ALONE By Princess Dogoh🌹 Chapter 9 [Final Chapter]

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[Final Chapter

Dear Diary…….

Its been six months since my sucide incident. Six months of change and transformation. I now keep a diary even.

The holy spirit has helped me see life from a new perspective, he strengthens my weaknesses and always reminds me that I’m loved.

I opened up to my mom about everything, I we tired of keeping it all in. She was supriesd at first, I guess she wasn’t expecting that but she later understood how I felt. We are closer than ever.

My dad hardly visits these days, he got married to someone else few weeks ago, I we forced to attend the wedding. I hated being there, I don’t think the marriage will last anyways.

I made a new friend Ella after ditching my old friends, she’s a wonderful person who encourages me to go closer to God.

I’ve decided to put off boys and relationships and to concentrate on my studies for now, I’m not ready for that stress and after all I’ll be rounding off soon.

I just discovered that I love writing, it helps me to express myself and Mt feelings and I must say I’m getting the hang of it

Do you know the funny part of everything? I went back to the hospital to look for nurse Blessing to at least thank her but I was told that no nurse bears that name.

It seems that no one came to check on me that night, strange right! They felt I was hallucinating due to all the drugs I took but it felt so real, I don’t know what to beleive.

Looking back at how depression almost made me end my life, I feel so stupid, I love my life now.

I’m enjoying it every step of the way. I even wrote this short article on depression I titled The Silent Killer, because in my opinion depression kills.

I thank God for everything that has happened so far. I’m believing that his grace will continue to keep me, bye for now.

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