A New Creation – Chapter 8A

Episode of action story

The Arch Angel mansion was filled to the brim with mean looking people, mostly of boys with a couple of girls, they were all in green outfits. Some were sitted while most of them were on their feet, they all looked fierce and dangerous as some were clinging to different types of ammunitions, some were holding on to lethal weapons like Axe, dagger and many more. They were all busy whispering to each other but suddenly the murmurs stopped as Host entered into the compound closely followed by Slimmy who was also holding a shotgun.

“On the bad news department, the tigers have stepped on my toes, they have kicked the storm in my face but this disgrace and embarrassment is not meant for me alone, if I as your Capon is being disgraced then it simply means that we have all been disgraced, it simply means we are not living up to our names. We are not just called The Arch Angels for no reason, it’s because we are supreme” Host paused to stare around to see if they were all following his pep talk keenly, after screening all their faces briefly he continued. “Now on the good news department, I am glad to tell you that it’s time for us to show them who is in charge of this deck, it’s time to show them who the why we are called the Arch Angels, it’s time for you to prove to yourself and others that you are worthy to be a member of this fraternity” He paused again as cheers and noises rocked the house, he was happy that the pep talk was raising their morale as they all cheered and roared loudly.

“But we have to be extra careful” He continued “They know we are coming, they are waiting for us to strike but let’s  show them that we are facing them head on, that even if they are waiting for us to come attack them, they won’t still believe what’s about to hit them.. Let’s Show them that we are the Arch Angels…” He walked inside the immediately he finished talking and left all of the members cheering loudly outside in the compound. After a long session of cheering, Slimmy signalled for them to be quiet which they all obliged.

“We will launch our attack in the early hours of tomorrow and we will be attacking in the 2 to 1 formation, I repeat 2 to 1. Henceforth none of you should walk alone, don’t for one minute be anywhere without at least a fellow member being there with you. Secondly, for now we will start with annihilating their junior members, attack and kill any junior member of the White Tigers, let’s send fears down the spine of their superior members before we start slaying them also” he looked down into the piece of paper he was reading out the instructions from, to see if he hadn’t missed any of the points he wrote down. “Please let us try all our possible best to stay away from innocent students” Slimmy said stressing the please and innocent “I know that there will be casualties for sure but let’s keep it the minimum and One last thing, if you die in the cause of this war then you have failed us so make sure you survive this I beg of you, nobody dies” he concluded and dismissed them.
“Gentle, how far na” She asked after turning around to see that it was Gentle that was calling onto her.

“I dey, I hope your sisters are out of school already”

“I tried talking sense into them but they refused to leave without me”

“That means they are staying”

“Yea unfortunately”

“That’s not a good idea, please endeavour to get them out of this vicinity as soon as possible”

“I will try my best” Rofiat replied cheerfully and then drove off.


After several hours, she was beginning to get weary of trying to make Hadijat and Halimat see reasons why they should leave without her, they remained adamant on not going anywhere without her, she had used the sympathising method, the authoritative method but none could get the girls to change their minds, she knew they were gonna be her liability if they refused to leave the school before the attacks begin tomorrow and she also knew she won’t be able to look after them all by herself if the white tigers attack her apartment. She was still devising another plan to try and lure them away when they heard a knock on the door, immediately they heard the knock, both Halimat and Hadijat ran behind the couch to hide, Rofiat brought out her revolver from her purse and made for the door, she hid behind the door and announced for the person knocking at the door to come in, she waited for the two people who were at the door to come in before she stomped out and pointed the revolver at them.

“Impressive” Slimmy said as he walked inside and picked up a bottle of peanut which Hadijat was eating before the knock on the door sent her into hiding, Gentle also settled on one of the beautifully arranged sofa.

“Slimmy, Gentle” Rofiat called out surprisingly.

“Wetin, abi u no wan make I chop your groundnut ni” Slimmy teased.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that you have never been to my house”

“That should tell you that it’s important” Gentle cut in.

“What could be so important”

“You are to embark on a secret mission out of town as regards the attacks that are about to begin” Slimmy replied as he picked up a banana lying beside the peanut bottle.

“Haa boss, that will be difficult oo”

“And why will it be difficult” Slimmy asked now frowning his face. After listening to their conversations for a while, both Hadijat and Halimat decided to come out of their hiding. On seeing them coming out of their hiding like some seven year girls that are running from their parents, Slimmy couldn’t hold back his laughter as he started laughing with his banana and peanut filled mouth. Then both of them felt a little ashamed as Gentle and Slimmy kept on laughing at them.

“They are the reason I can’t go on the trip, I can’t leave them all alone here” Rofiat said after the laughing session.
“I thought you said they would leave school for now” Gentle asked.

“They refused to leave without me” Rofiat replied.

Slimmy was now on his feet as he made for the door closely followed by Gentle.

“Rough you are going on that mission and that’s an order” Slimmy announced as he opened the door but turned around to see the look on Hadijat and Halimat’s faces “Your sisters can come and stay at the mansion until you come back” Slimmy and Gentle walked out immediately