A New Creation – Chapter 18B

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Gentle strapped the bag to his back after putting into it the laptop, he took a glance around the room to see if he had forgotten anything before he proceeded out of the room. He almost bumped into Roy as he stepped out of the room.

“Roy,” he called with a smile.

“Gentle,” Roy smiled back and stopped. “You’re going for lectures?”

“No not this morning, I need to do something online and I need the school Wi-Fi. It’s not so strong here.” Gentle replied.

“Okay bro, but are you in a hurry?” Roy asked in a serious tone.

“Ermm… No,” Gentle answered, returning the serious tone. “Is there any problem?”

“Nothing really, but Slimmy called.” Roy stated.

Gentle hissed and shook his head, uninterested in any conversation about Slimmy. He tried to move forward but Roy blocked his way.

“You still have not told me what happened between you both, I never heard of you guys quarreling before.” Roy questioned.

“Bro, Slimmy has backstabbed me. It’s not something I wish to talk about, maybe I’ll talk to you about it after I solve it, in my own way.”

“Bro, you gotta let it out to me. You can’t keep it all to yourself,” Roy insisted.

“No, let me take care of Slimmy by myself first. I’ll tell you after I resolve the whole issue.” Gentle maintained.

Roy shook his head at Gentle’s obstinacy. “So you’re planning to resolve the feud with him before you return to the mansion?”

“Who told you I was planning to return there?” Gentle asked nonchalantly and pressed his way forward.

Roy turned back to stop him, “you only told me he took something from you, what did he take from you?”

Gentle turned back, “I’ve given her to already, he can do whatever the f**k he wants with her.”

“Oh!” Roy widened his eyes. “So it’s all about a girl?”

Gentle hissed and without answering the question, proceeded to the living room. He picked up his phone from one of the settees and dipped it into his pocket before walking out of the house.

Roy stared at him as he walked out, wondering if he hadn’t made the wrong choice to accommodate Gentle in his apartment. He wouldn’t want troubles from Slimmy or any other member of the Arch Angels.

Roy had been friends with Slimmy, Gentle and the late Fabio right from their hundred level days. He stayed at the same hostel block with them and he was also in the same department as Slimmy.


**later that evening **

“What’s up love?” Slimmy asked as Hadijat rolled from her seat to his sofa and sat in between. His eyes drifted to her skirt which rolled up and she rested her back on his chest. He licked his lips as he sighted her thighs. Although he wasn’t in a hurry to have her anymore, her whole body still looked very attractive to him.

“I’m good, been missing you all day.” Hadijat said in a romantic tone, taking in a deep breath after.

“Hmm, I see.” Slimmy chuckled and placed a kiss on her forehead after which he wrapped his hands around her body. “How was lectures today?”

“Wonderful, how was yours?” Hadijat replied, turning to look into his face.

“Hmm…” Slimmy gave a sigh, thinking of which answer was appropriate enough for the question since he doesn’t go for lectures frequently.

“You didn’t go?” Hadijat asked, noticing the uneasiness on his face.

“Yes, was busy with some things.” Slimmy answered, still trying to come up with a better lie. Hadijat seemed to him like a responsible girl especially after what happened on his first trial to sleep with her. He only wondered why she was in love with him, he didn’t think she would like or enjoy the kind of life he lived.

“What’s were you busy with?” Hadijat asked with deep concern heard in her voice.

“Ermm… Truth is, I only tried to find Gentle. I haven’t heard from him since he left home that night.”

“What?” Hadijat asked staring blankly at his eyes, she shifted away from his laps and squatted before him, placing her hands on his knees.

“Yeah, he refused to answer my calls nor did he reply any message I sent him personally or through the other guys.” Slimmy spoke in a sad tone.

Hadijat got up and turned her back at Slimmy, she folded her arms and took in a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” she said in a soft voice.

“Huh?” Slimmy got up and stood right behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and made her turn to face him.

“I’m sorry for causing this between you and your brother,” Hadijat said again, her face showed remorse.

“You don’t need to be,” Slimmy rubbed his palms on her face. “It was bound to happen, it wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t love him back.”

Hadijat stared into Slimmy’s eyes still folding her arms, she pouted her lips and blinked her eyes severally. She turned away from Slimmy again. “But you guys have never had a fight until I came in.”

“That’s wrong,” Slimmy cut in. “Really wrong, we use to have disagreements on other issues too.”

“But you’ve been living here for some years now without any issue,” Hadijat insisted. “I hate to be the cause of disagreements or quarrels between friends, talk more of brothers.”

Slimmy remained silent for a while and wrapped his hands around her waist, she turned to face him and kept staring at his face in silence, her eyes blinking in remorse. “You know what? I and Gentle have our way of solving our differences, let’s stop talking about it. It’ll surely pass away.” Slimmy finally spoke, he wasn’t enjoying the tensed atmosphere around them.

Hadijat gave him a kind of “I hope so” look. She placed her palm on his chest, she could feel his heartbeat. To her it felt like his heart was making a drum beat to a popular Nigerian love song, she began to sing the song in her mind to follow the beat of his heart.

As if Slimmy knew what was going on in her mind, he began to move slowly, carrying her along as they danced to the imaginary song. They continued to stare into each other’s eyes for several minutes until Slimmy took a step further. He moved his head closer to hers, their lips were just a centimeter apart. Then she completed the process and their lips intertwined.

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