A New Creation – Chapter 7A

Episode of action story

Denril Crescent is known for it’s  peace and serenity owing to the fact that most cult members didn’t really frequent the neighbourhood, it served as home to the fragile and cowards, densely populated by females, the female were regarded to as the fragile while the few males staying around there are generally regarded as cowards. Reverse was the peace and tranquillity case on that particular day when a gunshot was heard in broad daylight, after the gunshot some of them that had enough courage managed to peep through their windows and saw a white bus filled with armed men who were obviously cult members, things got worse when they saw the arrival of some guys in their greet jacket and green beret, at that moment they knew trouble has fallen upon their neighbourhood.

Host’s eyes was bloodshot, his heartbeat could be heard loudly in the quiet house. He stared at her  face once more and kissed her on the for the last time before he dropped her body. He saw a paper on the table, it contained the White Tigers signature, the signature was drawn with her blood as the ink. He picked up the paper and turned it to the back, he began to scribble something on it.
“>The door flung opened but he didn’t take his gaze and concentration away from what he was scribbling, maybe he was sure that it was his boys that barged in or he just honestly didn’t mind or care anymore, he just lost the moon of his life, the only lady that has managed to keep him sane, the only lady that set boundaries for him, his only hope, his Adesuwa.

, what happened here” Slimmy asked in order to announce their arrival. Host still didn’t turn to face them, instead he squeezed the paper he was writing on and threw it to Slimmy, Slimmy bent down to pick it up and then read the contents after unfolding it, he first read what Host wrote on it before flipping to the other side ‘The white tigers’ he said barely audibly but audible enough for everyone in the room to hear. Slimmy looked round and read the expression on Gentle and Kong’s faces, he could barely make a note out of what they were feeling inside of them, because he was the only one that knew Adesuwa as Host’s girlfriend, he was the only one that Host told about his relationship with Adesuwa so he could relate to why Gentle and Kong didn’t understand what was going on, he alone knew the kind of anger and pain Host was feeling inside of him.< ‘Bull’s eye’ Host said after a long period of silence, they all adjusted after hearing Host’s voice. ‘They struck me where it hurt the most, I must give that to them’ He continued with a smile and a much calmer voice and then kept quiet again ‘ Adesuwa’ he roared as he stood up to face them, fear gripped all of them when they saw the anger in his eyes, never before have they seen him that angry. ‘Let the angel’s in heaven keep the gates opened because many more are going to die along with my Adesuwa’ he roared out again in a thunderstorm voice and then snatched away the Berreta Model 12 sub machine gun from Slimmy’s hand, he then proceeded outside the gate and started shooting vigorously into the air making sure he wasted the 32 round magazine. Slimmy, Kong and Gentle just stayed behind the gate staring at him with all intense, they knew better than trying to stop him, it was even better for them that he was only shooting into the air. After several minutes of madness, Host came to a halt and then proceeded into his car and drove off, Slimmy, Gentle and Kong also rushed into the car they came with and hastily drove away behind him. ________ ‘How far’ Oj asked as Small led the expedition team back into the crib as they usually call the uncompleted building where they sometime hang out. ‘He almost fell into the trap but he changed his mind at the last minute and escaped’ Small replied Oj who was sitting on a piece of block gulping down his codeine mixed with lacasera. “The bas***d no wan die” Oj laughing mysteriously “So na as una go na hin una take come ?” “Nope, we couldn’t just waste our time without relaying a message for him na” Small replied. “So which kain message una leave? “ “We killed his girlfriend” “His girlfriend?” Oj asked almost shouting this time around but immediately tried to conceal his fears with a smile so as not to pass across the message of being a coward to his subordinates. “Yea Oj, his girlfriend” Small replied Now that’s trouble Oj thought to himself as he gulped down all the contents in the bottle and then threw the empty bottle against the wall. “Now the war has begun, it’s time to show them why we are called the tigers, send a message to all our members immediately”. _________ “Why don’t you just try and give the poor dude a chance Halima, it’s high time you gave a relationship a trial, you are not getting any younger” “See who is teaching me relationship stuffs o, you this small Hadijat of yesterday, what do you even know about relationships” “You might be older than me but you know very well that I have got more experience than you in this aspect” “I hear you o Madam Experience ” Halimat teased and they both laughed. “Does that mean Yes?” “Nah but at least I will give it some thoughts for now” “That’s my beautiful cousin” Hadijat ran to the couch where Halimat was resting on and then placed a peck on her cheeks, Halimat phone started ringing and then she picked it up. “Hello Rofiat” “Where are you Halimat” “Where else should I be” “My Friend answer me, do you think am joking” “Am at home now” Halimat replied after hearing the seriousness in Rough’s voice “Where is Hadijat” “She is right here with me, what’s the problem Rofiat” “You guys shouldn’t go out of for no reason please and make sure you lock the doors and the gate, am not coming home tonight” “What’s happening Rofiat” “An open war is about to kick start between The white tigers and the arch angels, am sure you know how bloody it  gets whenever those two are at war with each other” Rough explained. “Okay sister, we won’t go out” “Cool, goodnight” “Okay goodnight” Halimat was about dropping the phone but then decided against it “Rofiat, please be careful” “I will” Rough replied and the call was terminated.

Halimat explained what Rough just told her to Hadijat, she(Hadijat) seemed more worried about the situation, all she could think of was if Slimmy will survive the war, she prayed for him in her