ADA’S TEARS* *Written by Ruby Ruth EPISODE 4

Episodes of lifestyle

9months down the line Ada was about giving birth.
Ada just hold on for a little while mama said breathe Ada breathe, alright try pushing again.
Ada pushed with all her might cursing under her breath Emeka you shall never know the Joy of father hood because of this pain you made me go through at this young age, she said before passing out

*20years later*

Pastor please help me, my husband threatened to divorce me.
My daughter I have prayed, after you called me yesterday. Well your husband Emeka is the reason you cannot have a child until he makes peace with his past he won’t be a father

Ada and omasinachi had become inseparable, you can’t
tell who is the mother because they look so much alike. Ada who is now happily married and with 4 children, could be said to be living the best life, mama who passed away when sinachi was just 6 years old,was a big blow to Ada who was struggling to go back to school, but she made it through graduated as an accountant and married to one of the richest man.

Emeka who was still struggling with life to crown it all he has no child to call his own ,his marriage of 8 years was at the verge of collapsing, his wife Oge has invited a man of God over to pray for them.
Pastor I don’t understand, make peace with my past emeka asked again to be sure of What he heard
Yes Mr emeka, you offended a young lady and she placed a curse on you until she forgives you, you can’t be a father.
This Got Emeka thinking for some days, who would I have offended so badly that has to lay a curse on me Emeka kept wondering. After the 6th day of fruitless thought he got his answer Ada.