Classic mistake Episode 4

Story of school life



Episode 4

By Adindu presh




Muna woke up the next morning feeling funny. It took her a while before she remembered what happened the previous night. She covered her mouth in embarrassment as she realised she was naked under the blanket. The Obinna guy wasn’t even there..she felt stupid for sleeping with a guy she just met.

“Sunshine, you’re awake” it was Obinna. He just came in through the door holding a tray of tea and slices of bread.

She looked at him in surprise.

He sat before her and placed the tray on a side stool.

“I made you this..I know you must be tired from last night” he winked at her

“I hope you know we did all that under the influence of alcohol” she said trying to gather her pride and not look cheap

He smiled “If that’s the case, I would want us to always be under the influence of alcohol”

Muna laughed..she grabbed a slice of bread and started chewing..Obinna watched her as she drank the tea.

“Can we be a couple? start a relationship?” he said suddenly.

Muna was taken aback “you said?”

“Come on babe, I like u..and I know u like me too..let’s date and enjoy ourselves..I’ll make u happy while u make me happy too”

Muna didn’t understand what type of a guy Obinna was. What sort of proposal was that? Not romantic at all..but she realised she was drawn to him already. He’s cute and looks rich.. She wouldn’t suffer in school anymore.

“You like me? I thought it was supposed to be love..” Muna said

“Babe stop making this hard for the both of us..” He moved closer, collected the cup of tea from her and kept on the tray.

“Your body physique is mad. I get horny each time I set eyes on my babe and I’ll make u happy” he whispered into her ears and slowly started kissing her. Muna found herself weak in his arms.. She couldn’t stop him..

He removed the duvet revealing her naked body as he pounced on her, devouring her hungrily with each kiss..


Muna ended up staying at Obinna’s house for the weekend. She totally forgot about her friends..she was told they had left.

Monday morning, Obinna dropped her off in front of her hostel. He transferred 50k to her account and gave her 10k cash..she was overjoyed as she kissed him happily before alighting from the car and bade him farewell.

“Babe you too do o…ahahn! Na we carry u go but u just fashi us like that. Which way nah??” Mimi asked immediately Muna entered the room.

“Leave her na..wicked somebody” Chi teased

“Calm down girls… I’m sorry for not reaching out but calm your pussies down..I have gist..” She said excitedly

Mimi and Chi listened with rapt attention as Muna told them everything that transpired between her and Obinna.

“So both of you are now dating?” Chi asked

“Yes o..babes, the guy is so nice” Muna said excitedly

“Thank God..the demon wey hold u don finally release u…” Mimi laughed

She further showed them the money Obi gave her and the alert of the 50k he sent.

“I’ll spoil you girls tonight” Muna said and the girls rejoiced.


That evening, Muna, Mimi and Chi went to a bar where they drank to their fill dancing and partying.

They totally forgot they had an exam to write the next day.

They got home late that night drunk and exhausted.

Mimi and Chi started doing stuffs to themselves. F***ing each other with reckless abandon. Their moans were getting into Muna. She didn’t want to join them because she had condemned their act before so she just pulled her pant and began to finger herself while listening to their moans.

“Babe stop that nonsense…let me give u good pleasure” it was Mimi’s voice…Muna was so lost in her act that she didn’t realise that the two girls had stopped and were watching her. She shrank in embarrassment.

Before she could say a word, Mimi had started eating her p***y.

She relaxed when she started enjoying it.

Chi on the other hands was squeezing and sucking her b****. Double enjoyment!

She gave in and started enjoying the whole thing.. And soon, she climaxed.


It was the persistent knock on the door that woke the trio. They were still naked on Muna’s bed..

Chi quickly wore her gown and walked to the door to open it.

It was Juli! Dressed up already..

“Wait..Mimi and Muna, you girls ain’t set? Don’t u know we have GST 103 Exam by 9am? And it is 08:15…”

“8 what? Exam?? Jesus!!” Muna screamed quickly rushing to the bathroom where she had a quick bath.. Mimi too bath and dressed up. And they got to school by 8:42am..they quickly went in search of their hall.

Since Muna and Mimi were in same department, they were to write in the same hall while Juli went to another hall for her department.

“Mimi am doomed. I didn’t read anything!” Muna shivered

“We’re both the same. Just calm down and write anything you can..we will sort it out later” Mimi said

This didn’t soothe Muna in anyway. For heaven’s sake, this was her first exam in this school and was she going to mess up like this?? Oh God!!

“Help me scale through this..I promise to become serious after this” Muna prayed silently as she saw the exam questions which looked like “Swahili” to her..


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