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A short Christmas romance story written by Osamudiamen Joel💕💕


“So stupid, what was I even thinking? One week will never be enough,”

“You don’t know that Carl, they could be here for a vacation or something, it may not even last one week,” Tricia said.

“That’s even worse,”

“And one week is enough. You just need a plan,”

“Uh, master planner, please come up with a plan,”

“That’s why I’m here brother. I’m gonna help you,”

“Yeah, thanks,”

“So, do you know where they live?”

“Yeah, I had someone tail them,” he smirked.

“Uh, you are even smarter than I thought,”

“At least, I’m not stupid,”

“So here is the plan,”

“I’m not gonna include today, but you got do something today. You can try sending her flowers,”

“Yeah, got it. And a gift card too complimenting her beauty. I won’t write my name on it, so it will look like some anonymous secret admirer,” Carl added

“Damn, you’re good at this wooing stuff. No wonder you had so many girlfriends in school,”

“Whatever. I guess I lost some of those wooing skills,”

“You will do great brother,”

“DAY 1(CHRISTMAS EVE): Take her on a date and always try to start up a conversation,”

“Whoa, a date. She would literally pour hot water on me,”😂

“Then you dodge,”

“She has friends?”

“Yeah, I saw two girls with her,”

“And I don’t think they want her to remain single. I would do same if my girlfriend hates men,”


“DAY 2: You go visiting. It’s Christmas and you get her a gift. You can also use that opportunity to take her out or be a part of their outing if they have one,”


“And try to steal a kiss from those two days,”

“She’s gonna cut off my head,”

“That can also do,”😂

“DAY 3&4: You do nothing,”


“Yeah, you got to let her miss you. You can’t just keep coming, let her know you are busy. If you play your cards well, she will definitely miss you,”

“Yeah, right,”

“DAY 5,6&7: That’s totally up to you,”

“What if all these doesn’t work?”

“Then you get ready to marry that bitch,”

“No way, am I marrying her,”

“Have a little faith brother. Where is that bad ass brother who is not afraid to woo any girl?” ”

“I left that part of me in college,”

“Go and bring it back,”😂


Anna, Fiona and Mirabel were in the sitting room were in the sitting room watching a movie when they heard the bell chime.

“I’ll go get it,” Mirabel said walking to the door. She opened the door and found no one. Just by the side of the door was a big beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“OMG, these look beautiful,” she giggled and picked them up.

“For Anna” the card on it read. Secret admirer.

She shut the door and walked into the sitting room.

“Anna, these are for you,”

“I don’t need flowers,” she scoffed.

“Come on, let’s read the note,” Mirabel opened the card.

“If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty that is you❤”

“Awwn, so cute,” Fiona giggled.

“Obviously, that Carl guy sent them. That’s so sweet of him. You seriously don’t need these flowers, I guess I will just keep it then,”

“Give me those,” Anna took the flowers from Mirabel and she inhaled the the scent of the flowers.

“Hmm, smells nice. I guess I will keep them,” she said walking out of the sitting room.

“Is it just me or was that a little weird?”

“The last time a guy sent her flowers, it ended up in the trash bin,” Fiona said.

“Maybe, she has a thing for this guy. She’s just pretending,”



Did Anna just accept those flowers or maybe she want to go and throw it away.😂
Tricia is funny ooo 😂




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