ADA’S TEARS* *Written by Ruby Ruth Episode 5 Final episode*

Episodes of lifestyle

The search for Ada has not been easy for Emeka, thank God for the news on TV where Ada husband was awarded business man of the year, Ada had stood by her husband to take pictures, Emeka saw her and quickly went online to search for her husband homes address.

Madam, someone is here to see you, nkiru Ada’s house help said
Ok I will be there shortly
Ok madam
Sir please make your self comfortable Nkiru said to Emeka after dropping the intercom.

Nkiru where is the person who is here to see me Ada asked descending the stair case.
That is him over there ma Nkiru said pointing towards Emeka direction
Ada was shocked, she had never imagined seeing Emeka again after all this year’s
What are you doing here Emeka please leave my house Ada said
Please Ada forgive me am sorry for what I did that day it was the devil’s doing please Ada
Leave my house Emeka
Mum who is this man on his knees begging omasinachi asked
He is no one dear just go to your room.

Please Ada forgive me. You know your curse is really working am yet to be a father please Ada forgive me even it is just for my wife’s sake Ada please.

Ada stopped on her tracks she never knew the curse was going to take effect, she just said it out of pain.

Emeka for your wife’s sake I forgive you, you shall know the Joy of fatherhood.

Thank you Ada God bless you. Emeka said

Ada swore never to tell Emeka he has a child.