A New Creation – Chapter 9A

Episode of action story

It was almost midday but Halimat and Hadijat were still in their new room at the Arch Angels Mansion, fear wouldn’t allow them step out of the room, they couldn’t even sleep a wink over the night, they were yet to hear any news from Rofiat who left with Gentle the previous night for the special Mission. After dropping them at the park the previous night, Slimmy brought the both of them to the mansion and showed them their room, it’s a well furnished bedroom that has a private toilet and bathroom, it also contains a tv set, the room was too beautiful to be just a spare room, it must be either Slimmy or Gentle’s room they concluded in their minds. They decided not to go outside of the room because of the dangerous faces they saw all around the house when they entered, even though the house was relatively quiet this morning they still didn’t have enough courage to step out of their rooms. They were about falling asleep again when they heard a knock at the door, Halimat went ahead to open the door and Slimmy walked into the room with no shirts on, he went straight to the closet without saying a word to the both of them and brought out one of his round necks, he didn’t bother putting it on but just hanged it around his neck instead and then headed back for the exit.

“Food is ready, you guys should come and eat” Slimmy said and left the room without waiting for a reply from them.

For a moment Hadijat was lost in her fantasy island again, his abs has made her gone wild again, his carriage, his presence, his composure, everything about him just made Hadijat feel so much awe for him, he was too good to be true for her, he was just everything she needed his dream man to be, everything but a cultists and a dreaded one at that.

“Should we go and eat” Halimat asked.

“Do we have a choice” She asked back

“Don’t we”

“He didn’t sound like he was giving us a choice, it sounded to me like an order”

“We better go before the General gets angry then” Halimat said jokingly and they both went to the living room. The whole house was almost empty compared to the number of boys they met when they got there the previous night, except for some few boys parading outside. They got to the living room and saw Slimmy dishing out eggs and arranging loaves of bread beside each plates, all in all it was four mini-tables with four plates of eggs and there they were, only three of them including Slimmy, who then is the Fourth meal meant for, they wondered in their minds but none of them was ballsified enough to ask him questions. They settled down on the sofa and began working on their meals, they all ate in silence until Slimmy started chuckling, they both stopped their food and stared at him in bewilderment, he starred back at them and then started laughing out loud.

“What’s funny” Halimat asked trying to sound as courageous as she could.

“Am soorry but I just can’t help it” Slimmy replied.

“Help what” she asked again.

“The seriousness on your faces, it’s hilarious menhh” He replied still laughing, Hadijat started chuckling too and at that point Halimat also couldn’t help but join the laughing session.

“So why were you guys forming strong face before” Slimmy asked but couldn’t get a reply before Host walked into the living room.

“Host baba” Slimmy hailed as Host went straight to the unoccupied sofa and mini table, as soon as the girls heard Slimmy called his name, they almost felt like running away, Rofiat had always told them about the notorious and infamous Host. Seeing him in reality sent cold chills down their spine.

“How far, you don hear any update” Host asked as he focused on his food not bothering to look at Halimat and Hadijat’s faces.

“Them Gentle and Rough don reach their destination, I just spoke with them but I never hear from the boys that went out this morning” Slimmy replied.

“Who be dem these girls” he asked another question still not raising his head away from the food he was busy devouring.

“Dem be Rough sisters, she no wan leave only dem alone for her crib” Slimmy  replied. This time around Host raised his head as he sipped his tea, he then cast a glance on both girls who were looking like they just saw a lion.

“You” he called out staring at Halimat.

“Yeah” Halimat stood up immediately out of reflex.

“Sit down my dear” Host smiled as he realised how much the girls were trembling. Halimat sat down but was still fidgeting.

“What’s your name”


“And you” Host referring to Hadijat.

“Hadijat sir” She replied stammering.

“You girls should rest easy, you Halimat actually look like my favourite little cousin and for some reasons you actually remind me of her” He paused for a bit to read the girl’s expressions before speaking again “My name is Olanrewaju”

“Nice to meet you” they both chorused.

“Slimmy go get a bottle of whiskey, let’s all chill together” Host ordered and Slimmy immediately went to the mini bar in a corner in the living room, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and four wine cups, handed over one of the cups to Host, filled it with whiskey and afterwards offered Halimat a cup.

“I think it’s too early for us to start drinking” Halimat spoke out softly pointing to Hadijat.

“Are you guys going out” Host asked

“Nope” she replied.

“Then let’s drink, I am mourning the death of my sweet Adesuwa and I want you girls to mourn with me…. Please” Host said stressing the please, they couldn’t refuse him anymore, they got a wine cup filled with whiskey and they all sat down sipping their drink in silence.

“Tell us about how you guys met” Hadijat broke the silence and immediately wished she could retract those words as she saw the blank stare Host gave her, even Halimat gave her a bad stare while Slimmy just smiled.

“She was the most brilliant girl in our class while I was just a crazy rapper always disturbing the class with my punchlines” Host replied much to Slimmy’s surprise, he wasn’t expecting him to reply the question “I approached her for the first time with the excuse that I wanted her to tutor me on some topics like that, after that we became great friends and from friendship we went into being lovers but some thing almost broke us apart some months into our relationship”

“Let me guess, she got to know you were involved with cultism” Hadijat  asked another stupid question.

“Hadijat”  Halimat screamed at her.

“It’s okay Halimat” Host said smiling “You are right dear, she got to kno…” He was distracted by the arrival of Kong and some other guys.

“You know what girls, we will continue this discussion later. You guys should go into your room” Host ordered and they obliged immediately “How far Kong”

“Problem dey oo” Kong replied.