Story of school life

“Doctor e soro nah! Abi kini gbogbo rubbish e bayi?? (Doctor talk nah! What’s the meaning of all the rubbish?)” Kiki screamed impatiently
“Madam calm down..your daughter is well..she’s okay, we did everything possible and to God’s glory, her womb wasn’t damaged..but she needs blood..”
They all heaved a sigh of relief.
“Doctor am a universal donor..u can take my blood” Juli said
“No No my’ve done enough. Let me donate for her..our blood type is the same” Jamiu said..
He finally went to the Lab and donated two pints of blood.
Juli left the hospital the next day when she knew that Muna was out of danger..
She had classes to attend and a lot of catching up to do..Her roommate Presh graduated the previous year so she and Aisha was left alone with a new roommate..A first year student.
On her way back from class, Juli decided to go to a nearby food canteen because she was so famished.
She ordered a plate of jollof rice, fried dodo and fish.
As she was sitting and waiting for her order, she sighted Mimi sitting in a far away table with another girl in her own department who’s name is Catherine.
She quickly stood up and went over to their table..she sat in the empty seat and looked at Mimi In the face..
“Ehen? Who invites you here? Why are you looking at me in such a manner?” Mimi asked
“Not only are you wicked, you’re also heartless..your friend Muna, same person you changed her life negatively has been in the hospital for days now and you never cared to come and check up on her..what sort of a human being are you?” Juli asked angrily
“Friend?” Mimi laughed “please, Muna is not my friend and point of correction, I did not change her life negatively.. She did what she felt was best for her..For heavens sake, Muna is an adult..she should be held responsible for any of her actions..”
“ 100% sure you have a strong hand in the abortion she did..why did you then leave her when she needed you the most? You ran away because she started bleeding heavily and smelling..gosh! You’re extremely wicked!!” Juli blurted out
“Madam hold your own jeje abeg..why blaming me ..did I force her to do anything? Please leave this place..”
Juli wanted to talk again when she heard the waitress’ voice
“Aunty, I don bring your food o”
Juli stood up quietly “Just know that you will surely pay for all your evil deeds..Let God judge you and pay you back in your own coins” with this, she left to her own table and then told the waitress to package the food as takeaway because she just couldn’t eat there anymore.
“Mimi what am I hearing? What is wrong with Muna?” Catherine who had been listening to their conversation asked surprised
“Please leave that one. Let’s eat and get out of here” Mimi said carelessly and continued eating
“Abeg abeg.. I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you. Not with everything I just heard..everyone knows you and Muna as best friends on you left her after helping her with an abortion? Chai this girl you are a wicked soul” Catherine said standing up
Mimi hissed loudly “that one is your own cup of tea. I never wanted you around me self”
“May God punish you..if I ever see you around me, I will scratch your face” Catherine said and left the canteen angrily.
After a week, Muna was discharged..Her parents got her and Juli a house very close to school..They did that as an appreciation to Juli who was indeed a great help all the while and also for her to keep an eye on Muna.
Muna however apologised for all her stupid ways and swore to change for the better.
She had a lot to cover up as she hadn’t been serious with classes and all, she had 5 carryovers both from first year and first semester of second year..She has fully accepted her extra year.
Juli was there to encourage her all the time..telling her that having an extra year wasn’t a curse or criteria for failure..many others had it too..
She should just work harder and clear her carryovers..
Every evening, Juli made sure that she and Muna went to the school library to read..She had begged one of their senior colleague who was in same department with Muna but in a higher level to help Muna catch up..
The guy really tried as he conducted TDB tutorials for her specially and with time, Muna was able to catch up.
That semester result came out and Muna made a fairly good result..She had all C’s and an F again..
She had cleared all 4 carryovers out of 5..She was happy with herself nevertheless because for the first time, she wrote exams by herself without the help of anyone or even sleeping with lecturers..
She came across Mimi most of the time as they were in the same department but they never talked..She avoided her like a plague.
Mimi hadn’t changed one bit..she still skipped classes and sleep around for marks.
“Juli I feel so at peace and fulfilled. For the first time in a long time, I can’t describe the type of Joy I feel..” Muna said that evening as She and Juli were parking their bags to go for semester break
“My dear, that is the Joy of the Lord..the Joy of doing the right thing is quite different from the turbulence of the heart anything you’re doing evil things..” Juli said smiling
“I really thank you for coming into my life..I can’t thank you enough..thank you so much” Muna said as she hugged Juli tearfully.
Obinna and his clique of friends were in their final year now but they had no achievements whatsoever..Apart from Joe who was serious educationally even though he still followed them to engage in bad things, the rest were having difficulties in almost all their courses.
Plenty carryovers were heaped up for them and they knew plenty extra years was inevitable for them..
Joe came from a poor family and had vowed to make his people proud. He only followed Obinna and the rest to gain popularity and money In school..He sends the money to his old mother at home to take Care of his only sister who was still in secondary school.
Joe never misses classes or tests..he makes sure he reads..
He really used his ‘head’ for his stupid friends who were always ready to flaunt money and host different gigs and parties..
Double calamity surfaced when a new VC was elected!!
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