A New Creation

School-life story
They say when two Elephants fights, the grasses suffer. In this mind blowing intriguing Crime Thriller, not only the grasses suffer but the trees, animals and inhabitants of the whole forest suffers.
It’s a story about a clash between two deadly groups in the University, The Arch Angels and The White Tigers. It was noised as a fight for supremacy but for Screw, the leader of the Tigers, it’s a revenge mission against Host, the leader of the Angels for killing his best friend and Cousin. For Host, it’s a revenge against the whole Tigers for taking the love of his life, the woman whom he loved the most.
Somehow, Host and Screw are taken out of the picture and a peace treaty between the groups is signed. The new leaders really want peace and tried their best to maintain the peace. But as fate would have it, a second war begins between them. This time deadlier than the first. It’s a war that would break the ties between strong lovers, between brothers of the same mother and even between sisters who came out of the same womb.

All in this Crime Thriller – A New Creation