A New Creation – Chapter 6B


By Young C.
Host was squatting behind the fence and peeping through the space between the gate and the wall. It was in a large compound of an abandoned uncompleted building which was his hideout in that area, unknown to any other person. His car was parked inside the compound. It was just a few hundred metres away from Adesuwa’s house, at the opposite side. From there, he would be able to see anyone or group that comes out of her house and anyone going to the urban centre as the opposite route leads to rural areas.
Host dialed Suwa’s number but she wouldn’t answer her calls, maybe she was really experiencing an attack and couldn’t pick up her calls. No. He argued with himself, what was he even thinking? The strength she used in typing the message would have been enough for her to get to where she kept the other inhalers. He was aware that she always kept them at easily accessible places. It was definitely a trap set for him, he knew. But his love for her kept him in a state of panic and unrest, making him not to be able to think straight.
He couldn’t imagine what was going to happen to her if she was in the hands of his enemies. He felt cold all over his body as his bladder suddenly became full. This was the second time in his life that he was as scared as this. Nothing else of course could make him so scared, not even a bullet on its way into his skull, he wasn’t afraid to die himself but what he couldn’t stand to see was the death of his second love. He felt like going back to the house but that was a stupid idea. He decided on the next best option. He took out his phone and dialed Slimmy’s number.
The call was answered in few seconds. “Slimmy, call for two other people to join you. Meet me at 42/6 Denril Crescent immediately. Fully armed!” He ordered.
His body shook in fear as he ended the call, he had just heard something like a gunshot. It sounded somewhat close, approximately from the same distance as Adesuwa’s house. He felt adrenaline rush through his veins as his whole body trembled. He got up and rushed out of the gate.
He quickly bent down as he saw a guy in the Tiger’s uniform come out from Adesuwa’s compound. Fortunately for him, the guy was looking in the other direction. He crawled back in through the gate and returned to his former position.
He was so impatient this time as he waited for them to pass. Soon, he could hear a vehicle driving roughly down the road. He peeped and saw the bus they had brought. He heard them hauling curse words and mentioning his name loudly as they drove away.
He came out to see if their vehicle was completely out of sight before he entered back into the compound, opening the gate widely. He rushed into his car and drove out, he couldn’t wait to close back the gate.
“Gentle!” Slimmy barked loudly as he flung open the door. Gentle’s earphone was plugged into his ear, so he didn’t hear how Slimmy had called his name. But with manner at which Slimmy opened the door and with the way he was sweating, he could deduce that something was wrong. He pulled out his earphone and sat up.
“Get your metal, we are going to meet Capon at Denril Crescent now,” Slimmy ordered and barged out of the room.
Gentle knew better than to ask questions. Slimmy never orders him around except he had been ordered too. This time, Slimmy wasn’t his brother anymore but was functioning in the office of the cult’s second in command.
He quickly bent down and pulled out a revolver under his bed. He also pulled out a metal container which contained bullets and began to load his gun.
“Gentle, where are you?” He could hear Slimmy call out from outside. His door opened again and Kong came in, staring at him with a warning look not to delay.
He met the door standing ajar as he got to the entrance of her house. He pulled out his pistol from his back pocket and cocked it, he walked in carefully and tactically, to meet no one except the lifeless body of Adesuwa. A bullet hole was in her forehead. He dropped down to his knees, his heart was torn apart. His whole body felt weak and lifeless, his lips trembled and his hands and legs were vibrating.
He sat on his hind legs and dragged her body closer to himself. He rubbed his fingers around the bloody hole on her forehead. He tried to cry but tears would not come out of his eyes. His body was vibrating all over as he used his hand to cover her opened eyes. His mind flashed back to the day he met her.
It was in his second year, she joined them as a direct entry student. That was seven months after he had killed his first love with his own hands, he had vowed not to fall in love again but she was simply irresistible. The way she took her steps, the way she talks, her beauty and her brilliance in class. Everything about her was attractive. After observing her in silence for two weeks after the resumption, he felt he would die if he did not speak to her.
He went close to her after lectures one day and acted like he did not understand the just concluded lecture, asking her to explain it to him since she was the only student that was bold enough to correct the lecturers mistakes during the lecture. She recognized him as the jovial rapper in the class who always thrilled the class to us funny lyrics at lecture free periods. Due to his jovial and seemingly harmless nature, most of his course mates were not aware of his affiliation with a cult. Also as a younger cultist, he wasn’t allowed to roll with the bigger guys on campus. He could only greet them from afar. Nobody except his hostel mates who weren’t necessary his course mates began to suspect with his attitude of always going out at midnights.
She willingly agreed and settled down to teach him before leaving for her hostel. Some students who knew Host began to murmur loudly as they exited the hall. Most of them were aware of Host’s intelligence as he came out as of the best students in their first year. Some of his guys even tapped him on the back and voiced out their encouragement loudly for him to continue his wooing plot but Adesuwa ignored their remarks and continued to teach him. She only stopped after she noticed he wasn’t looking at the book but at her lips. She politely excused herself and left the class.
After few months of being friends, he professed his love to her just before they began the first semester examination. To his surprise she agreed immediately. That was the first day they shared a kiss. Their relationship continued well for sometime. It was until the second week during the second semester examinations that the troubles started. He had began to grow in rank in the cult, he was already their second major hitman. They began to demand more from him.
Up until this time, he tried to hide his relationship with her from them and their relationship with him from her. He was aware that when some of the leaders gets to develop interest in a girl when they find out that their junior was dating her. But as things began to get more complicated, she began to see him with the guys already labeled as dangerous on campus. She also met them on several occasions in his room. She began to seriously question him and even avoid him sometimes.
He finally confessed to her three weeks after that resumed in the third year. She was heartbroken and became afraid of him. But she couldn’t leave him, she was already so much into him. She pleaded with him to leave the cult but he explained to her that it would mean death for him and it wasn’t an option.
Three months and arguing and fighting on it, she finally decided to stay after a nasty event. She had gotten into trouble with a member of another cult and ran to him for help. After saving her by taking the lives of two people in the other cult, she had no choice than to stay with him. Since then, their love grew stronger and stronger defeating all opposition and overcoming all challenges. Host vowed to protect her with his life and never allow anything happen to her or her siblings in school.
Host’s eyes was bloodshot, his heartbeat could be heard loudly in the quiet house. He stared her face once more and kissed her lips for the last time before he dropped her body. He saw a paper on the table, it contained the White Tigers signature, the signature was drawn with her blood as the ink. He picked up the paper and turned it to the back, he began to scribble something on it.
The door flung open.