A New Creation – Chapter 20B

Episode of action story

Slim!” Roy waved down Slimmy’s car. Slimmy slowly pulled over to the side and Roy turned back to meet him.

“How did it go?” Roy questioned.

Slimmy sighed and bit his lips before answering, “not too well, Gentle was not ready to listen”

“Eeyah,” Roy heaved a sigh of frustration, partly for Slimmy’s troubles and more for himself who would still have to harbour Gentle in the house. “Well, maybe he needs some time.” Roy added with a shrug.

“I don’t even know what he needs, Gentle is gentle and not as hard as this.” Slimmy said.

“Like I said time will solve it, you know matters of the heart may not be that easy sometimes” Roy said and gently patted Slimmy on the arm, the part of Slimmy’s cloth on his arm rolled up displaying a small Arch Angels tatoo drawn on it. That got Roy and he finally remembered that he was discussing with the leader of the Arch Angels, the fear and reverence returned into his heart. He made a space between himself and the car by taking two steps backward. Slimmy noticed his change in countenance.

“Hey Homey, what’s up?” Slimmy asked with a big smile forming on his face. “Is it this?” He asked, covering back the tatoo. “Fear fear boy.” He said and started the car engine. “Don’t worry, Slimmy is not a bad boy, he only becomes bad to the bad boys.” He shouted before driving off.

Roy stood motionless for a while as he watched Slimmy drive away until he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

“Bro Roy,” he turned towards the direction as he heard the voice call in a pleasant tone. It was Angela, the pretty chick who was always coming to invite him for church services.

“Sister Angela,” Bro Roy replied back pleasantly, trying his best to sound in an “holy brother manner”.

“Good evening sir,” Sister Angela greeted with a broad smile.

“Good evening sister,” Roy replied, feeding his eyes on her body from her head to toe. Although she wasn’t putting on a revealing outfit but the eyes of his mind could penetrate her clothes and see what was laying behind. He started comparing Angela’s beauty with Malia’s, the girl which he just met about an hour ago.

“There’s service this evening by 5pm.”

“Ehen,” Roy squeezed his face and scratched his head. “And what is my concern with the service now?” He wanted to ask but kept it to himself. “I thought it was a leaders meeting that you people have today na?” Roy questioned Angela.

“No, it’s Bible study and it’ll just lasts for an hour.”

“Ehen, but ermm… You said you were going to come follow up on me this week, what happened na?” Roy tried to shift the topic of discussion.

“I should have visited you on Monday but the brother who wanted to accompany me had an emergency to attend to.”

“You wanted to visit me with a brother?” Roy asked, the frown on his face showed his disappointment.

“Yes,” Angela replied, “he’s a very wonderful brother, you’ll like him when you meet him.”

“Oh no, Angela.” Roy objected, wiggling his head. “You know I don’t like all those mean looking usher guys, they never let me sleep off during services.”

“See you… Why should you sleep off during service too? Did you come to sleep in church?” She questioned, looking at him like a small boy who needs discipline. “The ushers are not mean people, they are only helping you to fulfill the purpose of your coming by making sure that you stay awake all through the service.”

“But why is it only the ushering guys that comes to me? Why don’t the ladies ever come?” Roy asked with a serious look on his face, forgetting that he was talking to his crush.

Angela stared at him without replying, she shook her head and sighed.

“No o, sister Angela, it’s not what you’re thinking oh! It’s just that  I believe that their hands would be softer when they try to wake me up. My bones are aching from the pokes and jabs of those guys.”

“They are all trained ushers and none of them would wake you up with a poke or jab.” Angela argued.

Roy sighed, he knew he was never going win the argument. “I just don’t like those guys.”

“Well, the person I wanted to come with is not even an usher, he’s a chorister.”

“Ermm… Do you have to wait for him to be ready?”

“No, but if I must visit you. It must be on a day I’m sure you’re at home.”

“Come on, right now, I’m at home.” Roy eyeballs widened as he tried to lure her. “My house is just a stone’s throw from this place. You can convert this coincidence into visitation.”

“No, we have to… Oh God!” She exclaimed after taking a glance at her wristwatch. “It’s six minutes to five already.”

“Okay,” Roy said and began to walk slowly away, trying to evade her request for him to come to church. A figure suddenly appeared at his front of nowhere, it was Malia, the girl he met earlier.

“Come on brother Roy, let’s go to church first.” Malia said with a wink.

Roy turned to look at Angela’s face, then Malia’s, giving them an accusing look as if they both planned to double cross him.

“Are you a member of the church too?” Angela asked Malia.

“Yes but I just joined, Malia replied with a smile. “I want to pick someone from that house.” Malia said pointing to a fenced compound a few metres away. “Make sure brother Roy goes with you.”

“Okay,” Angela said and waved Malia bye. She held Roy by the hand and drew him back. “Brother Roy, your dress is good enough, there’s no need to go home and change.”

“I’m going home to do something else not to change,” Roy stuttered.

“And does that mean you won’t be in church today?” Angela queried.

“I will come and join you later,” Roy said.

“No, you can’t come later. It’s a short meeting, let’s go now.” Angela insisted and began to pull him along with her, the fingers of her palm intertwined with his as they went.

He scratched his head and continued to follow in confusion. He was enjoying the fact that she was pulling him now and her body was very close to his, although he didn’t feel like going for the meeting. He took a glance at the direction which Malia took and let out a deep breath.


After speaking with Rough, Gentle began to pace around the living room slowly, thinking of the next step to take. He was now sure that Slimmy was in love with Hadijat but he was still angry with Slimmy and unwilling to return to the Arch Angel’s mansion yet. For some reason, he began to reminisce about the past.

He recalled his younger days with Slimmy as primary school students. How simple life was and how close they were. He remembered how people used to shower then gifts when they found out that they were a twin. He recalled their secondary school days too, the years of their sports and entertainment victories, they achieved more in sports, girls and games more than they did in their academics. Then he recalled their early university days as normal guys with Fabio and Roy, life was less complicated until they joined the Angels.

He also remembered how he met with Hadijat, that slap she had dished out to him, how Slimmy was pained by his ordeal and wanted to take her life immediately if not for his pleas, now it was the same girl who had come in between them.


Three men wearing an all black attire stepped into Fabio’s compound through the gate, they began to march forward towards Roy’s door. Tied around their elbows and foreheads were handkerchiefs which showed the white Tigers symbol.

“The dude is home alone, let’s drain out life from him like a dog.” The one who seemed to be the leader of the group whispered to the others as they got to the entrance. They hid their weapons in their back pockets and knocked on the door.

“Roy?” Gentle called from inside the house. He proceeded to open the door immediately, wanting to quarrel with Roy for setting him up with Slimmy. “Guy you mess up today, big time!” He said as he got to the door and began to unlock it with the key.

…to be continued

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