Story of school life

Muna kept up with her i-don’t-care attitude for a week although deep down, she knew she needed their help as hunger was really dealing with her.

She had called her Dad that weekend and he sent her 10k to manage..Muna decided it was time to pepper her roommates who had shown her shege these past few days..She bought a full roasted chicken with juice and ate for dinner. The next morning, she prepared sizzling indomie with beef and ate with Coke.. She continued to pamper herself and didn’t know when her money got finished in 2days and she went back to square one.

She couldn’t call her Dad to ask for money again because it was just two days.

All these while, Mimi and Chi ignored her totally going about their business like she never existed. Muna therefore resorted into going to Juli’s place even though they were not very close.

“Ha! This one u visited me today. Kilode?” Juli asked jokingly

Muna went straight to Juli’s bed and sat down. Her roommates were not around and the other two beds were empty.

“Juli abeg find food gimme..hunger don show me pepper” Muna said

Juli laughed and headed to the kitchen and came back with beans and plantain. Muna delved into the food and finished it within a split second. She drank water and belced satisfactorily.

“What about your friends? Can’t they help u out? Seems you’re broke” Juli said sitting beside her

“My dear, forget those girls..I don’t want to have anything to do with them. They’re so disgusting..gosh! Do u know I caught both of them making out? Like..having sex with each other..lesbians!” Muna spat

Juli laughed “you just found out?”

“Yes..last week”

“I know about it though. Didn’t you notice I don’t frequent your hostel anymore? Because I dont want anything to do with them. Not like am quarrelling with them o..if we see, we greet, we gist, we laugh but anything that will bring us close, I block it..Lesbianism is like a normal thing in this university but it only takes the grace of God to overcome” Juli said

Muna listened with rapt attention

“Not only that..girls turn prostitutes, sleeping with old men for money. To flaunt around and see themselves as big girls..Mimi is into that too. She initiated Chisom into it..I’ve known Chisom from home and she was never a bad girl until Mimi arrives this year and influenced her. I’ve tried to talk to her all to no avail and I decided to put her in my prayers instead”

“Eh ehn..things are happening o..ah!” Muna exclaimed

“You too have to be at alert. If u are not strong enough to resist the temptation, please Flee! Run away..change your hostel because the devil is always available to drag one into something he or she doesn’t have the intention of doing” Juli advised

Muna nodded in affirmative. She was going to heed to the advise.


It was mid-semester break. Many students were set to go home while most runs girls and boys saw it as an avenue to party hard.

Obinna and his clique of friends who were called ‘Money spenders’ saw this break as a means to party and spend their money as usual.

They were in 300lvl but was known in the whole school due to their reckless spending attitude. Obinna and his friends (Joe, Iyke and Tunde) decided to throw a party at their residence that weekend. They lived off-campus in a well furnished 3 bedroom flat..they had 2 cars which they used individually from time to time. Obinna who seemed to be their leader as he came from a very wealthy home drove one alone and had most girls at his beck and call.

He didn’t bother with tests and assignment as he knew all the lecturers and HODs and equally settled them financially to get good grades.


Muna decided not to go home for the break because after the break, exam commences and she knew if she went home, she wouldn’t read so she and Juli had planned to use the break to read ahead of the exams.

Mimi and Chi weren’t going home too of course because of parties.

“Don’t u think this gown is too long?” Mimi said to Chi who wore a pink gown standing in front of the mirror as they were getting set for the party.

“You think so? If it’s not good. Tell me o..I want to look sexy for my Joe..” Chi said

“It’s too long. Try the black one” Mimi replied and Chi pulled out the pink dress and wore the black one which was above her knee. She turned around for Mimi who affirmed that it was okay for the party.

Just then, Muna’s phone rang. She had been sitting on her bed reading. It was Juli

Muna: Hey babe!

Juli: I’m fine. Please I won’t be able to make it today for the reading. I have a church program to please, let’s shift it till tomorrow can go alone..I’m sorry

Muna: Why nah! Ha..u just scattered everything

Juli: I’m sorry dear..I’ll make it up to you.

Muna hissed and ended the call..She was going to be bored and no way will she stay alone in this room because her roommates were obviously dressing for a party.

An idea crossed her mind.

“Mimi..Chi..can I follow you guys for the party?” Muna asked

They both turned to look at her bewildered. She hadn’t spoken to them since the incidence.

“You want to follow us?” Chi asked to be sure

“Yes..I’ll be bored and lonely. I’ll just go and sit down there so when you are done with the party, we go home together”

Chi looked at Mimi

“Okay then. Dress up” Mimi said

Muna stood up and searched for a gown to wear for the party. Her plan was to just follow then there and seat down till the party was over. She doesn’t want to be bored. She reasoned that it wouldn’t cause any harm. What a foolish idea!!

Mimi made her up and by 10pm, Mimi ordered an Uber who came to the front of their hotel and picked them up for the party.

They arrived a nice house in less than 20minutes and alighted.

The whole place was already bussing with music and people. Muna could see young ladies and guy openly making out..For a minute, she reconsidered her decision of coming here.

Chi and Mimi led the way to the parlour that was buzzing with loud music.

Some guys were seated at the bar area of the house drinking and that was where Chi and Mimi went to.

“Hi babe” Mimi said as she pecked a tall dark guy there whom was later introduced to Muna as Tunde. He is Mimi’s boyfriend. While Chi went over to Joe.

The two remaining guys welcomed Muna and the fair and cutest of them offered to serve Muna a drink which she accepted.

He led her to a less noisy area of the house and they sat down.

“I’m Obinna and you?” He said with a calm manly voice that sent waves of feelings through Muna.

“I’m Memuna..” She said sipping her drink shyly

“Muna..nice name..I like you already”He smiled

” You’re beautiful”he continued as he lifted her face with his hand

She smiled shyly “are u trying to flirt with me?”

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He laughed softly “Who wouldn’t want to flirt with a pretty lady?”

He poured her another drink and she gulped it down..

Obinna continued to talk to her and she found herself free around him. Telling him many things..she didn’t know if it was the influence of alcohol or just natural love..She just knew she loved him and needed him sexually.

She suddenly started feeling hot down there. She remembered she hadn’t f***ed for close to 2years now.

So when he offered to take her to his room, she didn’t decline.

When he pulled her dress and panties, she urged him on.

When he cupped her breast in his hands and sucked them hungrily, she moaned in pleasure.

And when he finally put it in, she felt she was in heaven.


One word for Muna??

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