A New Creation – Chapter 4B

Episode of action story

In a matter of few minutes, Slimmy, Gentle, Nazaretha, Kong and Fabio were assembled before Host in the living room. He kept a straight face as he waited for them to position themselves rightly. A moment of silence was observed for no definite reason.
Host looked up and stared at their faces, one after the other, looking them in the eyeball. His silence was beginning to make them feel uncomfortable. Whenever he was silent for so long like that, it means that someone or some people could be killed. And that was exactly what was on Host’s mind. He wanted to vent his anger on one of them, that’s why he was staring at each of them, looking for the one whose face would show as little as a glint of unseriousness or playfulness. But unluckily for him and luckily for them, they all had their faces down with all seriousness.
“What do you guys think you are doing?” He began to talk at last. All the guys heaved a sigh of relief, making the sigh only loud enough to themselves. “You initiated a fight and you’re all resting? You think the white tigers wouldn’t bounce back?”
He paused to look at their faces, one after the other again. There was no reply, neither was there any movement or sound from the boys. They were all determined not to do anything to aggravate his anger.
“Who led the boys to drop El Salam?” He asked. This time, his question got responses immediately from everyone of them except Slimmy. None of them had talked but only moved their gazes and fixed them on Slimmy.
“I did,” Slimmy answered, in a low tones. His head still bowed.
“Why did you drop him? And why didn’t you tell me you had an intention of doing something like that, even if the boy wronged you?” Host asked multiple questions.
Slimmy raised up his head a little, he caught a glimpse of Host’s fiery eyeballs and quickly face down again. “I had no intention of… ” he paused and cleared his throat softly. “We had no intention of wasting the guy, were only on a patrol when he walked into our way”
“What patrol?”
“We wanted to disrupt some tests going on in the faculty. We had no intention of dropping him but he claimed to be stubborn, so we had no choice”
“So why didn’t you tell me after it happened?” Host barked.
“Host” Slimmy looked up a little and met Host’s gaze. “We didn’t think it was necessary to involve you in such petty matters”
“You call something that involves El Salam petty?” Host stared at them in surprise. “C’mon, El Salam is one of their major hitmen and dropping an hitman is not something petty. It is sure for them to make a counter attack.”
There was another two minutes of silent stares and sighs. “What have we done to prepare for their counter attack?” Host barked again suddenly. “You guys are hanging around and jumping about like puppies, while the predators are plotting your death. Or don’t you know you guys will be their main targets? We need to tighten up our house now. I think this is the right opportunity to finally take over this campus and put the white tigers where they belong; under our feet.” He said and jumped to his feet.
“We’ll return for a crucial meeting in thirty minutes time, consider yourself gone if I don’t meet you here.” Host said before storming out of the place.
The guys stared at each other silently, they knew better than to leave the venue for the meeting. When Host warns that he should meet you when he returns, he doesn’t mean in thirty minutes when the meeting was supposed to start, he could return two minutes after he gave the word and melt out his punishment even though it wasn’t time for the meeting.
“Baba, I just got information that Host is around and he’s having an inner circus meeting with his boys,” OJ said to Screw as he walked into the dining area where Screw was seated.
“Welcome to him,” Screw said with a scorn. Drawing some liquid from tube into the syringe. The upper part of his arm was already tightened to reveal the veins through which he would inject the liquid. OJ remained quiet for a while as watched his leader fix the syringe into the vein and inject the substance. Screw exhaled deeply after the contents of the syringe had been emptied into his arm. He covered the syringe needle and dropped it on the table.
He relaxed back into his seat, the sweat on his forehead multiplied rapidly. He took off his shirt and hung it on the chair arm, revealing his well built muscles and chest.
“Boss,” OJ mentioned calmly, trying to figure out if his leader was now in the right mood to talk.
Screw sat up. “So Host is back?”
“And he’s making plan with his boys?”
“That shouldn’t be something of concern to us,” Screw said as he got up to stretch. “We are not their mates. No matter how much cockroaches plan, they can never win the tigers in a battle.” He said and began to walk away from the dining, towards a room. OJ followed slowly behind.
Even Screw didn’t believe his words, he knew that the Angels were hard to defeat but he had to talk tough. Also he had set some structures in place that’ll help them defeat the Angels.
“I gave you the job of strengthening the juniors” Screw suddenly turned and said to OJ.
“Yes Baba, I’ve done that and I’m still doing it” he said. “The boys are ready to kill anybody killable, even if it’s their mothers”
Screw chuckled at OJ’s boldness. Not that he disbelieved OJ’s ability to carry out the assignment but the thought of the boys killing ready to kill their mothers made him chuckle.
Screw turned back and continued walking, he got into the room and waited for OJ to enter before he closed it. The room wasn’t really owned by anyone but was always been used by Screw, it was the room they hid hostages anytime they had one.
The bedroom was in disorder. There were clothes ; shirts, trousers and mostly ladies underwear; hanging around everywhere, on the TV, fan, mattress and even the window curtains. The clothes were for everybody but owned by nobody. There were metal weapons everywhere too, daggers, cutlasses, axe; several of them on the mattress and on the floor.
Screw walked to the clothes hanger and pushed aside some clothes hung there. He removed the pin from a paper pinned to the wall and took the paper, he stared into it for a while.
“We will use STT 103 for our first strike” he said still looking into the paper. OJ understood what he meant by the code and nodded in reply, muttering yes softly.
Screw carefully detached a little part from the paper and handed it over to OJ. “Our signature must be on every body we drop.”
OJ collected the tiny piece and stared into it. “STT 103…” OJ muttered as he suddenly remembered something. He took a quick glance at Screw’s face. The strategy Screw has asked them to use for the first attack would involve them doing it outside the campus and carrying their attack on the head of the group.
…to be continued

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