ADA’S TEARS Written by Ruby Ruth EPISODE 3

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It was Ada 4th year in college and she has been doing well academically, their mid term exam was just concluded and Ada decided to go home for the mid term break which was just for a week.
Mama was surprised to see Ada
Ada where you chased from school mama had enquired
No mama we are on a one week break ok my daughter it is good to see you and you too mama

Emeka was still hell bent on having Ada all for him self, on Ada last day in the village Emeka decided to ambush Ada, who was on her way back from the farm, Emeka started with his love story and when he saw Ada wasn’t interested, he became aggressive. Hitting her and forcing her to say she loves him to and when he sees she was not still yielding, he raped her.
Ada had cried till there wasn’t any tears left she picked up her torn and stained cloth put them on and continue her journey back home. Mama was devastated seeing what happened to her daughter,. Mama being furious went to confront maxi ibe of his son atrocities but Emeka denied ever seeing Ada on the said day not to think of raping her
Ada shedded more tears after hearing what Emeka had said
Mama did not allow Ada resume school until after 2weeks of the incident
On the completion of their final exam for year 4 Ada dream came crashing, she was pregnant. Mama and Ada cried. Mama kept on cursing Emeka.

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