ADA TEARS Episode 1

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Ada tears

Ada tears : Nne am off to the stream Ada called out to her mother, ok my daughter don’t stay too long you know it is your first day in school
Yes mama I won’t

Ada tears

Dancing happily to the stream Ada joy knows no bounds, so happy to be among the few who have the privilege to attend st Mary’s college it was like a dream come true

Being a bright student she was able to win a scholarship for herself and promise her mother she would continue to study her book, her father and brother died few years ago,

That unlucky day they were at the farm while Ada and her mother stayed at home, there was a fight between two different clans and there was sporadic shot of gun which unfortunately hit Ada father and brother
Ada mother almost went mad after the news was brought to her.

Hey Ada stop there I want to talk to you. Emeka the palm wine tapper son and bully said.

What is it Emeka Ada question frowning don’t you think it is to early to look for trouble.

Ada I love you I want you to be my girlfriend
Love Kwa u Emeka love me well sorry to burst your bubble I don’t love you and am not like your other girls u use and dump, Ada making her way to the stream also

High value woman
Ada I will get you by all means I promise Emeka swore.

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