A New Creation – Chapter 19B

Episode of action story


Gentle could hear the knock on the door even with the earpiece placed in his ears and the laptop his eyes were fixated on. He took off the earpiece to listen carefully.

“Hey Roy! Where are you?” He heard the person knocking say. He quickly closed up the laptop and got up to his feet, he recognized the voice and he felt it wasn’t time to see him yet. Luckily, Roy came walking towards the door from the room section at that moment.

“Did you tell him I’m around?” He asked Roy.

“Yes,” Roy stated boldly, raising an eyebrow. “Isn’t it time that you guys handle the matter?” Roy was about to continue moving but Gentle stopped him with a palm on his chest.

“I don’t want to see him now, so tell him I’m not around or that I just went out except you wanna see us exchange words and blows.” Gentle said in whispers but in a strong and threatening tone.

“He’s here to make peace and not too fight with you,” Roy insisted adamantly.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Gentle made a threatening eye gesture at Roy and drummed on Roy’s chest with his fingers before walking away.

Roy ignored his warning and proceeded to open the door. However, before the door was opened, Gentle had already walked out of sight.

Slimmy stepped in slowly rolling his car keys in his hands and staring around Roy’s living room.

“Welcome Slimmy,” Roy stepped back after closing the door and spoke to Slimmy with a smile.

Slimmy stared at Roy with a broad smile, shaking his head in surprise at the way he was welcomed. “Homey, what’s the matter with you? Is that how you greet your dude who you’ve not seen in a long while?” He remanded with a chuckle and stretched out his hand to Roy for an handshake and then a hug. “Better,” he laughed and patted Roy on the shoulder.

Roy forced a smile on his face and ushered Slimmy into his living room. He wasn’t really comfortable with hosting Gentle in his house and now Slimmy had come for a visit. Hopefully, Slimmy’s visit would solve the matter and Gentle would return with him back to their mansion.

Had he any choice, he wouldn’t have accepted Gentle in. Not because he didn’t like Gentle or Slimmy, but because of their involvement in cultism. He was always scared when anything about cultism was mentioned. That explains their parting of ways after their hundred level when he had found out that the brothers had joined a cult. He also learnt about Fabio’s initiation too after theirs and he believed that they must have influenced Fabio to join them. Since then, he had tried to distance himself totally from them but still maintained contact with Gentle who was closer to him.

“Wow, Rich boy!” Slimmy commented as he balanced on the settee, still staring at the whole living room. He had always known Roy to be rich, the O.B.O amongst them during their hundred level days. “Is that your girlfriend?” Slimmy asked, pointing at a picture of Roy and a girl framed to the wall.

“No, she’s my only sister.” Roy replied.

“Oh! I see. What school is she in?”

“She schools in North America,” Roy answered.

“Ehen, the chick na Yankee girl. I wan say make you nack me her number before.”Slimmy said before remembering that he now had a girlfriend that he was trying to be faithful to. He shook his head and smiled to himself. Well, there was nothing bad if he played some away games at times, he thought to himself.

“What should I offer you?”

“Hmm… I love the the design of this your apartment, who painted it for you?” Slimmy ignored Roy’s question, pretending like be didn’t hear.

“Thanks, a friend in the Applied arts department,” Roy answered.

“Ermm… And what’s up with all these Bible verses on your walls? Don’t tell me you’ve started going to church.”

“Yes, I’m born again now. I gave my heart to Christ last year.” Roy replied with less enthusiasm, trying to dissuade Slimmy from dwelling on the matter.

“Haha haha!” Slimmy held his belly tight, almost rolling on the floor with laughter.

“What?” Roy asked in an unpleasant tone.

“Oh boy, I know you well o. You no like trouble but at the same time, you no fit do without girls na. I never forget how many girls you smash for our hundred level first semester o,” Slimmy said and added another round of laughter. “All the choir babes for una church don suffer be that.”

Roy had no choice than to join in the laughter. He wasn’t born again yet, neither was he going to church frequently. He actually painted the room in that way because he was trying to impress a beautiful lady who was trying to make him join her church.
“Oya, turn here.” Slimmy said to him, requesting him to back the walls where the Bible verses were. Roy obeyed. “Oya, quote Hebrews eleven verse one for me.”
“Ermm…” Roy stammered and scratched his head for a while. “For God so loved the world, that he gave us only begotten son, that whosoever…” Roy scratching increased as he couldn’t continue.
Slimmy had another long round of laughter. “Oh boy, you even worse pass me self, na Genesis one verse one you dey quote like that.” Slimmy who also did not know the Bible verse fumbled.
“No be Genesis jor,” Roy argued. “I don forget where the thing dey for Bible but no be Genesis.”
“Shut up, no dey argue. You paint 2nd Corinthians five seventeen for your wall and you no know am offhand. You be truly born again,” Slimmy added and laughed briefly again.

The feeling of the old days was now returning to Roy, he was feeling a bit more free with Slimmy now that Slimmy was relating with him on a friendship level. The reason he feared Slimmy and was able to relate with Gentle better was Slimmy’s position in the cult and his more strictness.

“Baba, wetin you wan make I give you?” Roy finally asked after some minutes of laughter.

“Ehen,” Slimmy’s face turned serious, it was time now for his main purpose of coming. “Where’s he?” He asked in whispers.

“In the room.”

“But I didn’t see his car outside.”

“Yes, he didn’t park it here. He doesn’t want you announce of his presence to people.”

“Ehen, can I see him?” Slimmy asked in a serious tone, straightening his shirt as he got up. He scratched his head, kind of regretting all the loud laughter he had been making. He was sure that Gentle must have been listening.

…to be continued