Story of school life

By Adindu presh
Muna ran out of the house in shame. She knew the marriage thing with Francis was over even without being told.
She couldn’t believe that her past has come back hunting her.
Indeed, every thing has a reward either good deeds or bad deeds.
She flagged down a cab that took her home.
She was already in tears..
She hadn’t loved anyone as much as she loves Francis and she knew he loved her equally or even more..Now everything has come crashing right before her because of her past mistakes..
She got into her room and fell on her bed crying and shattered.
Her mother who had seen the way she ran inside came in to see her.
“Memuna what is the matter? Why are you crying??” She asked in panicked
Memunat couldn’t say anything.. She just hugged her mother and cried all the more..
She cried and cried and her mum was there to console her..She finally slept off tired from crying.
She woke up in the middle of the night with a banging headache. She supported her head with her palms as she stood up and entered the bathroom.
Looking at herself in the mirror, all the memories of her reckless lifestyle in school flooded back to her..
All in the bid to be called a ‘classy girl’, she ended up ruining her future.
Chisom died a year ago from AIDS..
She heard that Mimi who left school cuz she couldn’t cope decided to join drugs business just to keep on with her classy lifestyle but on one of her trips, she was unfortunately caught at the airport and thereafter sent to Prison.
She remembered Obinna..he was doing well! He looked hale and hearty..the same guy that contributed in ruining her life.
She didn’t know anything about Joe or Iyke or Tunde..
Her dearest friend Juli was abroad with her husband and Son..she got married a year after their graduation to a multi-millionaire.
At some point, Muna was grateful to God that she hadn’t ended up badly like all her other evil friends..she didn’t know something bigger was waiting for her.
“Muna you need to move on with your need to..Francis has officially called off the engagement so you need to pick up your broken pieces” Kiki said to her a week after.
Yes! Francis had called off the engagement having realised that she dated his father and brother and even had an abortion for them.
Since then, Muna has refused to go to work or do anything.. She was practically being forced to eat and bath.
She almost even lost her Job if not for the timely intervention of her Dad who was a friend to the company’s owner.
“Mum where do I start from? Can’t you see how meaningless my life has been without Francis? All because of my reckless past” Muna cried
“That is why you need to move is your past, you have eaten the reward of your evil deeds and there’s nothing more. All you have to do now is determine to make a better future for yourself and use your story to teach young girls and boys that they shouldn’t trade their future for their present..”
Muna nodded in affirmative
“ that’s my story..I hope you all have learnt one thing or the other from it” Muna concluded
She was standing in the podium. She was invited for a seminar as one of the speakers for the team “YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS”..
After her story, all the young boys and girls were in tears..
” Do not ever trade your future for your mom told me that and it has been my watchword. I want you all to take it as you life guard too..Material things doesn’t necessitate enjoyment when it’s not the right time. When you go to the university, it’s a time to study and secure a bright is not a time to gallivant around with friends, or look for means of making yourself rich and popular. One more thing and the most important, chose your friends matters a lot..then, wrap it up with prayers.. Commit your life and everyday activity into God’s hands…only then would you succeed in life”She concluded
Instead of the usual round of applause, there was tears everywhere as she came down from the podium..
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