Episodes of love stories



A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


This chapter contain some French words which I will translate in the bracket.😁


“You have a girlfriend? How come I never knew about this?”

“Mom, I don’t have a girlfriend. Tricia is lying,” he glared at her and she stuck her tongue out to him.

“Son, don’t lie to me,”

“I’m not lying mom. I don’t have a girlfriend,” he rolled his eyes.

“But, you have a girl fell in love with at the airport,”

“OK, I made a mistake by telling you that. You don’t even know how to keep a secret,”

“Sorry brother. You know I don’t keep secrets from mom,”

“So, tell me about this girl. Is she pretty?”


“Is she?”

“Well, yeah,”

“And you love her?”


“‘Then what are you waiting for? Ask her out already,”

“It’s not that easy. She hates men,”

“So you fell in love with a lesbian? that’s hard son,”😂

“Mom!” Tricia scolded.

“I don’t think she is a lesbian and you are not even helping matters,”

“She wouldn’t tell you if she was. Just forget about her, besides, your dad and I found girl for you. She’s really nice,”

“Yeah, to you and dad. She’s the bitch I told you slept with my boyfriend,” Tricia scoffed.

“Well, she apologized. She said she didn’t know he was your boyfriend. Just let it go,”

“She drugged him. She knew I didn’t like her so, she used that to get back at me,”

“How did you know Lawrence wasn’t lying?”

“I know you never liked him, but Lawrence and I have been dating for two years. We love each other so much and he would never cheat on me,”

“OK, Will you two stop it! I’m getting sick already and mom, I’m not marrying her. I will marry the…”

“fils?” (Son?) he turned to see his dad with a woman. She was pretty but, he looked kinda slutty.


“Viens ici fils,” (Come here son)

He pulled him into a hug.

“I missed you dad,”

“Two years and you refused to visit,”

“I’m really sorry dad,”

“It’s okay,”

“Dad, who is she?” he asked referring to the woman who was now exchanging flirtatious stares at him.

“Rencontrer ta femme pour être,” (Meet your wife to be)

“I’m Scarlett, nice to finally meet you Carl. You look even more handsome in person than in pictures,” she grinned stretched out her hands for an handshake.

Tricia hissed loudly and muttered,” Bitch!”

“I can’t say the same about you. Dad, this wasn’t necessarily. I can find my wife myself,”

“Carl!” his dad cautioned

“Am I not beautiful enough? I love you Carl,”

“Yeah, the bitch is in love,” Tricia muttered.

“Tais-toi tricia!” (Shut up Tricia!) her dad yelled.

“I don’t love you and I heard you slept with my sister’s boyfriend. If I married you, you might end up bringing in men into my house!”


“Son, you will marry her and that’s final,”.

“This is the same reason why I refused to come back home. I’m not that little kid you used to control. I’m a man now and I can make decisions for myself,”

“Since you are a man now, why don’t you get married?”

“Just give me one week dad, and I’ll bring a woman home,”

“Don’t tell me you wanna marry that lesbian woman?”

“Mom, she’s not a lesbian,”

“OK, son. One week it is,”

“Wait what? what about me?”

“You can to hell for all I care, you slut!” Tricia yelled.
Na word ooo😂 Tricia take it easy naw😁
Carl just one week? Start working on your toasting skills😂🚶🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

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