ALONE By Princess Dogoh 🌹 Chapter 7

Episodes of lifestyle


“Pray this with faith. Lord Jesus, come into my heart, I’m ready to surrender my will to you.

Come and take control of my heart. I acknowledge that you died for me and rose again just to set me free.

Give me the heart to love you and the will to serve you. In Jesus name. Amen”

Lord I know that I might not know how to pray or I haven’t been paying attention to you but I want to start now.

I want to have a relationship with you, I want to be your friend. I’m tired of being lonely and depressed. Take control oh Lord. Amen.

After praying that, I felt peaceful inside. It felt like so much weight had left me, I couldn’t explain the joy I felt. I just started smiling, it felt like I had a reason to be alive again.

“Now for the next step…”She said breaking me out from my thoughts.

“There’s another step. I thought this was it?”

“No! There’s another step, you have to be filled with the holy spirit. In the book of John 14 :26, Jesus said

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;”. That comforter is the holy spirit.

He is our helper, comforter, advocate, intercessor, counsellor, standby, and friend all in one. So he is to stay with us till Christ comes again.”

“Interesting! So how do I access him?”

“You have to open up your heart and be ready to receive him, you have to desire to be filled with him. If you don’t desire him, he won’t come to you.

One of the physical manifestations of the presence of the holy spirit is speaking in tongues. He will fill you up with diverse tongues.

“I’m ready to receive him.” Even though I was still doubtful of the speaking in tongues part. How am I supposes to pray in a language I don’t understand?

As if she knew my thoughts she said. “Dont doubt, just believe.” And I did just that, holy spirit come and take over.

She held my hand and started praying in an unknown language, this must be what she talked about. I felt this strong presence in the room, it brought chills to my body.

Before I knew it, I joined her in prayers. I couldn’t even understand what I was saying but I continued praying. We prayed like that for like 30 minutes and I felt so refreshed.

“I was surprised that I could pray for that long but I knew that I couldn’t have done it on my own. I felt so at peace.

“That is how the holy spirit operates, he helps us to pray, he strengthens us in the areas we lack, he is a full package.

Well it seems like my work here is done, I’ll take my leave now. Good night Lilian, always remember that God loves you no matter what.”

“Thank you blessing, you blessed my life indeed.” I said laughing and she left, I went back to sleep and I had the best night sleep in a long time.