A New Creation – Chapter 9B

Episode of action story

“What’s the problem?” Host asked Kong impatiently, glancing at Nazaretha and Fabio who entered after.
“It seems those guys are well prepared than we are, we’ve only taken out two of their boys while they’ve taken out five of ours.” Kong answered.
“Shi*t!” Host bit his lips and ran his fingers through his hair. “I saw the signs but I chose to ignore, thinking that we have well trained guys.” Host got up and began pacing around. Slimmy jumped up from his seat and remained standing.

Host stopped after sometime and turned to Slimmy, he shook his head at Slimmy with his eyes full of disgust and anger. Slimmy turned his face to the ground, desperately avoiding Host’s angry eyes.

“Why won’t they be more prepared than we are?” Host barked. “You think their silence for a month was for nothing? I’m sure they must have been preparing their boys and recruiting some more while the blockheads here who started it all were hanging around and playing hide and seek.”
Host turned away from Slimmy to Kong, “how are they operating?”
“It’s obvious that they were expecting us, while we planned to use the two to one formation, they refused to play along. None of them was seen walking alone, they were always in groups numbering between four to seven.” Kong replied with a gruff voice.
“Who were the five killed?” Host asked.
“They are all juniors, two new members from 100 level and three in 200 level.” Kong answered.
“We have to change our strategy, we’ll still use the two to one formation but we’ll also add another formation.” Host said and proceeded to the mini bar by the right side. He took a bottle of alcoholic wine and a glass cup, then he returned to his seat.
After taking two to three sips, his eyes became bloodshot again as he remembered Adesuwa. Times like this when he needed to think of a solution to a problem, all he needed to do was to just visit her and take sometime to chat or cuddle with her. Most times he would also have a quickie with her to enhance his reasoning faculty. Now she was no more, he had to resort to using wine as his enhancer.

Pictures of the White Tiger’s signature flashed back into his mind suddenly, he stood up and smashed the glass cup on the floor. He began to search his pockets with his hand and sofas with his eyes. He finally took out a gun from his pocket and waved it round the living room in anger. Unfortunately, no one met his criteria to qualify for a bullet in the skull. All the boys were all standing still and there was no movement whatsoever. They all knew Host and knew how to avoid getting a bullet from him. In times when he was angry like that and had cocked his gun, the most likely person to be the receiver of the bullet was the one who would tremble the most or visibly shake at the sight of the gun. Once nobody shook or made a wrong movement, they’ll all be saved from his wrath.
Host’s rage dropped and he lowered the gun, he took out the bullet in it and flung both the bullet and gun to the three seater sofa. He proceeded to the bar and took another cup before finally going to take his seat.
After gulping down some of the contents of the bottle, he began to talk again, in a more relaxed manner this time.

“We’ll still make use of the two to one formation but we’ll do that at the point of attack,” he began to explain a new plan. “Then we’ll add the no appearance formula when we are not attacking.”
Host paused and looked at his boys’ faces to see if they were grasping the new plan he was sharing. The look on their faces told him he had to explain more and he began. “Look, since they are using what looks like the group formula, we know that they can’t use it for twenty four hours in the day, so we’ll take advantage of those times of the day they cannot use it and attack then.” He looked up again to see their faces, he was more satisfied with the response now. He poured another quantity of the liquid into the cup and stood up with it.

“I’ll leave it to Slimmy to arrange the formula,” he said and then took a sip from the cup. “Any question?”
“Yes,” Slimmy’s voice came softly.
“Yes?” Host turned to him. He rinsed his mouth with the liquid inside before swallowing it.
“There’s no way we can use the no appearance formula if some of our boys still stay at their various lodges, they may use that opportunity to strike back at us.” Slimmy suggested.
“Then you tell the boys to relocate to the quarters immediately,” Host answered. “Those who want to die can stay behind though.” He finally emptied the contents of the cup into his mouth before walking away.
The guys stared at each other in silence. For Slimmy, the Boss had come up with a brilliant strategy. Since the White Tigers were seen moving in groups of four to eight people, there was a hundred percent certainty that they would not remain together for twenty four hours a day, there would be times such as very early in the morning or late in the night when they had retired to their homes where they stayed alone. The Arch Angels would then make use of such times to enforce their two to one formation, they’ll attack them in their homes and hostel rooms if anyone was found there. Then after several of such attacks would be a formation of no appearance where the Arch Angels would be somewhere together and wouldn’t show themselves to the Tigers no matter how the Tigers would present themselves vulnerable to attack. But the Angels would keep watching and monitoring the Tigers in silence until they separate again.
Slimmy’s phone ringing tone disrupted his thoughts, he took it out of his pocket and answered it before sinking into the sofa.
“Hello Gentle,” Slimmy said into the phone.
“There’s a problem o,” Gentle’s voice came through.
…to be continued