A New Creation – Chapter 2B

Episode of action story

“OJ!” Screw hailed.
“Baba!” OJ hailed back, raising his fists in the air in salutation. Screw was seated on a thick leather sofa, the only one that could be seen there while OJ was standing at his front. There were leather benches arranged by the side of the walls while the sofa Screw was sitting on was in the middle. The arrangement made it obvious that the place was one of the meeting venues for the White Tigers. The walls were painted white but disfigured with several scary drawings such as skulls, skeletons, slaughtered human heads and so many others.
“I just keep getting angry when I catch a glimpse of those Arch Angel boys gallivanting everywhere” Screw said.
“Baba, you asked us to relax first and that’s what we’re doing. If not for what you said…” OJ paused and made a gesture with his hands, hitting his fists on his head softly to show that he was reading for a fight. “We should have sent those boys to hell”
“Yeah… I have a reason” Screw said calmly. With the way his face looked gentle and spoke calmly, one would never think that Screw could be the leader of the white tigers. Except for few people who were highly ranked tigers, other cult members had never seen his face, it was always veiled when he had a meeting with them. The only thing that didn’t look gentle about him was his huge muscles, his body was like that of a weight lifter, a product of constant gyming and exercise. “I know that the Arch Angels are still celebrating their stupidity and that’s what I want them to keep doing for now. My plan is not just to retaliate El Salam’s death but to teach them a strong lesson and let them know who the Boss is”
“Baba, when should we start?” OJ asked, sounding impatient to begin the bloodshed.
“We have to plan. Call Coded and ask him where he is” Screw ordered.
OJ took out his phone and did as he was told. “He’ll be here in three minutes time” he reported to Screw.
“Okay, let him come”
Coded walked into the lounge in three minutes time like he had told OJ. “Baba, your faithful boy is here” he saluted as he moved close to the Boss. He was the second in command to Baba. He was a slim guy like Slimmy of the Arch Angels but he was shorter and darker, he also had a round stern face.
“Coded” Screw hailed back. “The death that lives it’s victim’s spirit ever sorry to come across him”
“I’m loyal Baba” Coded said as gave OJ a handshake.
“You guys should shift the seats closer” Screw gestured with his hand. They obeyed and sat close to him, at his front.
“It’s high time to take over this school, it’s time to let the people know who is supreme” Screw began. “The Arch Angels dropped El Salam who was a committed tiger, they came looking for our trouble first. But I saw it as something more than a trouble seeking challenge, I saw it as an insult. You know why? They don’t know who is the Boss yet, we’ve not established the fact that we are their fathers. And like I said to you both before, I’m not seeking just to revenge the death of El Salam, I want them to totally concede defeat. I want to render them helpless till they confess to the whole world that we are not their mates in this campus or anywhere else. That’s the reason why I didn’t ask you to retaliate El Salam’s death immediately, I wanted to plan. Now we would do that first, we would avenge El Salam’s death by taking one of their strongest or possibly their leader Host, that’ll announce to them what they are in for. I have my plans on how we’ll take them out one after the other, we’ll go for their top members.” Screw paused to look at their faces.
“Now I want to listen to the ideas that you people have”
Slimmy threw the face towel on the bed as he walked into his brother’s room. Gentle was lying on the bed, his knees raised and his phone placed on his chest, his eyes were wide open. Slimmy took a look at Gentle who didn’t seem to notice he had entered. He turned back to the hanger and began to search through Gentle’s clothes. He selected an Arsenal FC Jersey and shorts and dropped it on the bed, he began to take off the shirt he was putting on.
It was after Slimmy had finished changing into the Jersey that Gentle looked up. Slimmy was about to leave the room.
“Slimmy, what are you doing?” Gentle sat up looking surprised.
“What else?” Slimmy took a glance at him. “I’m borrowing my younger brother’s Jersey”
“No o Slimmy, I want to put on that Jersey on the championship finals day” Gentle objected.
“Hehe, the same finals in which they would flog you blue black?” Slimmy gave a slight chuckle. He picked the trouser he had taken off from the floor and began to fold it.
“We cannot lose that match but even if we lose, at least we got to the finals this year, you guys didn’t even qualify”
“It’s better not to qualify at all than to be disgraced at the finals” Slimmy wrapped up and began to proceed to the door.
“Slimmy you go buy another Jersey ni o” Gentle shouted as it was obvious that his brother wasn’t going to take it off.
“Wait” Slimmy paused at the door and turned back to face Gentle. “Are you not coming to play football?”
“No” Gentle answered and laid back.
“Okay, I should go?” Slimmy gestured by opening the door as if to walk out. He closed it back.
“Go now, or you need your elder brother to follow you to the field again?” Gentle teased.
Slimmy moved closer to the bed with a surprise look on his face, he couldn’t believe that Gentle was allowing him put on his new and adored Jersey to the field. “Wait, what were you thinking when I was putting on Jersey that you didn’t see me until I was done?”
“Nothing? And you allowed me put on your favorite Jersey?”
“Wait” Gentle sat up again. “Why was it even this Jersey you chose? Why didn’t you pick any of the old ones?”
“I didn’t plan to pick it, I only wanted to disturb you and get you out of bed. I thought you would stand up and hustle for the Jersey when I selected it but you didn’t even notice until I finished putting it on. Even after you noticed, you are not fighting for it like I expected you”
“Haha” Gentle laughed loudly. “So Na trouble you just wan find with the Jersey abi? You wanted me to force you to pull it?”
“Don’t divert the matter jor, what were you thinking?” Slimmy placed a foot on the bed as he stared at his brother’s face.
“Nothing” Gentle laid back again.
“Okay o, keep thinking nothing.” Slimmy shrugged and turned back to the door. “Just be assured that the Jersey would be in pieces before I return” Slimmy said before closing the door.
“Heyy! Slimmy, don’t try it o!” Gentle sat up and shouted in response to Slimmy’s threat.
He took in a deep breath as he was left alone in the room again. He laid back on the bed. He couldn’t just stop thinking about her, Hadijat. Her face had been popping into his mind all day, he wished he had taken her phone number. But there was no problem, he could always get in touch with her through Rough, her cousin.
…to be continued