ALONE By Princess Dogoh🌹 Chapter 8

Episodes of lifestyle


My mom came in the morning to check on me with my sister Bridget I was so happy seeing the both of them now that I was no more bitter.

I greeted the nurse that came to check on me and I was so cheerful that she was suprised. I guess she was wondering what happened to the rude and grumpy me of yesterday, old things have passed away and I’m now a new creature.

My mom left to get me something to eat, I was so hungry, I haven’t had any good good food in days due to my health.

I was told i would be discharged today and I was glad, I was tired of the hospital smells and the boring television with nothing good to watch. I just wanted to go back home.

Thinking about home i felt bad because apart from my family and my pastor who prayed for me. No one came to check on me, not even my dad. I felt lonely again but I remembered that God loved me and that love is enough for me.

I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to bother myself looking for that kind of love but I’ll focus on those who loved and cared about me sincerely.

And that I was no more going to hate my life or keep complaining about things I cant change but I was going to be happy with myself and change the things I can like my choice of friends and how I react to situations around me……To be continued.