A New Creation – Chapter 19A

Episode of action story


“Gentle Gentle” Rofiat screamed, running after Gentle who was about to walk into the cafeteria. Gentle heard her calling but intentionally ignored her and proceeded into the cafeteria. Seconds after, Rofiat walked in and sat down opposite Gentle.
“Gentle, why you no kan answer me since wey I don dey call na” Rofiat signalled for one of the waitress to come take their order.
“Rough, I been no hear you. How far” Gentle bringing out his laptop from the bag.
“I dey, so what’s up with you and Slimmy” Rofiat asked but Gentle just raised his face up and stared at her blankly before focusing back on his laptop “See Gentle I know you also love my sister but I can’t decide who and who not to love for her, she isn’t a kid any more”
“So of all people, you allowed her to choose Slimmy who you and I know that he doesn’t love, all he does is screw ladies up and then dump them” Gentle replied in a cold tone still staring into his laptop.
“If that was the case, you know I would never have allowed it to happen”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean ermm I think, it’s like Slimmy has  fallen in love with my cousin for real” Said Rofiat. Gentle pushed away his laptop and cast a gaze on Rofiat, he was about to say something but the waitress that took their orders arrived with their meals. She placed a plate of fried rice in front of Rofiat and a plate of pounded yam and egusi soup in front of Gentle.
“Slimmy that I have known since my childhood days is not capable of loving” Gentle unwrapping the pounded yam and staring into the soup. Mere sight of the soup made him more hungry, he hasn’t had a good meal ever since be moved out of the mansion, he started devouring the food.
“Gentle trust me, Slimmy is in love with my cousin” Rofiat eating her rice slow and steady which is very unlike her tom boyish behaviour. Not only is her eating style different, also her mode of dressing seems different. Gentle had noticed the difference since he spotted her on his way to the cafeteria, she was putting on a feminine blue top and a tight blue jean and complimented it with a pair of black all star shoe. Though she was still without make ups but she looked far more beautiful than when she is wearing a big jean and a masculine shirt.
“Slimmy doesn’t love” Gentle replied with a mouth full of meat.
“And if it happens that he truly love Hadijat!?” Rofiat asked.
“Then I will give them my blessings”
Oj and Halimat sat close to each other on the sofa, they were both enjoying the movie playing on the tv. Halimat has been in his place for a while now, they have been having the best times of their lives. Their love story seems so perfect and sweet, sweeter than any one of them could ever imagine. They seem so compatible that they haven’t even had a single argument or misunderstanding since that night when Oj apologised to her. They seem so engrossed in the movie until they heard a knock on the door.
“Who be that” Oj asked…
“Na me Hercules”
“Enter na” Oj announced.
“Mama ooooh” Hercules hailed Halimat as he entered. “Mama you just be like wine, na everyday you just dey fine dey go”. Halimat just sat there blushing.
“How are you Hercules” Halimat asked with a big smile.
“Mama I for dey fine oh buh na hunger dey everywhere now” Hercules replied as he sat down on one of the chairs.
“Should I serve you something then”
“Haaa na hin you kan dey talk small small, abeg help me oo before hunger kill person for here” Hercules raised his hands into the air to demonstrate his respect and happiness.
“Okay, let me quickly get the food for you” Halimat stood up and walked into the kitchen.
“Mama oooh, who you epp, who you epp, you epp me, you epp me” Hercules sang on as Halimat walked into the kitchen still smiling. Hercules as a young boy spent all his life on the streets before he met a God sent man who decided to send him through school after he realised how brilliant Hercules was. Despite all his involvement with the cult group, he was still one of the most brilliant in his department.
“Hercules how far na” Oj asked after Halimat had left.
“I dey baba but problem sef dey oh” Hercules sitting up and looking serious this time around.
“Wetin happen” Oj inquired.
“The guy wey dey keep weapons for us, hin say one of our guns miss oo” Hercules replied.
“You don yian Small about this?”
“I never tell am yet ooh”
“Call am quickly. Make hin tackle the situation personally” Oj said.
“Ok” Hercules replied as he brought out his phone and was about putting a call through to Small.
“Olboi, go make the call outside na abi you want make this woman hear you ni” Oj said and Hercules went outside immediately.
Halimat walked back from the kitchen with a tray containing a plate of rice and a cup of orange juice.
“Where’s Hercules” Halimat asked as she dropped the tray on the centre table
“He went outside to make a call, he is coming” Oj replied staring at Halimat’s lap lustfully.
“You had better not even think about it, you have had enough for one day” Halimat said to Oj after seeing him staring at her laps.
“How do you even know what I am thinking” Oj laughing.
“Why won’t I know what you are thinking, besides remember Hercules is here so we can’t do anything” Halimat laughing also
“Seems like you really like Hercules yeah?”
“Yes oh, he is very funny and moreover I think he and Small are your closest friends in the frat” Halimat.
“Yeah, they are my personal people, am glad you are getting along with everyone” Oj moving his head closer to Halimat’s head, Halimat also moved her head towards him also but they both jerked back when Hercules opened the door.
“Haaa make una no vex ooh, make I carry my own food before una continue” Hercules rushed to carry the tray on the centre table.
“You can stay and eat your food na” Halimat said.
“Nooo don’t stay oo” Oj countered jokingly.
“Mesef no wan stay before” Hercules rushed out of the house.
“So you are happy now, you this sex addict” Halimat joked.
“Am not addicted to sex, I am addicted to you” Oj joked back as he buried his head in Halimat’s brreast.