CLASSIC MISTAKE” Episode 14 Semi Final

Story of school life

By Adindu presh
The new VC is a strict disciplinarian..a no-nonsense man who didn’t hesitate to close all nopholes in the educational system of the school..Him and his new team fished out all the lecturers that slept with girls to award them marks, the ones that collected money as bribery and all those other bad stuffs..
He fished out cultists and pasted their names of the school notice board with “EXPELLED”
In fact, this new VC really meant business. The school was on fire..every one minded what they did..
This really affected Mimi, Chisom, Obinna, his friends and the likes of them who depended on Lecturers in one way or the other..
“Omo..fuck up ” One girl lamented to her roommate..she was one of the girls who offered her body for marks to lecturers..
“Big fuck up…what are we going to do now?” The other girl asked..
They thought hard but couldn’t get to any reasonable conclusion
“ to begin read o..” The first girl said
“Read wetin? head don block …. nothing fit enter.. There must be another way” The second girl said
“I don’t know about you o but as for me, my mama go kill me if I no carry better certificate come back house…na she dey pay my school fees and I no wan disappoint her..As way no dey again, me sef go begin read..I dey fear carryover like mad” The first girl said taking all her books and heading out
“Ah… Ireti where u come leave me dey go?”
“ things on my mind. Reading mode activated” Ireti replied before leaving.
At the end of that session, Mimi couldn’t meet up anymore. Her carryovers was plentier than her CGPA which was so low that if it was a call card, “e no fit flash MTN to MTN”.. She dropped out of school.
Chisom who was supposed to be in her final year became very sick and rumours had it that she had contacted the deadly virus (HIV/AIDS)..
She too was in the hospital..Her bunch of friends were rusticated for cultism activities..
Obinna and his clique couldn’t cope apart from Joe who was doing well.
Tunde and Iyke decided to drop out from school because they had like four extra years each..
They couldn’t cope anymore.
Obinna left school too but because his Father had money, he was sent abroad to stay with his Elder brother..
Can you see the result of wayward lifestyle??
In fact Muna couldn’t help but shed little tears of gratitude to God for helping her scale through and not end up like all her friends.
Unlike others, she had scaled through without a scar..
Her womb wasn’t lost..
Her grades were gradually increasing..
And she was doing well..
She and Juli graduated from school and had Jobs..
2 years after their graduation, Muna met Francis. A young and handsome Millionaire who just came in from the states and wanted to work with the company she (Muna) worked for.
She assisted him all through the processes and something led to something and they fell in love and started dating.
They dated for 1 year and 3months before Francis proposed to her..
It was the best moment of her life..What more could she ask for?
She had a well paying Job..
Prior to this time, Muna had already introduced Francis to her family as her boyfriend but she had never met Francis’ family.
So that weekend, Muna prepared to meet with Francis’ people and have lunch with them..
She knew that his Mum was late but he had an older sister who was married and resided in the states with her family and a younger brother too and his Dad.
The D-day arrived. Francis picked her up from her house and they drove to his family house.
When they got there, Francis ushered her into the parlour and she sat down..
“Welcome to my family house darling” He smiled at her
“Baby am a bit nervous” Muna said
“Come on..don’t be.. My people would like you” He smiled and gave her a light kiss.
He went upstairs to call his Dad..
Soon, the Man arrived..Muna bowed her head as she was shy..
“Dad meet my Fiancée.. The one I always tell you about..Her name is Muna”…
” Muna this is my Dad..Chief Eze Donatus..”
That name rang a bell in Muna’s head..She quickly raised her head up and her face jammed with Chief’s face.
Yes he was the one!
The Chief she dated back then in the university!
The one she had had sex with numerous times!
The one she even collected money from to have an abortion!!
“Wait first..bia this the girl you say you want to mally??” ~Msg +234 813 977 7887 to be added to a story group~ Chief asked angrily. He had recognized her..
“Yes Dad..she’s the one. She’s so calm, jovial, good and hardworking” Francis said smiling oblivious of the ongoing tention
“Taaaar mechi onu (shut up)! This ashawo??” Chief screamed.
Tears was already streaming down Munna’s face. She bent her head low in shame.
Just then, the door opened and a young man came in.
“Sorry I came late big bro..I was cut up in traffic” The young man said to Francis..
“Thank God you’re here..I can’t seem to understand what’s wrong. This is my Fiancée I wanted to Introduce to you and Dad but..”
“Whaaaaat?!!!!!” Obinna screamed as he saw Muna.
Yes you heard me right..Obinna
Same Obinna that Muna dated back in the university..
Omo see gobe!!
If you were in Francis’ shoe, would you go on with the marriage because of love??


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