A New Creation – Chapter 22B

Episode of action story



It took him some few more seconds before he could open his eyes with so much quivering and trembling. Then he saw lifeless Gentle with the eyes widely opened and blood dripping out from several places in the body.
Slimmy fell down to his knees and gave a loud cry. A cry which echoed round the building and street and could be heard reverberating around the whole city.
He sustained the cry until he lost all his breath, he then fell on the floor right beside his brother.

“Gentle Noooo” He screamed again.
Nazaretha who was also sitting down right beside Gentle’s lifeless body was shedding tears uncontrollably, his phone has been ringing repeatedly, different members of the arch angels has been calling him but he refused to pick any of their calls. His eyes were soaked in tears, he sobbed like a little child. Slimmy on the other hand had ran out of breath, he tried to scream again but his vocal cord couldn’t produce any form of sound anymore, his red eyes popped out but a drop of tears was not in his eyes. He laid his dead brother’s head on his laps while he sat on the floor, in a split second he was lost in thoughts, his mind travelled back in time to when He and Gentle were little kids, he remembered as they used to do the pillow fights, the days when they used to do the police and thief game. He remembered their first day in high school, how one of their classmates tried to bully him and how Gentle stood up for him as they both fought and defeated the bully together, he remembered how they used to be the best sports students right from the beginning through to the very end of their secondary school. How they both got admitted in the university, how happy and proud they made their parents when they got into the university, he remembered the countless fights they have both fought and won together. At that moment he felt guilty for Gentle’s death, if only he had not decided to date the same girl his brother had eyes for, if only he had not allowed Gentle pack out of the mansion, if only he had instructed some of their boys to watch over Gentle, if only he had been a good brother which Gentle was to him till the very end, Slimmy screamed again after he noticed he had gathered enough strength, He roared again, a roar of pain, a roar of agony, a roar of regret, a roar of vengeance.
Rofiat parked her car as she saw the Arch Angels bus Parked right in front of her, she dropped down and rushed to them.
“What’s up guys, where dem Slimmy and Gentle dey?” She asked no one in particular.

“We never know ooh, None of dem dey pick their call” One of the guys replied.

“Even Nazaretha sef no pick call, and na the area wey hin tell me be this” Rofiat
“Na the same thing hin tell us too na, buh him no tell us the particular house abi make we begin dey burst all the houses for this area” the guy replied again.
“Make we still wait small, if we no kan hear from them then we might start bursting all the houses”  Rofiat was about to turn back to go and park her car very well when they started hearing Slimmy’s roar. Without telling each other, they all rushed inside the house that the noise was coming from. They charged in with trigger ready guns only to find Slimmy and Nazaretha sitting down on the ground, Rofiat walked closer to them and saw Gentle’s body on the ground with bullet wounds.
“Is he dead?” She asked.

When she saw how Nazaretha was sobbing and how Slimmy’s eyes were red shot, she answered the question herself.
“He is dead” Rofiat said and immediately she felt that her legs couldn’t take the weight of her body anymore, she fell to the ground landing on her elblow, it was a loud thud but she couldn’t feel the pain, she couldn’t feel anything, her hands, her legs, her head, she she couldn’t feel anything. She was filled with regrets, she didn’t even get a chance to tell him how he felt about him, she had fallen in love with Gentle ever since she joined the Arch angels, she had always loved him all this while, she just didn’t tell him because she was waiting for Gentle to love her back, she didn’t tell him because of pride and now she will regret it all her life. If she had told him how she felt about him a long time ago, Gentle might have accepted to date her then Gentle wouldn’t have fallen in love with Hadijat, Gentle wouldn’t have been mad at his brother for loving Hadijat , he wouldn’t have had a course to leave the mansion where no one could have attacked him. If she had told Gentle how she felt then Gentle would still be alive, Rofiat cried profusely. The rest of the guys also couldn’t hold back the tears, they were all in shock and pain, they never saw Gentle as their leader, they saw him as a friend, he was the one they always approached if they needed Slimmy to do something for them, Gentle never saw them as his boys, he saw them as his brothers, he treated them with love and Respect. Gentle’s death brought down a cloud of sadness, everybody stayed mute until one of the boys saw something strange right under the centre table, he moved closer and picked up a gun wrapped in an handkerchief, he then walked towards Slimmy.
“Boss” He called out.
Slimmy raised his head slowly and saw the guy holding a gun wrapped in an handkerchief in his hands.
“Where did you get that from” Slimmy asked.
“I saw it under the table there” the guy pointed towards where he picked the gun “I think the attackers forgot this” He added as he handed over the gun to Slimmy.
“White Tigers” Slimmy said in a calm tone “White tigers killed my brother”

Everybody looked at Slimmy as he gently laid his brother’s head on the floor, he rose up slowly with the gun still in his hands.

“I will kill all the white tigers, I will start with the lowest ranked member and end with their capon, I will kill all of them, I will Kill everybody, heads will roll, I will kill every single one of them or my name Is not Slimmy” Slimmy still speaking softly.