A New Creation – Chapter 4a


“Don’t I have a choice to choose who I roll with on campus anymore” Hadijat said almost shouting.

“Yes you have lost that opportunity since you stopped using your sense to select who and who not to roll with” Rofiat replied in a much calmer tone than that of Hadijat’s.

“But when you made the choice to join whatever and do whatever you did, nobody stopped you” Hadijat spoke again still on top of her voice.

“And that was because I had no one to curb me and I will never open my eyes and watch you my younger ones to thread on the same path that destroyed my life, one more word from you right there and I will teach you the lesson of your life” Rofiat roared and the whole house was filled with terror, she has never lost her cool with her sisters like this before. Halimat who was astonished at how angry Rofiat got just stayed silent as they both watched her pick up her car keys and left the house. It took Halimat some few more seconds before she could hear Hadijat sobbing.

“Am sorry” Halimat said softly to Hadijat after minutes of silence between them “We just don’t want you to make any mistakes, you know you are like a sister to us” she paused as Hadijat raised her eyebrows after she mentioned the word Sister.

“So now am like a sister to you ?” Hadijat asked sarcastically. “Yes you are like a sister to us” Halimat replied her.

“Stop saying that already, you girls are my sisters, my only sisters” Hadijat said as she moved to the couch where Halimat was seating. “Am sorry sis, I shouldn’t have argued with you and Rofiat because of some dude” she whispered into Halimat’s ear as they hugged each other. “It’s okay sister, it happens sometimes” Halimat whispered back. At that moment Hadijat phone beeped and she went to grab her phone and saw a whatsapp message popped in from a number that wasn’t saved on her contact.

‘hello beautiful’ she read the message to herself barely audibly. She chose not to reply until she was sure about who sent the message, she clicked on the profile picture and after loading for some seconds, the picture finally popped out showing Gentle and Slimmy’s faces, both standing closely at that same spot they used to chill at, her heart melted as she saw the smile on Slimmy’s face in the picture, after lot of staring, she exited the picture and went to read the status message of the profile.

“My name is Gentle… but am not a Gentleman…” was the status message on the profile.

“Hey” she decided to reply the message after lots of considerations.

“How are you dearie, hope you got home on time” she read out again and was about to reply when Halimat called her from the kitchen. “Am good and I did,thanks but I have to go now, chat later” she scribbled and rushed to the kitchen.


“Guy, guy give me my phone oo” Gentle shouted as he pursued Slimmy around the house.

“Give fire, you dey craze, you just believe say you fit just dey press your phone make you dey laugh alone abi” Slimmy protested as he keeps running haphazardly in the house trying to avoid being apprehended by his brother.

“Wetin concern you if I dey laugh now, na your mouth I dey carry laugh” Gentle

“Tell me who you dey chat with wey dey make you smile” Slimmy said. They kept on running after each other till they both got exhausted and Gentle decided to settle down on the sofa while Slimmy stood close to the door staying at alert in case Gentle wants to come for the phone, he kept on drawing different patterns to unlock the phone. He was about drawing the third pattern when Gentle rushed towards him and he also rushed towards the door which was flipped opened suddenly, it made Slimmy bump into the person at the door, he was angry at the person that just opened the door so suddenly, he turned around to see who it was and was shocked to see who was at the door. Gentle had stopped charging towards him earlier after seeing who was at the door, he just froze on his feet.

“Host” Slimmy stammered as he stared into the huge figure standing right in front of him, For some seconds, Host stood at the door and kept looking from Slimmy to Gentle and then back to Slimmy, he was looking at them with some sort of disappointment and disgust in his eyes.

“The white tigers are planning day and night about how to take over the campus and here you are, both of you playing hide and seek, such an exhibition of leadership attributes from the both of you” Said Host as he shoved Slimmy aside and walked into the living room majestically. “Where’s everyone” he asked.

“They should be at our hangout” Slimmy replied.

“The leaders are playing hide and seek and their boys are hanging out when the enemies are planning their downfall day and night” Said Host emphasising the ‘day and night ‘. He paused and looked around the house, he then walked slowly to the fridge and brought out a bottle of beer.

“Go and get everyone for an emergency meeting, and when I mean everyone, I mean your inner circus only, don’t go and bring fu<k boys here if you are sure you don’t want to pack dead bodies out of here at the end of the day” Host threatened but it’s not actually a threat because sometimes ago when they were having a meeting, he shot at two guys who gave him wrong suggestions. One died immediately and one lost his right arm, no one has heard from him ever since he was dumped at an hospital far from the university, some even concluded that he was dead already.

Immediately he gave out the order, Slimmy and Gentle walked out of the house and went ahead to carry out his orders as swiftly as they could