ALONE By Princess Dogoh🌹 Chapter 6

Episodes of lifestyle


“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;.( Romans 3:23.) We have all sinned against God at one point or the other but he still forgives us when we go to him with a repentant heart because that is his nature.

He is loving, merciful, faithful kind etc. Those are all his nature. Sometimes we make the mistake of viewing God as harsh and unapproachable when he is not.

We tend to see him as someone who delights in our suffering when he does not. You also have a wrong perception of him and that is why you feel he doesn’t care about you. ”

“I don’t still understand most of what you’re saying. You make it seem like he’s near, like his close, you talk about him like he’s your friend, someone you know so well. All of these are just confusing to me. My head hurts!”

“Yes, God is my friend and he can be yours too if you allow him. He’s not as far as you think, he’s just an invitation away. All you need to do is to surrender your life to him.”

“What good will that do me? Will it bring my parents back together? Will it make my life any better than it is now? Will it stop people from hurting me? I don’t see a need for all that.”

“You have to understand that you can’t control everything, life won’t always go the way you want. I dont know everything but one thing I know that you desperately need now is peace, you are filled with a lot of burdens and only God can give you what you need. He gives the peace that passes all understanding.”

What she said was right, I needed peace, I am tired of everything. I tried looking for peace and love in different places yet I couldn’t find it, it never felt enough. I taught that maybe if I ended my life, I would finally find peace but that didn’t work out. Maybe I should give this a try…

“My life is a mess.”

“The more reason you need someone who is great at fixing messes, he has the power to make something amazing from nothing. Won’t you at least give him a try?”

I looked at her for a minuite, contemplating if I should listen to her or not. I’ve not really known much about God. We hardly go to church in my house, no one cares. Maybe this is the chance I need.

“He just seems so far away from me.” I sighed, my heart felt heavy.

“Thats because your not yet connected to him. Close your eyes and open your heart.”

I breathed in and did as she requested, ready to surrender my will to God.

“Let us pray.”…… To be continued