like someone was talking to him as he continued packing clothes into his bag.
“Gentle, we can talk this through. You never told me you love Hadijat, remember I kept on asking you if you love her but you never told me anything”
“Ohh stop spitting nonsense Slimmy, you know me better than anyone and am sure you know that I love that girl but if that’s what you tell yourself in order to ease your conscience from pricking you, then keep on lying to yourself” Gentle shouted onto of his voice.
“Even at that Gentle you can’t leave this place, this is our home, you don’t have to leave”
“Watch me” Gentle zipped up the bag and drag it as he made for d door.
“As your first man I command you to stay” Slimmy said.
“Go to hell Slimmy” Gentle left the house.
Slimmy fell to the ground as he watched his brother left in anger, never before has he spoken to him like that, never before have they had such a serious dispute, never before has he placed anyone or anything over his beloved brother. A tear dropped in his eyes as he felt helpless, he wiped of his face and ran outside to see if he could still stop Gentle from leaving.
Slimmy ran outside and Nazaretha followed behind, they only got outside in time to see Gentle drive away.
“Wetin dey happen Slimmy” Nazaretha asked.
“Omo I no even understand too o” Slimmy scratching his head.
“Why Gentle go just carry hin kaya and leave just like that, something is not right”
“Make I sharply drop this babe for her side, I go yian you everything when I come back” Slimmy joined Hadijat in the car and drove away.
“I hope it’s not what an thinking, did Gentle just leave because we are dating” Hadijat asked but got no response from Slimmy, instead he drove her home in total silence. In no time they got to Hadijat’s apartment.
“Won’t you even tell me what’s happening, did Gentle leave because of me?” Hadijat about to alight from the car.
“Don’t worry yourself babe, just rest easy” Slimmy planted a kiss on her lips and watched as Hadijat entered into her compound.
“And the new lover girl is back” Halimat joked as Hadijat entered into the lounge.
“Halimat what’s up” Hadijat hailed dryly.
“Nothing much, you don’t seem to happy” Halimat
“Don’t tell me your first date was a mess” Rofiat asked as she joined them in the lounge.
“More than a mess” Hadijat replied.
“Did he try to have you on a first date” Halimat asked.
“That would have been better” Hadijat
“So what happened” Halimat
“Gentle saw us”
“And so” Rofiat
“Gentle is into me, he has been asking me to date him” Hadijat explained.
“And you still went ahead to date his twin brother” Rofiat exclaimed.
“It’s Slimmy I love” Hadijat.
“So what happened when he saw you guys, how did he take it? ” Halimat.
“He packed out of the mansion” Hadijat
“You are kidding right” Rofiat exclaimed again.
“I wish I was o” Hadijat
******* Next Day *******
In an uncompleted building in the middle of no where, a young man could be seen smoking and drinking simultaneously. After some minutes he picked up his phone and dialled a number.
“Hello” he said into the phone after the call was connected.
“How far” the call recipient replied.
“I dey, I hope you are still on top of the situation”
“Yeah, I just got news that he had a fight with his brother and moved his things out but you don get idea on how to bring him down?” the recipient replied.
“I haven’t come up with anything yet but very soon I will” the caller said.
“Bro we have to do something, we can’t just stay low like this, we need to act” the recipient.
“Which is why am calling you right now, tell your boys to keep their eyes on him, I want to know what he does at every moment of the day” the caller.
“Okay, I hope we will act fast though” the recipient.
“We will bro, we will act very soon just continue to lay low for now” the caller laughed hysterically and dropped the call. He then got up from where he was sitting, light up the weed in his mouth that the wind had blown off, then picked up the bottle of liquor from the ground, gulped down all the contents of the bottle and then threw the bottle towards the wall.
“I promised you that I will show you the stuff am made up of and am about to fulfil that promise,  ohhh you won’t even know what hits you” He roared.