ADA’S TEARS* *Written by Ruby Ruth EPISODE 2

Episodes of lifestyle

College wasn’t exactly as Ada imagine it to be, but she made up her mind to make it through college successfully, the first term is about to end and she can wait to get back to mama delicious oha soup
School vacated and Ada made her way back home alone, unlike other students whose parents came to pick them.
Mama am back Ada called to her mother
My daughter welcome, it shall be well with you, no evil shall come before you, Ada’s mother kept praying Amen mama
Come inside my daughter
Mama am famished
Ngwa nu wat dose that one mean
It means mama am hungry
Hmm my daughter is speaking big grammar
Mama it is not big grammar or what if I had said mama I am flabbergasted
Ha! My daughter that one is a bigger grammar.
Mama you are so funny
So what does that one mean it means mama I am surprise.
Ok my daughter that is why u have to study hard to know all this big big grammar then you can teach me.
Ok mama

The past few days Ada was at home wasn’t event full. It was as just her normal daily routine before she entered college
Emeka decided to come with his proposal on Ada’s second week in the village, who Ada chased away warning him not to come close to her again, but Emeka wasn’t ready to let go easily.

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